Wednesday, 16 December 2015

11 Reasons Why You Should Be Your Own Boss Today!

Research has it that In Nigeria, youth unemployment is as high as 50%. That have not stopped our higher institution from churning out millions of fresh graduates into the system as many young teens are struggling to gain admission into the high institution with the hope of securing a better promising job after school. When will you stop looking for job and think of creating one for yourself? What have you gained all through 2015 as an applicant? You've known all the streets in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta,Ibadan etc because of job hunting. There is a greater joy,happiness,freedom and financial freedom when you are your own boss. If you don't know,here are few among more than one million reasons why you should start your own business come 2016.

A. You Are The Captain Of Your Own Destiny. As a business owner you have the free will to control and make decisions that suits your business. That is to say,you are the Alpha and Omega of your business,you are the driver and you driver the vehicle (Business) to a promise land because you see clearly to avoid pot-holes on the high way. And,you can decide to pimp your car (Branding) to differentiate yours from others. When i sacked my boss few years back,i have been able to utilize my potential to create a meaningful value to my life.

B. You Will Be Able To Set Your Own Schedule. This one of my best benefit why i stopped working for my boss,my business gives me the flexibility to do what i want at the time i want it, setting my own hours, dress the way i want, what else do i need? You can have time to do or attend to other important things in your life.

C. You Make Choice Of Your Worker. Owning your own business gives the freedom to hire the best hand to work with if you needed it. When hiring make sure you choose and surround yourself with positive people who will give you the confidence and motivation you need to keep moving forward. Don't build your venture with negative people.

D. You Bear All the Risk Associated To Your Business And You Alone Will Receive The Reward. Owning your own business is a risky investment and its this risk that gives the reward when you overcome it. As new business owner you have to learn how to manage risks to achieve success. Your decisions determines the success. You have to learn how to recognize good opportunities from bad ones. You have to learn how to be committed to new products,You will also learn to create exit strategies for bad situations and how to maximize the good ones.

E. You Can Create New Tasks/Goals every day or werkly. As an entrepreneur, you can set a target on an opportunity to access and achieve.

"The great thing about owning a small business is that you can learn about business strategies and how to sell and meet customers satisfaction in business.

F. You Build on Your Passion Many entrepreneurs say the long hours they invest in growing their business doesn't feel like work because they're actually having fun in what they're doing. For me, it was a very conscious choice to make a living doing what I love. For example,i love teaching ,talking and inspiring people to success, i then built my career around my passion and today i love talking and i can never get tired talking,that's what made me a public speaker.

G. No Delay In Getting Things Done More Faster. Entrepreneurs are the type of people who hate delay in any form. They don't need your permission to start,when they see anything they work on it immediately rather than paid job were you have to wait for many hours for approval to carry-on. All small business owners salivate at any small seen chance to get things done as soon as possible. A good entrepreneur will take action faster than the big companies when the opportunity knocks.

H. You Have Unlimited Access To Your Customers. There are few things that get entrepreneurs as excited as when they get to interact with their customers at any time they want, small business owners thrive on dealing one-on-one with their clients or making the decision to get those customers that don't like their product/services and they can as well fire the ones they don't like by breaking the rule that "Customers are always right"

I. You Can Give Back to Your Community. One of the best norms i have learn't in business is giving back to the community ,it gives joy,happiness,sense of belonging and most especially create jobs, which is particularly important these days. It gives you great pride in knowing that you're solving a problem others have and creating opportunities for people to have jobs that they love. Another important thing about giving back to the society is that it makes you more popular,it builds trust and confidence in your clients on your product/services.

J. You Feel The Joy and Pride in Building Your Own Thing. One of the biggest differences in owning your own enterprise as opposed to working for someone else is the sense of joy and pride you establish in building something of your own. There is joy in self-actualization, you also get to brag about what you do. One good thing about owning a small business is that people are interested in you and your story. You will earn respect and you will be known as C.E.O of your company.

K. You Decide How Much You'll Pay Yourself and You are In control Of All The cash. As your own boss,you determine how you spend your money and also decide how much to save. You are in total control of all your finances and you can also choose to invest in more than one profitable businesses.

Let me stop here till next time,because there are more and more benefits of starting your own business. Don't waste your precious time again,begin to brain storm for new ideas now, 2016 is already here! You will succeed.

Think Positive

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