Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blog Mistakes YOU Should Avoid. (Part-1)

Although personal and business websites have been in existence for more than 15 years, I’m still
seeing small business owners make the same mistakes on their websites. Here’s a list of the ones that will drive people away from your site and cause you to lose business (and your reputation as a professional business person).

1. "Under construction" signs on your site. Websites are intended to be Living Documents. They are
supposed to change and grow. Putting an “under construction” sign on your website marks you as
an amateur. If your site isn’t ready to show to the public, don’t publish it to a public location.

2. Visitor counters. Visitors generally don’t care how many other people have visited your site. If the visitor counter shows a low number, that can be a psychological turn-off to people; if it’s too high, people might believe that you’ve forged the
number. Take the visitor counter off your site and use your website statistics to get a more accurate assessment of the people visiting your site. If your hosting company doesn’t provide good statistics, get a new one.

3. Lack of copyright statements. Everything you write, and your website design itself, is copyright-
able. Make sure you include copyright statements on every page, and update the year in the
copyright statement as appropriate. Nothing screams “not-up-to-date” like having a copyright statement from 1995 on your site.

4. Overuse of technology. There are some really great, cool and wild techie things you can program into your website. But if they are going
to distract the visitor from your message, or if they’re going to slow down the loading of your page, ditch the extra technology in favor of
simplicity. This includes large Flash shows when your site opens, animated graphics and other
large graphics, as well as scrolling text and audio that comes on as soon as the person hits your
website. Recent surveys show that people crave simplicity and easy navigation in sites.

5. Passive verbs. Use active verbs and active sentences when writing your site’s copy. Active verbs are powerful and lend energy to your site. Need to brush up on using active verbs?

Reflect on this points and make sure you work on them till i post the part two of this article. You can subscribe to our email newsletter to receive the article direct to your email. You will succeed

Think positive.

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