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7 Hot Business Any Student Can Do And Make Money

Before you make the decision to create a small business as a student, there are several key
factors to consider:

Passion And Start-Up Costs
Your business idea must be simple and require minimal start-ups costs, as otherwise you will simply incur additional debt. It be inline with your passion,what you like doing. You should avoid any concept that demands additional lending, and focus mainly on those that can be funded with your existing capital or without capital. To help achieve this, try to target a concept that taps into your existing skills and resources. For example, if you’re a journalism major, put together an underground school paper and sell ad slots to local businesses within the school mart or outside the campus to finance the paper and earn a profit.

The Importance of your Studies
As a student, educational attainment must remain your priority,your primary assignment is the first, With this in mind, your business idea should be relatively easy to manage and not consume a significant amount of your time. This can be measured in accordance with the nature of your degree, paying particular attention to its subject matter, academic level, and the amount of time that you need invest in your studies.

For example, if you have a heavy course load, launching a side business might not be a good
idea at all. Or you may choose to start a seasonal business, such as landscaping, Bar attendant or jamb/GCE tutorial class during school breaks. The best Business Ideas for
Students With these points in mind, i have high lighted the best ideas,the most suitable for any students to do.
Why not consider the following options below:

1. Laundry service for students. This is a cool simple overlooked way....just meet the big boys and girls in your school and offer your services to them. You will amazed how they will rush you for it and you will make money constantly. This business is based on scheduling ,you can decide when to pick the dirt cloth ,when you want to wash and deliver. You dont even need cash to start the business. You can make more than #500 every week but it depends on you. I have a friend who did that business is school, the list he made then was #7000 a week and today that small business has grown to generate #20.000 every month and he has 3 laundry shop,while not press calculator and see how much he makes in a month with the 3 shops?

2. Tutorial Class.
Your innate skills and qualities are all marketable, which means that they can be used to develop a
viable stream of income. By focusing on your knowledge base and specific areas of academic
strength, you can offer a tutoring service to students who may be struggling to achieve their potential.
Start by offering your service to friends and associates on campus, after which time your reputation will grow and allow you to benefit from
referrals. Once you are established and earning income, you can even look to advertise through
both online and offline in your campus notice boards to engaging with social media marketing platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter, and whatsapp. If you can have 10 clients you are tutoring,you can charge #2000 per head or more.

3. You Can Be a Blogger
Blogging is now a lucrative business ask google, the demand
for creative skills is continuing to soar. blogger can therefore
be particularly lucrative, especially if you focus on a segment of the market. Even though nick & harris do blog now, you can still succeed by placing an emphasis on
the quality of your content. Businesses are increasingly aware that they need relevant, high-
quality content to market themselves successfully
online, so focus on writing in your area of expertise, it will showcase the quality of your work.

4. You Can Start a Business center. That's another way a student can make money

5. You be A Mobile Phone engineer. You will make a lot of money in it,every uses mobile phone,you can go apply for how to repair phone for a week and start making money.

6. Event & decoration. Can design something good out of the tin air.
Then consider event and decoration.

7. Information market, just package what you know in a shot ebook and continue to make money.

Having the ability to start a business venture or market a valuable skill will improve your chances of earning
once you graduate, and enable you to bridge the gap as you look for viable, long-term employment. Or, you may decide to eschew
employment entirely and build your own business after graduation. focused on business or entrepreneurship, self-taught skills
can still help you and secure your future.

What other side businesses can you suggest for students?

Think Posotive.
Hope Uchemadu

Are You Still Sitting There? Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone Now.

Are You Still Sitting There? Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone Now.

Are you not tired of sitting and waiting? Do you want to make
a difference in your life?
Do you constantly tell yourself that if things were different, you could do this and that? If you are still waiting there, the truth is that nothing is going to change, unless you initiate the change.

Blaming others and blaming circumstances would not make your situation better. Even daydreaming about a different life style, about a
vacation, about a new car, or about a new house is not enough. Wishing you were wealthy, healthy or in love, and at the same time, at the back of
your mind you don't believe you will ever achieve any of these things, would only make the situation worse.

What you feel and believe deep inside you is more powerful than all your resolutions, wishes and
daydreaming. You should work on convincing yourself that these things are possible. When you are convinced you act differently.
Start today even now, not in the future If you want to make changes in your life, they have to start right now, not in some un-defined
future. You are just cheating and frustrating yourself when you procrastinate, when you make empty
resolutions, and when you believe that if circumstances were different you would have been able to do this and that.

Now, this very moment is the time to start any change, the smallest one or the biggest one. If you say, "I'll start tomorrow", you are cheating
yourself, because tomorrow you will again say the same thing. There will always be another tomorrow, yet no change in your life.
Change must start right now, and only you, are responsible for this change. You must devote time
and effort, and make plans, and things will start changing.

There is always a subconscious inner resistance to making changes, even if one does not like his or her life. People feel more comfortable with a familiar situation, even if they don't like it. So, what are you waiting for? Are you going to do something about your life, or just read this article and go on with your life? If you do this, tomorrow will be more or less like today, and the day after
too, and so on and on.

If you want to make changes in your life you need to start them now, this very moment, and not tomorrow. So what are you going to do?
You can find all the tools here, at this blog, for making changes in your life. Do you need to be motivated? There are articles about motivation on this blog.
Do you need willpower and self-discipline to be able to take charge of your life, and follow
through with your decisions? Find them here or contact me to speak one on one. You can as well by books .
Do you need business ideas? You can get them here.

I charge you to make today the first step in your journey to a better life!
If you enjoy this article, Please tell your friends about it. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How to Sell Your Product/Services with Public Speaking.

How to Sell Your Product/Services with Public Speaking.

If are you looking for a way to attract new customers, meet potential prospects or Joint Venture partner and become known as an expert in
your industry? Have you considered Public speaking? Public Speaking can help you achieve all that even more . If you feel like public speaking is not a better option for you because you’re shy , think again.
I’m shy myself , though you may not know it but i still address conferences , crowds and
audiences here in Nigeria. How did i do it? Its all about practice and practice. Public speaking gets easier when you practice. Toastmasters is a great , free organization that
can help you get comfortable speaking in front of a group. I am a member of Rotary International and it did help my public speaking career ,i joined when i was still in higher institution. You can also try simply having a friend record you speaking and play it back so they can
give you an honest critique of your speech patterns , body language and delivery. I did this so many times,my wife will use my smart mobile phone to do the recording while i do a 2 minutes presentation,she will help correct my mistake and today i am perfect. You break into public speaking with a less intimidating situation , like being on a panel
of discussion, teach or give a short speech about any topic of interest.

When you’re starting out in public speaking , it is best to think small. Fortunately , speaking in front
of small groups like sunday class in your church, teach children or clubs on a benefits for your business.
Begin by figuring out what market you want to reach. For example , if you own a gardening flower business, you might want to attract residential clients or owners of commercial facilities that
needs to decorate their compounds and environment with the tough of nature. Next thing is to determine where those customers are
likely to be found. In the example above , you could speak to homeowners’ associations or
gardening clubs if you’re trying to attract residential customers ; for the commercial facilities , you could find landlord organizations
and speak to those groups .

Find out what type of subject matter will both be relevant to your target customers and also serve your business . For instance, the
Gardener could speak to residential customers about choosing the right kinds of plants for different seasons, how to keep your home fire -
safe with landscaping or how to prevent pests. For the commercial facilities you could talk about
trends in landscaping or how to increase curb appeal. You want to talk about things that your
business is able to provide for them , so there is a natural tie- in between what you talk about and
what you can do.

Promote the event. Use press releases , email marketing, your website and social media to let
the local community know about the event. Depending on the venue , you may want to alert local media as well. You can even offer to write an article on the topic you’ re speaking
about, gaining more publicity.

Gather information about attendees . Have attendees sign up with their names, addresses and emails as part of registering for the event, or
just make a sign - up sheet available at the event for people who want to get mailings or email newsletters from you. You could also do and give out your classic business card
and collect business cards in return with a promise of a free landscaping

Give away information. Handouts , brochures, checklists or other free information about both the topic you’ re discussing and your business give people something to hang on to and remember you with. This is also known as adding value to your speech .

Follow up . Dont be pushy , but do follow up after the event with attendees who've indicated
interest in learning more or receiving
communications from your business. The more often you speak in public , the more confident you’ ll grow , until eventually you may find public speaking to be one of your
most successful methods of getting new clients. Can you see that public speaking is a good way to market your business and and remain relevant in your field,it have really helped me a lot. Share this post on your friends social media and lets have your feed back comments. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

Ways to Increase Sales In Your Small Business.

Ways to Increase Sales In Your Small Business.

Are you struggling to get your business stand tall among other competitors ? Wish to close
more sales , but not sure how to do so with your limited resources? Don't, worry about it because i will give you a key to achieve success. Here are few ways to increase your small business sales.

* Narrow Your Target Market
Focus and direction in business is everything , but doing so is often hard for small businesses owners who worry that narrowing down their target market will leave them with very few customers left to go after. Don't you know that focusing on a particular segment of the market is a vital way to get customers to notice you and trust you to be an expert in your field. Being an expert in your field brings credibility, business and referrals . But you have to work it out to gain a better recognition.

If you want to position yourself as an
expert, here :

* Rank Your Targets
Another way to pinpoint your target market is to rank prospects according to profitability .
Anyone can do this, from accounting firms to tutoring. Take a look at your client base ,which one are the most profitable for you? This will help weed out those whose work you really don’t need and those it makes sense to pursue . Alongside profitability , identify the client profiles that have proven to be your most satisfied. These are the ones who are referring your business to
friends and neighbors . Do they represent a particular demographic or live in a certain neighborhood? May be they have a common
challenge or need that can help you fine tune your sales focus.

* Showcase Your Differentiators
Now let’ s add a little introspection to the mix. What makes you different ? Understanding and communicating this can really boost sales, and
shift the focus away from price alone.

* Make Your Slogan to Suit your Targets.
Once you’ ve identified your target and nailed your differentiators, review your messaging and
marketing programs to make sure you’ re touching the right customers with a relevant message . You
might also need to consider your company name and branding to ensure it hits home and reflects
your niche .

* Sell And Sell More to Existing Customers.
Here’s another exercise that can ride on skyrocket your product or service on your customers ranking research. Once you’ ve identified your loyal and top spending customers , think of ways to offer them more .
It ’ s not as perplexing as it sounds. It can be as easy as setting up a loyalty or VIP program that
offers incentives such as promotions , early access to new products and services, rewards points , etc.
You will agree with me that this form of customer appreciation is great way for keeping you top in their mind ,bringing in more sales and referrals.

* Make Plan for Each Stage of the Sales Cycle. Does your business have a marketing action plan? Do you know how to deal with aware
prospects versus interested prospects? Every stage of the buying cycle is different and deserves
a marketing plan all of its own so that you are ready and prepared to nurture those leads further, until you close a sale , and push for referrals.

* Optimize the Conversion Process
So you have an interested prospect ? Make sure your sales and marketing teams have the tools they need to close the deal. As mentioned above , start by creating a marketing
plan that addresses each phase of the sales cycle awareness , interest, engagement and sale.
Then think about the timeline that accompanies a typical sale and ways you can match your
outreach efforts to keep warming your lead . For example , use your blog or a seminar to create
awareness and earn trust . Then use social media and your website to encourage prospects to sign
up to your email list with the promise of more information and /or special offers . Now that you have an email address and basic
information about a prospect , tailor a personalized marketing outreach campaign to them by registering with any autoresponder company of your choice. Send informative emails once or twice a week and offer more vital information to them. If they still not ready to convert , consider mailing them an offer or promotion and follow up with a sales letter with call to action.
All through this process , you are deepening your relationship with the prospect by offering value ,not just chasing a quick sale . This type of guided selling can really help improve your conversions
dramatically. Share and comments.

Hope Uchemadu

Sunday, 29 November 2015

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Service Business

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Service

Laundry business is another lucrative business that we do overlook thinking that its a small business for lazy people. Let me shock you now, this are the type of business that gives rich business men their millions. These type of small business, the way some people call it is a big money spinning business.

Doing laundry business is never a big deal. It's simpler than pounding yam. And laundry as a business is an easy to start business with little or no cash and effort. The good thing about this business is that you can start it from your backyard or on a free space. Another good thing is that the customers are every where.

There are many types of laundry businesses, but i am going to focus on "Home Based Dry Cleaning" this is the type you can start small
With little or no cash and grow it big. I have listed few steps you can follow when starting a laundry service business.

1. Make a business plan: This is one crucial step to decide on before you start with your laundry service business. Laundry service can include both home based laundry
and dry cleaning. Decide on the type of service you will be providing. You can decide to add some benefits to your clients like pickup and delivery services. Do you have the
necessary equipment and space or will you have to rent a place? Figure out your marketing plans and the target audience. Include every move you will make and forecast
every expenditure and income down to a kobo.

2. Collect the capital: With your business plan in place you can now start collecting the money in
your pocket. This is money that you can invest in your business venture. Though your personal savings should cover most of your expenses. If you plan on starting the business with a partner, you are looking at spending only half of your
planned budget.

3. Find and rent perfect location ,but you can chose to start from your home:
Your place should be easily
accessible to all possible client.

4. Equipment: A home based laundry service may not need more than three or four tools.

5. Advertise your business: You might have the equipment and system to provide the best
laundry service in town. But to generate sufficient income to keep your business running, people should be aware of your business in
town. Marketing is a very important step in any business plan. Deduce cost efficient ways in marketing your business and make sure your
marketing plans work out. Offering special discounts or deals.

Here are the things needed to start right away after you might have gotten your business plan ready:

1. Wide Ironing Table: This is for ironing the cloths you washed.

2. Good Pressing Iron: Don't just buy any type,i recommend you go buy the one for laundry,just ask the seller.

3. . Washing Basins/buckets: This for soaking of different cloths/materials and you can get up to 4 or more,it will be good. Please don't soak coloured cloths with white shirts.

4. Good quality soaps or liquid soap: Get different type of soaps and mind how you use them in other not to damage your customers cloths.
Others things needed are, pegs,perfume, starch,bleach and wide space to spread or hand the washed cloths. Start your marketing with words of mouth around your neighborhood, at your church,mosque,school, family and friends. Treat your customers well and give them discounts since you are just starting. Don't over charge and don't under charge,always keep to promises to deliver on time.

You can get a price list from other existing laundry service in your street and you it to set your own price. If you do the business seriously you can be earning between #5.000 - #15.000 weekly.

The more customers you make the more money you make. Don't waste your time waiting for paid job,create job for yourself and be financially free. If you enjoy this article please share it and lets have your feed back through the comment box. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How to Combat Negativity In Your Business.

How to Combat Negativity In Your Business.

Are you aware that starting a new business or maintaining an existing one for that matter takes a lot of energy. If the people you come into contact with think you're crazy or marked for failure, it's bound to take a toll on you.
So, what do you do when you feel like everyone around you thinks you’re crazy or bound for
failure, and the cash isn’t rolling in like you want it to.

Here are five things you can do to remove that negativity and apply positive mental attitude!

1. Take stock.
Have you really done the planning and preparation needed to be successful? Do you have something to sell? Are you selling it for enough money to create a self sustaining business complete with paycheck for you? Do you know who your ideal
client is, what pressing problem can you solve for them, and why they should buy from you
instead of the other guy?

2. Only listen to experts.
Everyone has an opinion. But not all opinions are worth paying attention to, so before you listen to what your friends, family or even colleagues have to say, consider the source of the information. If they don’t have
experience building their own successful businesses, and/or they aren’t representative of
your ideal client, take what they say with a big grain of salt.

3. Pay attention to your inner voice.
If one of the negative voices you hear the most, this has to change. Pay attention to the words you think and say. They have tremendous power. Because if you don’t think you’re going to be successful you never be. If you’re seriously struggling with setting fees high enough, marketing your business or making sales you may have mental or emotional block. Often these can be cleared up by an energy worker.

4. Talk it out.
If the people closest to you are the least supportive, sometimes it’s because they don’t understand the reality of what you’re trying to do.
So sell them on it. If you can’t sell the people closest to you on the idea that your business is viable, you’re probably going to struggle to sell anybody. And these are the people you need to understand what you’re trying to do and what you need to be successful. So let them know.

5. Get help.
Even if you’re a solo-entrepreneur you can’t do it all alone. And you certainly don’t know everything. If you’re serious about your success
then find a mentor or hire a coach to guide you down the right path. Not only will they give you a fresh perspective, if they have been done that they can seriously shortcut your path to success.
Hope this article will help you to combat negative believe so that you can have success with the right attitude.

Hope Uchemadu

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Start a Cleaning Business

How to Start a Cleaning Business

There is a big misconception that
people have about the cleaning business. What they don't know is that you can make massive income from this cleaning business. You
don't need to be a graduate to start it and you can as well do it on part-time basis and get paid.

You can go to all this big offices submit a proposal, tell them about your services and you must make sure that your services will be unique so that you can get the job,another good thing is that the contract can last for 2years and the cleaning can be on every 2weeks or monthly bases. This steady income usually translates into around $100 dollars (#16.000 depending on the exchange rate) that is if you are charging on a monthly bases.
You can as well do your charging on daily bases depending on how you want to be paid doing the job.

When you have your own cleaning service, you are considered to be a cleaning contractor and you can focus on a segment of the business creating a niche for yourself,you can focus on office cleaning,house cleaning, commercial cleaning or general cleaning. If you choose office cleaning business, then you need to go out there and market your business so that you can get more clients. If you have 5 office that you clean at #16,000 every month,that means you are making #80,000 or $300 with of if you have 10 of the clients? Remember you can work on part-time or full-time.

Cleaning service is big business! The cleaning industry in general, generates over $40 billion every year in the United States and you
can get your share of this growing revenue even here in your country.

Office cleaning business is very lucrative among all other cleaning service and we have just few of it here in Nigeria,wouldn't you like to join the business? Office cleaning is a recession proof business and can be very profitable but certain
steps should be taken so you can get the most out of it.

Check out what and what you need to start the business. You need a vacuum cleaner,you need some brushes,liquid soap,air fresher and insect killer. These are just the basic things you need,while not get out there and start your own business now. Next,i will explain how you can start a profitable dry cleaning business. Read,share and lets here from you through the comment box. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

Friday, 27 November 2015

To be a Champion, you must first become a Learner !

To Be A Champion - You Must First Become A Learner!

Sit down relax and ask yourself a question that what do successful have that makes them successful? Ever wonder how those champion
achievers in your company,school
manage, month after month, to
get the most new business, the
biggest bonuses, the largest

Well let me tell you a secret. No one starts out as a Champion but like an ordinary person. Most of them started out like you and me. So what is it that makes a Champion different from the rest people?
Champions have an attitude, a mindset that sets them apart from the rest. But most of these qualities are not exceptional.
Indeed each and every one of us possesses these qualities when we start out in life. But somewhere along the way we tend to lose them
and diminish our own potential.

To be a Champion, you must first become a Learner ! Let me throw more light into it:

1. Champions are Willing to Learn.
Just like children come into this world with an innate desire to learn, to understand the world around
them. They're like sponges observing and absorbing every fact, every reaction. Because they know that their very survival depends on
it. One of the most important qualities we need to succeed in business is a willingness to learn - to be teachable.
To become a champion, you must be willing to educate yourself or be educated, to read about, learn and absorb all the things you need to
know, even if they are completely new to you. If you don't, you're doomed to fail from the
start. If your not informed,you will be deformed.

2. Champions are Willing to Act.
Have you notice how children completely geared towards action? As soon as they learn a new
skill, they want to put it into action.
Just the way they practice things they see in movies. Champions are the same. They put their newly
learned skills to use, taking concrete steps to improve their performance, so they can take their business to the next level.
They know that they must act on what they have learned, even if they haven't perfected it.

3. Champions are Not Afraid to Fail.Just as a child picks itself up again and again, every time he/she falls while taking its first steps,
champions are not afraid to fall down or fail. The problem lies when he cant stand up.
They know that failure is the best teacher. They learn from their mistakes and keep fine-tuning
their methods till they succeed.
Champions have the courage to fall down and not be discouraged. They pick themselves up and keep trying.
They never quit.

4. Champions are Willing to Adapt
Darwin got it wrong. Survival does not happen to the Fittest, but to the Most Adaptable. As children, we adapt to long-term change
relatively easily. We are more willing to accept situations and adapt our behavior accordingly.
Unfortunately, as we grow older, we become more rigid in our thinking, unwilling to accept that there may be better ways of doing things.
In a changing business scenario, resistance to change makes us obsolete. We end up losing
out to players with a better understanding of changing trends.
Champions are those who can adapt
themselves and their business to changing trends.

5. Champions are Willing to Innovate
Children are extremely inventive beings. They come into this world with no preconceived notions of doing things. In their minds there are
no limits to what they can do or how they can do it.
Champions apply these very principles to take their business to the top. They not only learn from what has been done before. They find ways of doing it more
efficiently, more cheaply, more successfully. You don't have to be like a child in all respects
to succeed. It's probably not even desirable. But if your pre-conceived notions, fears and hesitation are preventing you from reaching
your goals, try looking at the world through a child's eyes. Be determined to have success. Hope you will change your negative mindset now and do what champions do to obtain the trophy. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

Turn Your Free Time into a Business Opportunity.

Turn Your Free time Into a
A Business Opportunity.

Nowadays, global trends suggest
that there is a noticeable rise in
the number of women setting up
small creative businesses. They
usually earn extra income from
their entrepreneurial activity on the side, until they are confident enough that it can become their sole occupation. Creative Entrepreneurship Online
Creative entrepreneurship is also preferred by mothers who want to choose the time and
conditions under which they will be working in order to still be able to look after their families.

Their success may spur you to create your own business to supplement your earnings by doing
something you really enjoy doing. From cooking to web design, from writing to knitting, the possibilities are virtually endless. Freelance

With the help of the Internet, you can promote your business worldwide and reach a vast clientele; or target local customers if you feel
that there will be great demand for your product in the particular area in which you are based.
Making the Right Moves When Starting Out,Above all, you should select to specialize in an area that really suits you. Only if you have the
firm willingness to evolve in your creative domain will you develop a base of loyal clientele that will appreciate your work. Naturally, you
need to make your creative business stand out.

One of the first things to consider is to find the perfect name for your business. The online market is now saturated with
companies. So you'd better find something different that will rings a bell for your customers, depending on the product or service offered; if
you are selling cosmetics for example, you can create a domain name for it,may be like. Org,.biz, .info etc, just remember that hyphens and
numbers should be avoided, as they make it difficult for customers to spot you and even remember the site name.

Then, you should design your website with the intention of
making the usefulness of your products as plain as day.
Growing a Full-Fledged Business
After some time, you may feel ready to make this your full-time occupation. You may consider this quite risky. Yet, sometimes, and
especially when the indications are positive, it is worth taking risks. In various inspiring publicized stories, other successful creative
women relate how their road to success was beset with obstacles; their cases often prove you that you can overcome hurdles even more
formidable than the ones you encounter by using your resourcefulness.

Practical thinking is of vital importance; whenever possible, save
some money; restructure your budget; and develop a back-up plan.
No one can guarantee success. It is only through persistent work and genuine commitment that you can eventually establish yourself as an entrepreneur. Even if you make it,
it will be difficult to maintain a thriving business in the long run; besides, unforeseen circumstances may force you to go back to
square one. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

Serious Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Business.

Serious Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Own Business.

Everybody have the dream becoming their own business ,by setting up a profitable small business and grow it big. A business allows you to become your own boss. While this is the case, many people tend to make many mistakes when starting their businesses. Are you planning of starting a
business? Before you do, avoid making these mistakes if you don't want crash land. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid:

Not Doing Enough Research.

Before you start any business you should do your research gather enough information and find out if there is market for your product or service. If you don't have the
research skills you should consider hiring a research firm to help you with it. During your research, you should identify your customers
and how their money spending habits. Ignoring Your Competition
Unless you are coming up with a completely new product or service, you will definitely have some competition. To be successful you should keep a close eye on your competitors and see what they are doing. To be a step ahead, you
should take advantage of their weaknesses and offer better services or products.

Failing To Market The Product/ Service

Many small businesses believe that they only need to open a store and customers will flow in, this is a white lie. For you to have customers you need to market your business.
This calls for you to create a marketing plan that will give you direction. You also need to set up a marketing campaign. Business experts recommend that you should
market your business before you even open it. Once you have identified your customers you
should visit them and talk to them about the store that you are planning to open soon.

Doing It Alone

While you are an entrepreneur and very independent, you shouldn't try to run your business alone-you should surround yourself with the people who will provide you with
support and advice. These people can be accomplished businessmen or close and supportive family members that will guild and give you insight. Although, you might be having limited resources, it's wise sometimes to hire people to do the work that may take you many hours of your time. For example, if you find it hard to do bookkeeping you should consider hiring a bookkeeper to do the work for you. This way you will grow faster as you will be
concentrating at the things that are of great importance to the success of your business.

These are the pot-holes that you need to avoid when starting your business. For faster growth
of your business it's always wise that you have a mentor with you.
If you can work those mistakes,you will achieve success when you kick start your own business. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

Don't Die With Your BIG DREAMS

Don't Die With Your big Dreams.

I have talked a lot in my speaking engagements about DREAMS. Primarily because I know that Hod has given every man a unique dream for awesome purpose in life. We all have a dream to do something great, go somewhere incredible,
achieve the unachievable, beat the unbeatable or meet the "unmeetable.Unfortunately, most dreams remain unrealized; silenced by fear and doubt. What's needed is a renaissance to recapture the spirit and belief in yourself. We need to remind ourselves in all that we desire to be, have and do.

"I can, if I believe I can."

My aim is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to passionately pursue and achieve their dreams. Revitalize your dreams. Start today. Don't just dream; dream BIG dreams! Write and Past them in your heart, then put them on the wall, refrigerator, mirror ,door... wherever you'll see them

Remind yourself you are more than
worthy of everything your heart ever imagined. Believe, then diligently commit to a plan to achieve.
Resolve to live a life that ends the way you want it to be and don't live another mans life and don't you dare, I say don't you dare... DIE WITH YOUR DREAMS. Hope Uchemadu is Success Boost Development, a motivational speaker. He is the author of several articles, manuals and books. This prominent
voice of motivation speaks to audiences of ,Students,Youth program, NGO's, Clubs, children and adults of all ages and backgrounds
with the aim of inspiring them to their respective levels of greatness. Contact him now to speak at your next event. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

Let Your Life Be a landmark For Success

Let Your Life Be a landmark For Success.

What is dream? Goal? Vision?What will you be remembered for in this world? In your community and family? Did you ever think that you are not playing the role which you
should play in your life?
Don't you think that you are born
to play a leading role, a much
bigger role in the real drama of your life? What is holding you back then from playing a vital role in life? Is it your own short sightedness!
Well, in order to play a bigger role in life you need to visualize a bigger picture of yourself. Once you
have that picture in front of you, it will be much easier for you to paint that picture into reality.

I have developed the habit of looking the mirror every morning and say "I have to play a bigger role in life". These simple words make my day, a wonderful day, every day,
because i am determined to play a bigger role in life, keeps my mind in supreme working condition, fully prepared for playing a bigger and bigger, and much bigger role in life and this have helped me build my mind set to overcoming other life obstacle that may come my way . No surprise, my every day is getting better than yesterdays.

Every night, before going to bed, I visualize that tomorrow is going to be better than today. And it happens! Yes, it happens!! While your body muscles need some kind of
daily physical exercise, your brain tissues also need some dose of daily inspirational exercise to motivate it. It is, therefore, important to keep yourself motivated all the time.

You need to clearly define, preferably in writing, every single detail of your big dreams and ambitious goals. You must try to bring out a bigger YOU out of your own small you so that you van be able to reach those big goals. Never think of living an ordinary person's life! It's not your way of life. Let me remind again that you are born to play a leading role, a much bigger role in the real drama of your life. Your confidence in yourself to reach your goals with strong determination to set new records of
excellence, are your biggest assets. You are not far from playing a bigger role in life! Let your life reflect success for others.....your legacy is your life,let your live be a great LANDMARK.

Think Positive
Hope Uchemadu

7 Ways to re-position your Website

7 Ways to re-position your

Is your business slightly slower
than usual. But it's always a
good time to take stock of what's
working for you, and what needs
some attention - including your
Web site! Here are my suggestions for a great tune-up audit - take a fresh look at your site and your
promotional strategy with these pointers:

1. Is your site appealing to all your markets? Do you have different potential buyers for different aspects of your products and services? Is there content on your site that's
designed for each of these? Have you considered whether your Web audience might be different from your traditional markets, and if
so, whether you can exploit that?

2. Does your content engage your visitors? Your site should be written from your visitors' point of view, not yours. Does your home page
clearly recognize why the reader might be there- what's in it for them, and why they should care? What are the problems or issues that
they might have, and how will you solve them?

3. Can you make your case?
If you claim that your products or services achieve results, do you have clear content on your site that substantiates this? Do you have
case studies, sample client lists, and
testimonials from happy customers? Third party endorsements are worth far more than your own promotional text, and they should be spread throughout your site, not relegated to a separate page that few visitors will go to.

4. Do you position yourself as an expert? One of the most effective ways to get exposure is to publish articles, and white papers around
your area of expertise. Even if you sell widgets, you can help people get the most out of using them! Articles on your site will be picked up by
the search engines, and you can also offer them to publications that your target markets read - always with a link back, or reference to your
site, of course.

5. Do you ask for the business?
Whatever the outcomes that you want from your site, you need to ask for it. Too many Web pages end weakly, with no clear calls to
action. Don't make your visitors have to work to decide what to do next - they won't! Every page on your site should have a strategy -
invite the visitor to interact with you, or go to the next page, but make it easy and obvious.

6. Do you have a diversified promotional strategy? Don't depend on free search engines to get you
traffic. Are you exploring other ways of promoting your site - such as using your content and articles, advertising in e-zines,
appending a signature file to your e-mail, regularly sending updates to your database, and ensuring that your traditional marketing is
integrated with your online activities?

7. Are you reviewing your traffic analysis? Last, but really key - your Website traffic reports will tell you what's working and what
isn't. Without this information, you're really shooting in the dark - what if you were to find that the majority of your hard-earned visitors
never go beyond your home page?
This isn't an exhaustive list, but it's a good start. I hope that your Web site passes the test!

Hope Uchemany

The Price of Resentment and Anger in Marriage

The Price of Resentment and
Anger in Marriage

Its no longer hidden or news that many spouses carry heavy
Big size Ghana-must-bag filled with a collection of anger and resentment from their relationship and marriage. Periodically, they unpack these bag and review every situation in which they feel they were treated unfairly.
"Resentment is an extremely bitter diet, and eventually poisonous. I have no desire to make my own toxins," says Neil Kinnock. Hanging
on to anger and resentment is toxic, and the resulting sludge can slowly poison you. It's easy to lose your perspective about the bigger picture and to be become obsessed with
how things "should" have been and how others "should" have treated you. In your mind, you may visualize yourself zapping the other person
with the perfect verbal comeback or having the opportunity to get even in some way. The more you let your mind gallop in this direction, the
angrier you get and the more you feel self-righteous and justified in your reaction.

When you become mired in anger, resentment,blame, and revenge, you are only hurting yourself. In the process, you put yourself at risk
for experiencing health problems, sleeping difficulties, depression, relationship rifts, and daily agitation. You automatically increase your
stress level and decrease your enjoyment of life. And the longer you carry a grudge, the heavier it gets.
Nothing you do to try to find inner peace will be effective when you are filled with anger and resentment. "If we have not peace within ourselves, it is in vain to seek it from outward
sources," states Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

As long as you hold on to bitter feelings, you are sabotaging yourself by destroying any chance that you can experience peace of mind.
Dr. Wayne Dyer, in "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace," states: "It's your ego that demands that the world and all the people in it
be as you think they should be." He continues by saying, "It is perhaps the most healing thing that you can do to remove the low energies of
resentment and revenge from your life completely." Dr. Dyer compares resentment to venom that continues to circulate in your system long after the snakebite has occurred.
He emphasizes that it's not the bite that kills you; it's the venom.

What, then, is the antidote? How can you find peace of mind? How can you handle your feelings of anger and resentment from the
experiences in your marriage? How can you create a peaceful marriage now? The answer lies in letting go of resentment and practicing forgiveness. You can't change what
has happened, and you can't control what your spouse chooses to do. But you do have control over the choices you make.

You can choose to cut the emotional bond that is keeping you tied to your anger and resentment. Instead, you can decide to experience the joy of freedom from the heavy
burdens you have been carrying around for so long. To get the help you need in letting go of
the past, you always have the option of asking a therapist or minister to assist you. Thomas Fuller observes, "He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven." Without forgiveness, your life becomes an endless cycle of anger, resentment,
and retaliation. You practice forgiveness so that you can stop
ruminating about the past and put your energy into the present moment. And you practice
forgiveness so that you will be free from the poisonous effects of resentment.

Then, you can experience peace of mind and bring that inner peacefulness into your marriage. You will never have a peaceful
marriage until you are at peace within yourself. Remember no one is perfect but only God.

Think Positive
Hope Uchemadu

Thursday, 26 November 2015

How To Spin-Out Million Dollar Ideas For Your Info-Product

How To Spin-Out Million Dollar Ideas For Your Info-Product

Dear friends,lets move straight to the point, the current study shows that there are more than 100,000,000 registered domain names on the Internet (approx.) Even if we eliminate 30% non-commercial sites we are left with about 70,000,000 sites. All these web site are trying to sell everything from safety pins to Air planes. This clearly states the current state of the commercial Internet were billions of dollars is rolling up and down and the market is full of competition. The question is, how do you survive in this tough competition? This is a context of "survival of the fittest" that is the basic rule. Now it is time to reconsider this definition of
being "fit". Let's look at it this way. Internet is a place where people have started looking for "solutions" rather than mere information. All
sorts of products in the form of podcast, eBooks, mp3,videos ,CD's, white papers, journals are available as "instant downloads" within a few minutes.

The product categories range from solving personal problems such as relationships, dating, health issues etc, Business solutions, hobbies,travel. But the real problem is how YOU can tap into this huge market and make your own money?
The answer to that problem is creativity. Creativity is what makes things easy. But unfortunately many people think that creative thinking is as hard as climbing "22 storey building without a lift". But here is good news. A study in psychology shows that creativity is a habit just like all other habits.
Just take a look at yourself how easily you can walk, talk, laugh, run, cry, hold thing with your hands, write, read...etc. how do you manage to do all that? It is because these have become a habit which you have been doing for couples of years now, some are from birth.

Same is true with creativity. When you position your mind to think creatively what you get is an attitude which will never settle for cheap quality work.
It is far more better working creatively for 30 minutes daily than wasting 4 hours creating cheap quality work. But how do you develop a creative mind?
I will show you an example here to make it clear.

Let's choose a theme and expand it. lets use"Photography" as a theme. When I read the word "photography" I instantly remember following words. "Digital photography, cameras, camera lenses,
photography films, various equipments, learning
photography, locations, lighting effects, outdoor vs. indoor photography, nature, nude, wild life, sports, close-ups, industrial photography, special effects, use of computers , and much more..."
Here you will see that I have expanded the word
"photography" in the form of "keywords" which any search engine will recognize. So finding
information on these topics for research becomes much easier now and it saves time.

Each of the particular keyword above can be again expanded to form an entire ebook or info- product. On top of this, keyword research tools on the Internet can be used very effectively. Some of these tools are available at,, (prisma)

Next you can compare the list you have generated with the list which these online tools generate. Minor editing will give you a final list of topics to be converted into an info-product. Once you get this habit of fractionating any given topic into "keywords" many new streams
of ideas emerge, which can be used as raw material for further study. Analyzing any theme in this way will definitely give rise to alternative ways of presenting the same information in various forms,that is what o do.

What does this mean? When you are ready with the final bunch of
chapters, you can convert that in an eBook, CD, an entire website, a free eCourse sent via autoresponder, each chapter can be individually treated as an article etc. Just fine-tune your lessons for your own product or someone else's product and get ready to make millions from the internet or offline. I hope this powerful information will help as a starting point to start generating ideas for your information products. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How To Generate a Hot Topic For Your Product

How To Generate a Hot Topic For Your Product.

Generating a winning product idea to sell and make money offline and online is in YOU. The best topic is always a subject you have
passion for and have knowledge about with experience. Your personal life experiences have taught you a unique set of lessons which is valuable outside their and which lots of people want to learn from to avoid mistakes. Determine what you know that others might find valuable. Yes, you can write a 10 Page short report ebook ,then create a blog on that subject that
will focus on almost any subject you want but you will have a better chance of success, if you choose
a subject you have some experience with. Plus it makes the process of writing much more fun.

Start by brainstorming a list of topics. Get a pad and pen and start by asking yourself these questions below then write down the answers:

1. What are my passionate about?
2. What do i love to talk about?
3. What have i read about?
4. What special knowledge or skill do i have from my job?
5. What hobbies do i have?

Get everything written down on that pad/jotter nothing should be left out,
just write it down. List the ten or more problems you can think of in your home, workplace or community. What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?
Ask your friends and family what they think you're good at and knowledgeable about. You might be surprised at the things they will say about you which you don't know.

Spend a good one hour on this
brainstorming session. At first the ideas will come quickly. But then, after you've already written down the obvious ones, you'll start to
have to really re-think about each one again and again to determine the real one you can work on, this is when the real power of the mind get to work. You see, the subconscious mind is a funny thing. It takes a constant demand from your
conscious mind to get its attention. But once you do, your subconscious will take up the effort for you and begin to supply answers to
your question as it comes up with them. Always spend a full solid thirty minutes focusing on brainstorming topics for your 10 Page Ebook you communicate this demand to your
subconscious mind. For the next few week your subconscious mind will surely provide a good creative topics for you in a sporadic and seemingly
random way. You might be driving to work, taking a shower or eating dinner and suddenly you'll get
a great idea for your 10 page ebook topic. This technique can be used for almost any question or dilemma. Just remember the power is in the results your subconscious mind
produces in the days after doing the exercise.

And that won't happen if you don't focus intensely on brainstorming topics for a full 30 minutes or an hour. It takes this long to be sure your subconscious mind gets your message. I hope that you can use the knowledge gained in this report to create your own profitable idea and start making money from it, i have used it and it did work for me,if you have any question regarding this don't hesitate to email me or use the comment box below. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Boss

Reasons Why You Should Be Your
Own Boss

If you have decided that you want to be your own boss, it doesn’t have to remain a dream forever. In fact, with some proper planning on your part,
you can become your own boss in no time. If you want to be your own boss you need to start your own business. Being self-employed may likely seem overwhelming in the beginning, but in the end many people will feel that the benefits far outweigh the costs. So start
brainstorming some business opportunities! While doing that, here are some serious reasons why you should be your own boss:

1. You will be in Charge of Your own Income. This can be seen as a pro or a con at first, but eventually the sky will be your stepping stone as you develop your business. In the beginning, seeking self-
employment might not make you as much as you used to, and you also may have to worry about issues like individual insurance coverage. The
huge advantage is the fact that you keep every dime that you make and your salary is not capped by your employer. Read How To Develop Money Making Ideas

2. You Have All The Control. You get to make all of your decisions, no one else is telling you what to do. This is huge because many people
run into boredom issues at their jobs. If you can choose the business you want, you can also pick
and choose the types of jobs you accept. You do what you want, when you want.

3. You’re Responsible for Your Success. If you’re self-employed you can truly make a difference when you start your own business. This
is because the success of the business lies on your shoulders. When you work for a large, it’s easy to mix in with the rest of
the employees and feel like it doesn’t even matter whether or not you show up to work. While you’ll
still have to work hard when you are self- employed, you really matter because you are your business.

4. You Set Your Own Hours. Setting your own hours is a huge advantage. You know yourself best and you’ll be able to build a schedule that’s
most efficient for you. If you want to work really hard one day, and take a half day the next day, that’s perfectly fine when you’re self-employed.
You can work all night and sleep all day if that’s your personal preference!

5. You’ll Be Challenged. Most people will find that they not only reach a salary cap when they work for someone else, but they also reach a
point where they’re no longer challenged. When you embark on this new journey for yourself, it will
be a risk and it will be a challenge. Also, as you keep gaining experience and income, you will continue to be challenged as you reach higher
and higher levels.

6. You Can’t Be Sacked. This is a great reason in itself. In the self-employment world you can’t get
fired! You can change your mind about certain business opportunities, but that would just be
shifting the focus of your business, you’d never be firing yourself. This takes a certain amount of
burden off your shoulders because you don’t need to worry about someone suddenly taking away
your income just because of cutbacks even if you’re doing a superb job. Remember that there’s always a certain amount of risk associated with making a major change in your life. It’s never easy when it involves income and the future of your family. However, if you
want to be your own boss, you can certainly be so. It may end up opening many doors to better
your financial future. Watch-Out for my bestseller book "Be Your Own Boss,Now" details about the new book will be out soon. Share this post. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker, Live & Business Coach

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

We Are Not Recruiting,Be Aware Of Internet Recruitment SCAM! FRSC.

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, on Wednesday disassociated itself from the recent recruitment exercise on the internet, saying it was the work of fraudsters who are parading themselves as members of the Corps so as to extort money from anxious job seekers.
This was contained in a statement by the Head, Media Relations and Strategy, of the Commission, Bisi Kazeem.

The statement quoted the Corps
Marshall and Chief Executive of the
commission, Boboye Oyeyemi, as saying Nigerians should disregard any unauthorized and mischievous exercise as the Commission was presently not recruiting.
Describing the situation as disturbing, Kazeem called on Nigerians to ignore the fraudsters who would do any thing to extort money from people. Kazeem said, ”The general public must
understand that the Corps’ recruitment method is an open process that is usually published and broadcast through credible traditional mediums in the
categories of television, radio,
newspapers, magazines, the Corps’
website, facebook page and twitter
handle.” According to Kazeem, the Corps information on recruitment exercise would be made available through the following official platforms:, federalroadsafetycorps or @FRSCNigeria on Twitter.

He added that people can reach the
commission for any confirmation or
clarification on recruitment and other matters on the following toll free
lines:122 or 070022553772,
08077690055 and 08077690397.
Kazeem further stated that the general public should disregard any Facebook account on FRSC, adding that any of such account associated with him was fake. Culled from RayalTimes.

How To Start A Consulting Service Business

Thinking a lucrative service business to start? Think of consulting business! Whether you come to the decision yourself or you’re forced into it by circumstances, starting your own business involves in a lot of complex preparations and a great deal of strategic thought. For many, finding the right business idea or opportunity is the first and biggest challenge. Starting a consulting business, Your professional experience, knowledge and special understanding can constitute a business opportunity with significant potential in its own.
A consultant, to you and me – mean the chance to earn a far better living than being someone else employee, it can enable you to establish a thriving business with real capital value. And the great thing about becoming a consultant is the low entry cost sometimes you don't even need capital to start it which makes the risk much more better. There are three simple steps to understanding what’s involved and deciding whether consultancy is the right start-up opportunity for you.

They are
1. know your product
2. know your market
3. know your skills.

Know your product , First of all, you need to audit your knowledge, skills, experience and expertise How To Generate Hot Topic Your Business. What have you learned in your career that you can sell to others? Do you really have a wealth of knowledge, accumulated over decades working in ever more demanding environments? The simplest way to find out is to access yourself and list all the projects you’ve undertaken over the years: what you did, the outcome, and what you have learned. Then, Summarize this into a set of areas where you can provide useful and powerful insights to others. That is the product you have to offer.

Know yourself .Consultancy requires a wide variety of personal attributes that will make a real difference to your success. These are self-motivation, good inter-personal skills and confidence.
Self-motivation In start-up mode, you must be able to work alone and motivate yourself. Even getting up in the morning will be a challenge if your only incentive is your self-will! For many, for the fact that its your own business getting up for is motivation enough. But working alone demands more than just the skill to self-start. It also requires the ability to be comfortable in your own enterprise and not feel isolated or lonely.

You will also need strong inter-personal skills. Some consultants’ skills are so specialist, and in such demand, that they can get away with behaving like operatic divas. The fact is, clients expect to be treated with respect. They know they are the paymasters, and they like you to acknowledge this fact in your dealings with them, just as they do with their clients. They may ask you to provide them with powerful insights, innovations or other interventions in relation to business help and advice, but they also expect you to do so with sensitivity.

“What have you learned in your career that you can sell to others?”

Saving their face while at the same time telling them they need to change is a skill requiring empathy and finesse. Clients rarely want this delivered via nailing the nail at the head.
Confidence . You will need to balance these inter-personal skills with bucket-loads of self-confidence. Your clients are buying your expertise. If you come over as unsure of the value of your experience, they won’t buy from you. At the same time, you need to contain this self-confidence on the right side of the boundaries of arrogance, otherwise you’ll crash land. .
In the early stages, you may have to fake some of this confidence. After all, if this is the first time you’ve encountered a particular combination of circumstances as a consultant, you’re likely to be a little uncertain of your skills.

Just convince yourself that if you’re unsure, the client is even more unsure. Keep reassuring them (and yourself) it will all be fine, even if you can see how easily it could all fall apart. Chances are, it’ll be fine anyway.

Know your market. It’s one thing having a long list of knowledge areas you’re confident you can provide to others. The real question is, are they valued by the marketplace? Are you offering skills in the next big thing, or the last big flop? To successfully make this assessment you need to understand what’s going on in the world around you. Ideally you want the skills you’re offering to match a growing area of demand, where they will be in short supply and the competitive environment is at least manageable.

But,before start your consulting service business, consider the following points:

Know your product, know your market, know yourself.
Make maximum use of all your personal skills, including marketing and networking.
Get good, professional corporate design. Pay for a well thought-out web site or blog,it makes you professional and serious.
Ensure you get some good PR, even if you do this yourself.
Implemented with enthusiasm, commitment and care, these steps should lead to a successful and rewarding new business opportunity that’s open to most people to get involved in. You can start this baseness with your skills,ideas,knowledge about something even you can turn your mistake and advice people on it,think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How To Find Your Target Market.

I am going to use stadium (Football pitch) to illustrate my point. Have you ever been to any stadium to watch a live football match? At the stadium,there are three kinds of fans or supporters.

1. Home team
2. Visiting or away Team
3. People (Sports lovers).

Within the home team fans we have: Fanatics,Rabid and fair weather fans. The point i am trying to make here is, in that stadium we can, by observation, identify some of those fans. They wear the team colors, they cheer the team up when the team does something good. Now, If we are selling a product related to the home team these people are our (target market) customers. They are most likely to buy our product. Create Groups Each group of customers will be composed of people having common characteristics of some kind. Spend time to study the groups because not every group is your target customer. Study their ages, education, household income,
occupation, their favorite TV shows, children and so on.

What do they want or expect from your business? Where do they buy now? Why? Reduce each group to a basic customer type. What's The competition Up to? are your competitors successful in the marketplace? If so, Why? You must know what works in your market. Keep track of their adverts ,then find out What adverts and promotions do they run over and over? How do these promotions relate to your
customers groups. You need to "steal" market share from your competitors. Sort The Market,
Your primary market should be people you can reach easiest and cheapest with the greatest
expectation of ROI (Return on Investment). Don't waste your time and energy on those who "might" buy from you if conditions are exactly right.

Identify your best market and go after it. Secondary markets can be courted later. Look At Your top Markets ,Take the top markets and do an in depth analysis of each. What are the common characteristics we talked about above? Who do they think is the top business guru in your field? The more you know about each, the easier a plan to reach them will be.

What Methods really Works
"How did you hear about us?", works wonders in finding out what specific message brought the customer in. Studies show if people hear about your business five or more times they perceive you to be a creditable business. Find our what advertising is working for you and build on it.

Test, Test, Test
Any successful marketer will tell you that testing is a necessary evil of business. Make an offer, record the results. Make an offer, compare the results to the first offer. Code in all your adverts. A Code key is something to let you know where the customer saw your advert. Put small code numbers in the corner of newspaper advert. For example code for an ad in today's newspaper might be 355UBC. Which means March 5th, Ucdon Business Concept. Make sure you are using the right channel, Contact a few of your good customers and ask if they saw your ad. If they didn't maybe you're advertising in the wrong place. Make Sure You Can Do What You Can Do . Know How many customers you must see to make a sale? Face to face, on the phone or by e-mail. Another question is, Can you deliver customer service to that number of people? If i sell 30 books in a day on my website that means I have to process 30 orders a day. That's pretty easy. Can be an hour work. If I sell 500 or 5000, then what? Do need more employees to answer the email and process all the orders. Now Are you ready ,is your business good? Choose a Market Carefully. It's not how many markets you can identify and open, it's how many you can profitably market to and service while you make money. Markets are always going to be evolving. With the web, who knows where we're going and how fast and what it will cost. Keep on top of what's happening in your marketplace. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

How To Motivate Yourself And Achieve Success.

How To Motivate Yourself And Achieve Success.

Many of us don't even understand what motivation really is, may be based on your own point of view. For this reason,i am going to define it and tell you how it can strengthen your life. Motivation is the inner power that pushes you toward taking action and toward achievements. Motivation is powered by desire and ambition, if these two things are absent, motivation is absent too. Sometimes, you might have the desire to get something done, or to achieve a certain goal, but if the desire and ambition are not strong enough, you lack the push, the initiative, and the willingness to take the necessary action. in these
cases, you lack motivation and inner drive. When there is motivation, there is initiative and direction, courage, energy, and the persistence to follow your goals.

A motivated person takes action and does whatever it needs to achieve his or her goals. Motivation becomes strong, when you have a vision, a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and also a strong desire to manifest it.
In such a situation, motivation awakens inner strength and power, and pushes you forward,
toward making your vision a reality. Motivation can be applied to every action and goal. There can be motivation to study another local or foreign language, to get good grades at school, write a poem, take a walk every day, make more money, get a better job, buy a new house or be your own boss. Motivation is always present, whenever there is a clear vision, precise knowledge of what you want to do, a strong desire, and faith in your abilities.
Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. When there is lack of motivation, you either get no results, or only mediocre ones, whereas, when there is motivation, you attain greater and better results and achievements in your life.

Compare a student who lacks motivation and who hardly studies, to a student who is highly motivated, and who devotes many hours to his
studies no matter the situation. That is to say each student will get absolutely different grades. Lack of motivation means lack of enthusiasm, zest and ambition, whereas the possession of motivation is a sign of strong desire, energy and enthusiasm, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve what one sets out to do.

A motivated person is a happier person, more energetic, and sees the positive end result in his or her mind. What you need to do to strengthen your motivation?

1. Set a goal. If you have a major goal, it would be a good idea if you split it into several minor goals, each small goal will lead to your major goal. By dividing your goal into several, smaller goals, you will find it easier to motivate yourself, since you will not feel overwhelmed by the size of your goal and the things you have to do. This will also help you feel that the goal is more feasible,
and easier to accomplish.

2. Understand that finishing whatever thing you start is
important. Nail it into your mind that whatever you start you have to finish. Develop the habit of going to the finish line.

3. Socialize with achievers and people with similar interests or goals, since motivation and positive attitude are contagious.
Associate with motivated people, who share your interests. Off course you know what bird of same feathers do?

4. Stamp out procrastination in your life. Procrastination leads to laziness, and laziness leads to lack of motivation.

5. Persistence, patience and not giving up, despite failure and difficulties, keep the flame of motivation burning.

6. Read about the subjects of your interest. This will keep your enthusiasm and ambition alive.
Constantly, affirm to yourself that you can, and will succeed.

7. Look at photos of things you want to get, achieve or do. This will strengthen your desire and make your subconscious mind
work with you

8. Visualize your goals as achieved, adding a feeling of happiness and joy. Remember, if a certain goal is really important, going through the above steps will strengthen
your motivation, and keep you going forward. It is my desire that you succeed only if you think positive. Please share with your friends.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Eight Success Key Point For Home Based Business.

Eight Success Key Point For Home Based Business.

If your desire is to start a home based business,there are few things that can greatly improve and boost your chances for success. I'm going to give you eight success key points for home based business. Hopefully by the time you've finished reading
this, you'll have picked up some things that you can begin to apply to your business and make more money. Below are the success key points:

1. Create a business working area. - Setting up an area that is dedicated to business only activities will not only help you stay more organized, it will be a motivator to get your work done.

2. Avoid distractions. - When working from home, it's easy to get distracted by things like
the television,friends,families and phone calls. Try to make sure that you're not distracted during your work time.

3. Don't Spend Anyhow . - Keeping your overhead to a minimum and eliminating bad unnecessary purchases is an easy way to boost your profits. Be sure to manage your expenses very well.

4. Set working hours. - Setting your daily work hours will not only keep you on track, it'll also prevent you from overworking yourself. Use your time management skills.

5. Take time out to relax - Working out is a great stress-reliever and it'll give you more energy and improve your overall productivity. All work without play makes Jill a dull boy. Be sure to take care of your health.

6. Save your money. - As a home based business owner, there are no guarantees when it comes to your income. Don't over buy things, avoid social activities during working time. Cultivate the habit of saving should any thing happen to your business,you can still fall back to something.

7. Buy a whiteboard. -They're great for brainstorming ideas, goal setting, and prioritizing daily tasks.

8. Outsource. - If you're finding it difficult to complete tasks, outsource the grunt work. Don't be jack of all trade. I do outsource some of my work, with that i can focus on other important things. Avoid wasted hours surfing the net. Working online can be distracting if you're not careful,this is why time management is good.

I hope with this short success key point on home business will help you to achieve success in your business and make more money if you can apply them. Now,go and succeed,remember to share this article with your friends. Your comments and view are important share them with the comments box below.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

Each year, According to statistic approximately more than 8 million students take the university English proficiency exam to get into the university, college, or school of their
choice abroad. Certainly, the most widely used English entrance exam is the TOEFL iBT test. Unfortunately, a good percentage of the ESL
students taking the test fail it the first time. This can be devastating for many students who are counting on passing the test before they move to the United States, Canada, or England. Clearly, there are few thing a student can do to help him or her to ensure a better chance at
passing the TOEFL ibT exam. Millions of students want to study abroad but most of them could not achieve their dreams because of TOEFL test, this prompted me to write this article and i have come up with three key strategies that will help to increase your TOEFL score:

1. First you have to understand the TOEFL words. The TOEFL exam isn't meant to trick anyone. The TOEFL exam regularly puts out sample test which contain words that students must master in understanding and usage. The good news is that since the words are provided you are
expected to know them. Study TOEFL word lists and make them a part of you daily in communication with friends and family.

2. Make Friends. This seems like the simplest thing, but many people who take the test may not have access to someone who is a native English speaker. In addition, they might not
have access to friend who speaks at a college level. To do this you have to make friends with native English speakers. This will require you to get out of your comfort zone. Making new friends can be fun and the conversations that you have in
the beginning of your friendships will serve to help you practice your speaking and listening skills. This type of activity is critical because the "give and take" of a conversation is exactly what is one test and which is required to pass the test. Students will have to show the test takers that they are able to listen and clearly
respond to a variety of real life situations. So, get out there and make some friends! Through social media.

3. Read and read more. Read as much English test books as you
can. The reason reading is so important when it comes to English exams is that many of the words in the English language are not phonetically spelled correctly. This simple fact makes it difficult for non-native English speakers to master. For example, the word "drought" or "knowledge" does not acknowledge a few sounds that are represented in the letters the words contain.

Reading will help put an end to
the mystery and help you tremendously come test day.
Remember the TOEFL exam is designed to determine your ability to communicate in English in college and academic setting that will ensure your success at their institution and help you engage in college and campus life.

4. Register for Special English Class. You need to widen your horizon, get more knowledge on communication. Register for evening classes on English and learn all you need to know before going for the TOEFL exam test.

You can add to this article and share with your friends.  Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

How To Lose Weight Naturally.

How To Lose Weight Naturally

Do you desire to shed some few pounds off from your weight? I know that lot of people are interested about weight loss due to various reasons, most especially our nowadays young girls. Some need it because of their health issues, while some aspire to lose weight to
feel more beautiful and look smart. There are different ways to eliminate those unwanted pounds, are you aware of some options on how to lose weight naturally? I know that you can find many different type of  products in the market; but as you may already know, nothing beats the natural practices. You don't have to wait for a long time to see positive results. You can truly achieve your goal fast! Below are tips on natural ways to lose weight:

1. Exercise regularly. Simple walking can be effective exercise for weight loss. The point here is you need to move and burn fat. Apart from walking, there are other types of exercise that are suitable for your age and weight.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber, proteins, and vitamins which can help you stay healthy. Replace your meals with fruits and steamed vegetables to maintain low calorie intake while gaining high nutrition. Additionally, both fruits and vegetables have the ability to suppress the appetite.

3.Avoid in-between meals.
Do you love to eat snacks? Having them every now and then obviously leads to gaining extra pounds. This is especially true if you love eating foods like cookies and burgers. If you want to have snacks, it would be better to opt for healthy ones.

4. Drink herbal tea. Herbal tea is rich in antioxidants which help a
lot in burning fat. For best results, drink it without adding sugar.

5. Reduce your sodium and sugar intake. Both sodium and sugar can cause weight gain; they can likewise make you unfit. For this, you should observe care in eating sugary food. Limiting your daily intake will help a lot in losing weight.

These are just some of the numerous ways on how to lose weight fast naturally. Doing these practices doesn't only help you achieve your ideal body weight in a short span of time, but also saves you from unfavorable side effects of
some commercial products. Indeed, simple acts can lead to great results. You may not realize it, but they can actually produce outcomes that can benefit you for a lifetime. You can add to the points above and share this article.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

Monday, 23 November 2015

9 Healthy Values Of Moringa Tree

9 Healthy Values Of Moringa Tree

Few years ago Moringa becomes a house hold name in Nigeria,but not to many others around the world. For centuries, As far back as 500 years the moringa oleifera plant has been used to treat many aliments. This tropical plant is grown in
the foothills of The Himalayas in North India. It is also grown in Central and South America and today we can find it in some part of the country. Through the years it's been used to treat and heal different type of sickness and it serves as immune booster.. according to medical report Moringa Oleifera has healing properties that are highly beneficial to folks who ingest it
as medicinal alternative for treatment and has some of the best nutritional values among other trees.

It is utilized for several purposes such as skin disorder therapy, diabetes, sleep enhancement,
relief for anxiety and depression. It can also improve blood sugar levels. Many claim it can speed up recovery after a workout at the gym.
Some of the nutritional facts of the tree are that it has been proven to contain four times as much calcium as found in milk and 3 times potassium as found in bananas. In a basic one serving of Moringa, contains:

• 25% everyday value of Vitamin C
• 42% everyday value of Potassium
• 60% everyday value of Magnesium
• 71% everyday value of Iron
• 125% everyday value of Calcium
• 272% everyday value of Vitamin A
It also provides about 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory properties,
18 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids. Below are Top Ten healthy Benefits of the amazing tree of life as it is now called.

1. Boosting your energy levels
2. Improving digestion
3. Improving the immune system operations
4. Improves mood
5. Great for lowering blood pressure
6. Helps to protect your internal stomach lining
7. Has been found to treat and heal stomach ulcers
8. Helps in elimination of malnutrition problems
9. Contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body needed to grow, repair and
maintain cells. And it helps to enhance sharp mind,harmonized muscles and calm moods.

We can now grow this plant in our back yards. In summary, by growing the moringa plant yourself, and including it in your daily diet, it may help to improve your body with mental alertness.

Hope Uchemadu

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

Each year, According to statistic approximately more than 8 million students take the university English proficiency exam to get into the university, college, or school of their
choice abroad. Certainly, the most widely used English
entrance exam is the TOEFL iBT test. Unfortunately, a good percentage of the ESL
students taking the test fail it the first time. This can be devastating for many students who are counting on passing the test before they move to the United States, Canada, or England.
Clearly, there are few thing a student can do to help him or her to ensure a better chance at
passing the TOEFL ibT exam. Millions of students want to study abroad but most of them could not achieve their dreams because of TOEFL test, this prompted me to write this article and i have come up with three
key strategies that will help to increase your TOEFL score:

1. First you have to understand the TOEFL words. The TOEFL exam isn't meant to trick anyone. The TOEFL exam regularly puts out sample test which contain words that students must master in
understanding and usage. The good news is that since the words are provided you are
expected to know them. Study TOEFL word lists and make them a part of you daily in
communication with friends and family.

2. Make Friends. This seems like the simplest thing, but many people who take the test may
not have access to someone who is a native English speaker. In addition, they might not
have access to friend who speaks at a college level. To do this you have to make friends with native English speakers. This will require you to get out
of your comfort zone. Making new friends can be fun and the conversations that you have in
the beginning of your friendships will serve to help you practice your speaking and listening
skills. This type of activity is critical because the "give and take" of a conversation is exactly what is one test and which is required to pass
the test. Students will have to show the test takers that they are able to listen and clearly
respond to a variety of real life situations. So, get out there and make some friends! Through social media.

3. Read and read more. Read as much English test books as you
can. The reason reading is so important when it comes to English exams is that many of the words in the English language are not phonetically spelled correctly. This simple fact makes it difficult for non-native English speakers to master. For example, the word "drought" or "knowledge" does not acknowledge a few
sounds that are represented in the letters the words contain.

Reading will help put an end to
the mystery and help you tremendously come test day.
Remember the TOEFL exam is designed to determine your ability to communicate in
English in college and academic setting that will ensure your success at their institution and help you engage in college and campus life.

4. Register for Special English Class. You need to widen your horizon, get more knowledge on communication. Register for evening classes on English and learn all you need to know before going for the TOEFL exam test.

You can add to this article and share with your friends.  Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

Ten Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Do This Christmas And Make Money.

Ten Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Do This Christmas And Make Money.

Hello Friends, Christmas is here again, it's a special day to celebrate home and abroad. And,it cant be complete without the exchange of gifts. You must have been seeing company's giving out different type of gifts to their esteemed customers,families and friends are not left out. So, if you are a serious business man or woman,you can seize the opportunity of the festive period and create more income for yourself,yes no dulling at all.  I have taken time to research on different type of business you can do to make money during Christmas period and here are the few from numerous business available during Christmas time,enjoy.

1. Sales Of Cloths:
Research has shown that most boutique owners’ record unusual increase in patronage during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, with 101% increase in profit. This is because many people will be buying new cloths for themselves,children's,loved ones,spouse and friends. You don't need a shop,all you need do is go to market and select nice cloths,shoes etc most especially that of kids buy a good medium size traveling bag to pack the cloths, then take them to their door steps, offices and religious centers and sell at a good price,you will be amazed on the huge profit you will make.

2. Female Jewelries:

Jewelries is always in high demand during festive period. You can buy in bulk from whole sale sellers and you can just focus on ladies and kids fancy jewelries, you will make money from it.

3. Greeting Cards:

Even though we have email and mobile phone to send sms,the use of greeting cards can not be abated. You can buy or design beautiful cards and begin to sell to family and friends.

4. Christmas gadgets and Accessories :

The demand for Christmas Trees,caps ,watches and masks for kids, Christmas Lightings etc, you start selling these things even from your community,street and religious centers.

5. Gift Baskets or Hampers:

This is just a medium size canned basket decorated with colorful ribbons stocked with items of your choice.  A hamper can have a bonvita can,powdered milk, a bottle of red win and alcoholic win, greeting card,a bottle of grand nut,a small size morning fresh liquid soap. You can add anything that will make it look attractive. How much you sell a hamper will be determined by the content and you can sell from #2500 to #7000 you can also collect the contract to supply  banks and some big company's who want to give out Christmas and New Year gifts to their customers.

6. Selling Of Recharge Card:

I have witnessed that during the festive period recharge card is always on high demand because lots of people will be making calls and sending sms this is the reason while the cards are scarce during this period and another reason is that many doing the business must have traveled out of their locality. Buy all the recharge card of all the network most especially the one that sells faster in your area and start making money you can even increase the price with a token.

7.Wait And Get Digital Photo:

This another hot high demand lucrative business you can do in Christmas time. Just go out there and buy a  UK-used digital camera or you can use your Android smart phone with a crystal clear camera then get a mobile picture printer with paper, gbam! You are already business of Wait and Get  photo business.
Some photographers charge between #300 to #500 .Go out their now and start making money...Mber month as called is a period of Traditional wedding, Wedding,Birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations, you as well go make your money from recreational centers,beach ,Club closing of meetings and social gatherings.

8. Sales Of Live Stocks:

Live stock is in high demand, no family will miss the killing of chicken and goat even cow,while not look for those poultry farms inside the village, buy in large quantity from them take it to towns and sell in high price.

9. Customized Gift Items:

You can invest in customized gift items such as Pen,book,mugs,fancy trays,towels,ceramic plates,T-shirts etc, you can bargain with banks and supply to them ,its a good business.

10. Bulk SMS Business:

You can approach churches, private business owners to help them send special greetings to their customers using a customized sms and this can be done by you buying a bulk sms units from a trusted bulk sms seller and you can start this business with less than #3000 depending on the number of phone numbers you have. You can buy a bulk sms unit as low as 90kobo per unit and sell at #3000 per unite. 

Ok, that is the few ones i can put up here for you to digest and take action and if you have any addition to the list above,you can share it in your comments using the comment box below.
Remember knowledge without action is useless,so go take action now. Hope you enjoy this powerful information? Follow me on twitter @ HopeUchemadu.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

Dealing With Fear

Dealing With Fear

I have talked to some of small business owners who always feel afraid. They're afraid of Failure or being a success.
Missing out on all the life has to offer and not reaching their potential. They're afraid of dying – and afraid of living. No matter how confident a person is, everyone experiences fear. You may know consciously that you're experiencing fear, or your actions might be showing you that subconsciously fear is the
culprit: procrastination, feeling stuck, overwhelmed or out of control. Perhaps you're feeling envious of others, or becoming a perfectionist suffering every time you make a
mistake. The question is what story is Scaring You?

Then acknowledge that you are
creating your fear and you'll start to triumph over it." Most fear is based on a future event, something that's not even happening this moment. We picture this future event and frighten ourselves much like going to a horror movie. We imagine all kinds of outcomes that may or may
not ever take place. One way to figure out how you scare yourself is to listen to your self-talk.

While not take a moment and
Provide the answers to these questions:

* I can't be successful because…

*I can't have what I want in life because…

*I can't be who I'm meant to become because…

*I don't deserve to have what I want because…

Let me tell you the truth about fears, We were not born with these fears. Our past experiences and people in our lives have taught us how to be afraid of the future and about our
ability to meet it successfully. Sometimes we make generalizations about life because of one bad experience.

Practice to change Your mind set. What if you changed the way you talk to yourself? What if you remembered all the times in your life when you were able to accomplish some short set goals, big or small? What if you thought back to all the times you were scared and still took
action? Affirmations are a statement of what you want to be true. But sometimes using affirmations feel false, because the affirmations talk about a future truth. Instead, consider overcoming your limiting beliefs by using what David Gershon and Gail Straub call Growing Edge affirmations, writing and using statements that are true and that still move you towards what you want. Instead of the affirmation, "I am a successful small business
owner making a 6-figure income," use a Growing Edge affirmation, such as, "I am capable of finding people who can teach me what I need to know," or "I try a new marketing technique each month and chart the results." See? These modified affirmations are still positive, still motivational. And once you've mastered that
Growing Edge statement, you can modify it again to keep you moving forward. Just keep the
affirmation truthful AND challenging. Don't write an affirmation that's too easy or too hard…you will sabotage yourself. Write affirmations that are challenging: they make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, ones that feel like you are
reaching and growing, but that also feel completely possible.
challenging but do-able.
Remember…It's okay to feel fear. But don’t let it stop you from moving forward. Tell yourself: I feel scared, but I'm capable of moving one step forward today towards my goals and dreams, because it's more
important for me to be happy and successful than it is for me to allow myself to wallow in my fear and tell myself scary stories.

Helen Keller says, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in
nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure."
We can't know what the outcome of any endeavor will be. But we do know if we allow fear to keep us stuck, the outcome will not be what we want. You deserve to have everything you want in life,
to have a rich, rewarding, meaningful and happy lifetime. You can only achieve success if you change your mind set and think positive all the time.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small-Business Coach.