Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Crowdsourcing ‘Energizes’ Coca- Cola Campaign.

Crowdsourcing ‘Energizes’ Coca-
Cola Campaign.

Content marketing has been around for a long time–it is by no means a “new thing”–but what is new is the way that content is produced and
distributed to consumers.
The idea is that the essence of your brand needs to come through to your target customer in a compelling way because, in today’s digital era,
consumers actively engage in the distribution process to drive the success of content marketing.

This is why content production is the
most important part of a successful content marketing campaign. Without the right content,
consumers will not engage, and your brand will not resonate them.
Coca-Cola is accustomed to consumer-generated content given our huge online communities, but
we had always looked at it as a way to drive engagement, rather than a possible source for brand building or external messaging. That changed with our global campaign for Coca-
Cola’s “Energizing Refreshment” branding. We has been working with various agencies for a year, trying to turn the concept into content, but none seemed to be able to produce the right content to symbolize the concept. That's when we decided
to try to leverage a global crowdsourcing platform for a new take, inviting thousands of members in its community to participate.
After three months, the brief had produced 2,616 entries across 82 countries in the form of videos,
illustrations, photos, videos, and animation.

By far the biggest lesson learned was about the power of crowdsourcing creativity. Our customers see our global brand differently in every market, yet
we need to be able to speak to all of them at a global level when producing content. What better
way to do that than by asking them to show us how they see us?
The results speak for themselves: Six million-plus mentions through social buzz, with several of the
creative ideas achieving the top 10% of all-time best ads in markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines through the Millward Brown Link™
score test. This experience has changed the way Coca-Cola
approaches marketing. Allowing people to have freedom over creative content creates conversations and engagement that we could never commission.

We think it’s fantastic, and we’re very lucky that people care enough about our brand to create and distribute the content
with their names attached. That’s the kind of creativity you never want to shut down.

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