Monday, 30 November 2015

7 Hot Business Any Student Can Do And Make Money

Before you make the decision to create a small business as a student, there are several key
factors to consider:

Passion And Start-Up Costs
Your business idea must be simple and require minimal start-ups costs, as otherwise you will simply incur additional debt. It be inline with your passion,what you like doing. You should avoid any concept that demands additional lending, and focus mainly on those that can be funded with your existing capital or without capital. To help achieve this, try to target a concept that taps into your existing skills and resources. For example, if you’re a journalism major, put together an underground school paper and sell ad slots to local businesses within the school mart or outside the campus to finance the paper and earn a profit.

The Importance of your Studies
As a student, educational attainment must remain your priority,your primary assignment is the first, With this in mind, your business idea should be relatively easy to manage and not consume a significant amount of your time. This can be measured in accordance with the nature of your degree, paying particular attention to its subject matter, academic level, and the amount of time that you need invest in your studies.

For example, if you have a heavy course load, launching a side business might not be a good
idea at all. Or you may choose to start a seasonal business, such as landscaping, Bar attendant or jamb/GCE tutorial class during school breaks. The best Business Ideas for
Students With these points in mind, i have high lighted the best ideas,the most suitable for any students to do.
Why not consider the following options below:

1. Laundry service for students. This is a cool simple overlooked way....just meet the big boys and girls in your school and offer your services to them. You will amazed how they will rush you for it and you will make money constantly. This business is based on scheduling ,you can decide when to pick the dirt cloth ,when you want to wash and deliver. You dont even need cash to start the business. You can make more than #500 every week but it depends on you. I have a friend who did that business is school, the list he made then was #7000 a week and today that small business has grown to generate #20.000 every month and he has 3 laundry shop,while not press calculator and see how much he makes in a month with the 3 shops?

2. Tutorial Class.
Your innate skills and qualities are all marketable, which means that they can be used to develop a
viable stream of income. By focusing on your knowledge base and specific areas of academic
strength, you can offer a tutoring service to students who may be struggling to achieve their potential.
Start by offering your service to friends and associates on campus, after which time your reputation will grow and allow you to benefit from
referrals. Once you are established and earning income, you can even look to advertise through
both online and offline in your campus notice boards to engaging with social media marketing platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter, and whatsapp. If you can have 10 clients you are tutoring,you can charge #2000 per head or more.

3. You Can Be a Blogger
Blogging is now a lucrative business ask google, the demand
for creative skills is continuing to soar. blogger can therefore
be particularly lucrative, especially if you focus on a segment of the market. Even though nick & harris do blog now, you can still succeed by placing an emphasis on
the quality of your content. Businesses are increasingly aware that they need relevant, high-
quality content to market themselves successfully
online, so focus on writing in your area of expertise, it will showcase the quality of your work.

4. You Can Start a Business center. That's another way a student can make money

5. You be A Mobile Phone engineer. You will make a lot of money in it,every uses mobile phone,you can go apply for how to repair phone for a week and start making money.

6. Event & decoration. Can design something good out of the tin air.
Then consider event and decoration.

7. Information market, just package what you know in a shot ebook and continue to make money.

Having the ability to start a business venture or market a valuable skill will improve your chances of earning
once you graduate, and enable you to bridge the gap as you look for viable, long-term employment. Or, you may decide to eschew
employment entirely and build your own business after graduation. focused on business or entrepreneurship, self-taught skills
can still help you and secure your future.

What other side businesses can you suggest for students?

Think Posotive.
Hope Uchemadu

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