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Ten Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Do This Christmas And Make Money.

Ten Lucrative Small Businesses You Can Do This Christmas And Make Money.

Hello Friends, Christmas is here again, it's a special day to celebrate home and abroad. And,it cant be complete without the exchange of gifts. You must have been seeing company's giving out different type of gifts to their esteemed customers,families and friends are not left out. So, if you are a serious business man or woman,you can seize the opportunity of the festive period and create more income for yourself,yes no dulling at all.  I have taken time to research on different type of business you can do to make money during Christmas period and here are the few from numerous business available during Christmas time,enjoy.

1. Sales Of Cloths:
Research has shown that most boutique owners’ record unusual increase in patronage during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, with 101% increase in profit. This is because many people will be buying new cloths for themselves,children's,loved ones,spouse and friends. You don't need a shop,all you need do is go to market and select nice cloths,shoes etc most especially that of kids buy a good medium size traveling bag to pack the cloths, then take them to their door steps, offices and religious centers and sell at a good price,you will be amazed on the huge profit you will make.

2. Female Jewelries:

Jewelries is always in high demand during festive period. You can buy in bulk from whole sale sellers and you can just focus on ladies and kids fancy jewelries, you will make money from it.

3. Greeting Cards:

Even though we have email and mobile phone to send sms,the use of greeting cards can not be abated. You can buy or design beautiful cards and begin to sell to family and friends.

4. Christmas gadgets and Accessories :

The demand for Christmas Trees,caps ,watches and masks for kids, Christmas Lightings etc, you start selling these things even from your community,street and religious centers.

5. Gift Baskets or Hampers:

This is just a medium size canned basket decorated with colorful ribbons stocked with items of your choice.  A hamper can have a bonvita can,powdered milk, a bottle of red win and alcoholic win, greeting card,a bottle of grand nut,a small size morning fresh liquid soap. You can add anything that will make it look attractive. How much you sell a hamper will be determined by the content and you can sell from #2500 to #7000 you can also collect the contract to supply  banks and some big company's who want to give out Christmas and New Year gifts to their customers.

6. Selling Of Recharge Card:

I have witnessed that during the festive period recharge card is always on high demand because lots of people will be making calls and sending sms this is the reason while the cards are scarce during this period and another reason is that many doing the business must have traveled out of their locality. Buy all the recharge card of all the network most especially the one that sells faster in your area and start making money you can even increase the price with a token.

7.Wait And Get Digital Photo:

This another hot high demand lucrative business you can do in Christmas time. Just go out there and buy a  UK-used digital camera or you can use your Android smart phone with a crystal clear camera then get a mobile picture printer with paper, gbam! You are already business of Wait and Get  photo business.
Some photographers charge between #300 to #500 .Go out their now and start making money...Mber month as called is a period of Traditional wedding, Wedding,Birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations, you as well go make your money from recreational centers,beach ,Club closing of meetings and social gatherings.

8. Sales Of Live Stocks:

Live stock is in high demand, no family will miss the killing of chicken and goat even cow,while not look for those poultry farms inside the village, buy in large quantity from them take it to towns and sell in high price.

9. Customized Gift Items:

You can invest in customized gift items such as Pen,book,mugs,fancy trays,towels,ceramic plates,T-shirts etc, you can bargain with banks and supply to them ,its a good business.

10. Bulk SMS Business:

You can approach churches, private business owners to help them send special greetings to their customers using a customized sms and this can be done by you buying a bulk sms units from a trusted bulk sms seller and you can start this business with less than #3000 depending on the number of phone numbers you have. You can buy a bulk sms unit as low as 90kobo per unit and sell at #3000 per unite. 

Ok, that is the few ones i can put up here for you to digest and take action and if you have any addition to the list above,you can share it in your comments using the comment box below.
Remember knowledge without action is useless,so go take action now. Hope you enjoy this powerful information? Follow me on twitter @ HopeUchemadu.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

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