Thursday, 26 November 2015

How To Generate a Hot Topic For Your Product

How To Generate a Hot Topic For Your Product.

Generating a winning product idea to sell and make money offline and online is in YOU. The best topic is always a subject you have
passion for and have knowledge about with experience. Your personal life experiences have taught you a unique set of lessons which is valuable outside their and which lots of people want to learn from to avoid mistakes. Determine what you know that others might find valuable. Yes, you can write a 10 Page short report ebook ,then create a blog on that subject that
will focus on almost any subject you want but you will have a better chance of success, if you choose
a subject you have some experience with. Plus it makes the process of writing much more fun.

Start by brainstorming a list of topics. Get a pad and pen and start by asking yourself these questions below then write down the answers:

1. What are my passionate about?
2. What do i love to talk about?
3. What have i read about?
4. What special knowledge or skill do i have from my job?
5. What hobbies do i have?

Get everything written down on that pad/jotter nothing should be left out,
just write it down. List the ten or more problems you can think of in your home, workplace or community. What do you enjoy doing with your spare time?
Ask your friends and family what they think you're good at and knowledgeable about. You might be surprised at the things they will say about you which you don't know.

Spend a good one hour on this
brainstorming session. At first the ideas will come quickly. But then, after you've already written down the obvious ones, you'll start to
have to really re-think about each one again and again to determine the real one you can work on, this is when the real power of the mind get to work. You see, the subconscious mind is a funny thing. It takes a constant demand from your
conscious mind to get its attention. But once you do, your subconscious will take up the effort for you and begin to supply answers to
your question as it comes up with them. Always spend a full solid thirty minutes focusing on brainstorming topics for your 10 Page Ebook you communicate this demand to your
subconscious mind. For the next few week your subconscious mind will surely provide a good creative topics for you in a sporadic and seemingly
random way. You might be driving to work, taking a shower or eating dinner and suddenly you'll get
a great idea for your 10 page ebook topic. This technique can be used for almost any question or dilemma. Just remember the power is in the results your subconscious mind
produces in the days after doing the exercise.

And that won't happen if you don't focus intensely on brainstorming topics for a full 30 minutes or an hour. It takes this long to be sure your subconscious mind gets your message. I hope that you can use the knowledge gained in this report to create your own profitable idea and start making money from it, i have used it and it did work for me,if you have any question regarding this don't hesitate to email me or use the comment box below. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

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