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Three Golden Questions You Must Ask yourself.

Three Golden Questions You Must Ask yourself.

I think, taking time out of your busy schedule is the first step to long lasting success. Today, I want to talk about three golden key questions you need to know and ask yourself if you want to achieve success. This post today will
be an eye opener to things you need to know to unlock your potential for success“impossible
things” become real life possibilities and realities. If you are ready to move ahead first into changing your life for the better,just keep reading and after that you need to take ACTION. I will try to dig deep and ask some tough important questions! That will help you to achieve success with your potentials. Let's start with the first big question which you need to answer:

1: Who Are YOU?

Ask anybody you know who they are, and they will begin with what seems like a to-do list of things. In my Live & Business Coach, i usually asked my clients “who are you?” question, and most of them will immediately begin to tell me their life history and about how they entered higher institution and graduated, some will tell how they got involved into athlete, music, etc and some how they volunteered for their local church,and the list when on and on. I often end up stopping them from this stories and say “These are things that you do. I want to know who you are.”
I am not surprised by how
dumbfounded on how some of the was in conversation with me, I do politely began to point out that what we do really is only a taste of who we are on the inside. I have a fun exercise I do with friends at times, and that exercise has nothing to do with lifting. It has to do with looking up the meaning of your name, and finding out how your very name reveals a sense of who you are currently. Try it! Look up the meaning of your name and thinking about how your life reveals who you
are as defined by your very name. Some times you are who you think you are.

Question Number 2: What Do You Want to achieve?

You need to know what you are wishing to achieve in life before you ever set out to achieve it. Taking time to write out EXACTLY what you want is vital to your success.
Last week I took some time to write down in my bed side jotter the specific things I wanted to accomplish for my health, my business, and my personal life over the next few years. Writing down all these specific goals made my thoughts come to life on paper. Sometimes, you need to physically see, what is it that you are trying to accomplish in your life.
Keeping all those tense and
stressed out feelings bottled up inside of you.. .can make you burst out at the wrong time for the wrong
reason. Ask yourself, what do i really want? Do you want to go into a paid job for 3 months to gain a knowledge or save some amount? Do you want to learn music,dance, e.t.c? Whatever it is you want to achieve,write it down and get as specific as possible. It will help you get to the answer of the third important question you must ask yourself.

Question Number 3: Where Do You Want to Go ?

When you know who you are and what you want to do, the i question you need to ask yourself is where you want to go in life? What do you want to achieve with the
career you choose? Where do you see yourself in the next 3,5, 7 or even 10 years?
Where do you want to be physically in 3,6, or 12 month period when it comes to your physique and/or athletic goals?
When you identify specifically where you want to go in life, you will have a clear cut goal in mind to look ahead.
All you need to get to your
destination then is a set of steps ,road map to get you there. Should you need help along the way and in
need of directions, never feel weary about asking for help,this is were the need of mentors and you also need to gather more information to help your journey to success land.
Take some time this weekend and think about the answers to these questions.

Next time on this blog, i am going to dig even deeper to reach long lasting success with your potential! Stay
tuned! Have a great weekend and remember to drop in your comment through the comment box below.
Until next time. . .Think Positive.

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