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How To Create, Package And Market Your E- Book

How To Create, Package And Market Your E- Book.

The Internet has given us a great opportunity but for anyone who knows how to research and write.
There're tons of free information on the internet, so all you have to do is to gather most important and valuable information's together and
package it in a simple to understand step by step guild, and that is all and your E-Book is ready for people to buy and use the valuable information in it.

You may ask "Why will they buy my ebook if the information they need is free on the net?" The answer to that question is simple and that is, Convenience!

Have you not noticed that most of us are Lazy and because of that They'd rather buy your simple packaged information E-Book and save themselves all the pains, sleepless nights you encountered during the days, weeks and months that you spent researching it
and putting it all together. For example, you can package information on "how to obtain students visa and travel abroad" this is great niche and you know that there are lots of students that want to study abroad but don't know how to go about it. If you can research and package a valuable information how they can go about it and achieve their dream of studying abroad,then introduce the information to them on a good fee,you will be surprised when your bank manager will call you to inquire type of business you do.

Enough of diversion,let's dig it down on the steps by step way to create your own ebook:


That is the first step,you need to pick a topic based on your interest,skills,expertise and what you have passion for. For example,you can say something like this 'How to play keyboard' Or it could be '20 Free ways to shed weight Naturally', or it could be about Dancing,Singing ,cooking,kongfu fighting, boxing etc.

When you certain of a topic,write down the Title of your E-Book inside a notepad. After that decide how many chapters and pages you want your ebook, don't worry about the pages, it can be from 10- 100 pages.
When i created my own ebook, i made it 60pages of 12 chapters that means i gave 5 pages to a chapter, this is a simple of mapping out the plan so that will direct me on how to create the ebook.

You should write your ebook with MicrosoftWord this allows you to get a feel for the overall structure of your E-Book, and it also makes spell-checking much easier.


After you might have finished typing it and making all the necessary correction. Get a good software that you can use to convert the ebook into pdf format. Try these two compilers that are free:
- SbookBuilder:

- eBookIt:

- www.ebookpro.com

You can Google for free ebook converter or go buy a software and install in your laptop computer.
There are many sites that offer ready made E-Book templates, some free, some you would have to pay for ,i have software i bought for just #200 at computer village in Lagos and i am still using it and you can as well get a good graphic designer to help out with a good design .

You can use this free E-Book templates website.

And below are two good sites where you can buy ready-made
ebook cover templates: http://www.web-source.net/ebookstarter/

Your E-Book should contain:

(a) An Index page that serves as the entry point to your E-Book. It should contain a Welcome message, your
copyright statement, and a link to the 'Contents' page of your E-Book.

(b) A 'Contents' page. This should be a list of all the chapters in your E-Book, with Section titles.


There are basically two ways of selling your E- Book, you can advertize it to your friends or the group of people that needs it through your social media account,advertise through jumia,konga jiji,olx etc. Secondly you can create a blog about your niche and market it to those in need of it and you can use offline advert method like using fliers ,word of mouth and referrals, which ever you want to use should be researched to see if it can bring in sales for you.


You can make millions from selling your ebook, if you a good wide hungry market for your ebook then relax and what money flow into your bank account non-stop. If you have more than 30 Million students searching for how to school abroad, and you can be able to sell to 100 of this people at #3000 ,that is #300.000 and you can sell more than this on daily,weekly or monthly bases depending how good you market your product. This is what most of the internet marketers and bloggers do and they rake in millions of Naira. You too can have your own share of the cake only if you are ready. I hope this information will help you to start making money online and offline through marketing of ebook. Enjoy and share to others. If you have any questions or comments as regards this article please share you through the comment box below and i will reply you. You will succeed. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

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