Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How To Make Money With Your Writing Skills

How To Make Money Through Your Writing Skills.

Many things to talk about these days. The wave is hot here in Africa and Nigeria, Internet marketing, niche marketing and making money
online and offline. I have checked a lot of these opportunities and found out that the most common thread to wealth is through writing,that is because for you to get all these information on these topics to your readers, is through writing.

If you can write well, you don't need to be a professional author to do that but you do need to be able to combine a meaningful sentences together you can use dictionary or a spell checker to do some of the words correction. There are many Commercial and private companies desperately looking for writers to update content for their websites and blogs and you just need to write in a style that you feel natural with based on your passion,skills,talent and expertise.

You create a niche for yourself writing on a topic you know very well from any subject like Biology,commerce, business, motivational, inspirational,dating,ICT,life styles etc. Wherever you are on this scale, you can make money through writing. Let's check out some of the ways to create streams of income through writing,they're blogging, ebooks, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, article marketing and content-paid sites.

Offer your service to some bloggers who don't have time to update articles on their blogs,you can manage their blogs and write for them...the pay is from 5k - 10k or more than that monthly. If you're writing for 5 blogs on a pay of #10.000 monthly that is #50k per month and you can increase it if you want.

Why not contact all the bloggers you know and market your service to them. You can also market your service to some newspapers and magazines, there are lots of them looking for writers here in Nigeria.
You can choose to start your own blog and blog on a topic if interest, a good place to start is to join
groups in Facebook and twitter and to find forums in your niche. Dish out valuable information's and watch the number if your followers as they increases. Then start to monetize your blog and also sell ebooks to your fans.

Lots of young Nigerians are making money online with their skills of writing,like Jide of Ogbongeblog, Linda Ikeji, Mazino of wikeriablog just to mention a few of them, off course i am not left out,i make money through my writing and i write articles based on my expertise and knowledge on small business start ups and growth,i do sell ebooks,ad space, i speak and do coaching and consulting services. In fact,i love what i'm doing. I also promote affiliate products (other people's products).

Why not start making money today with your writing skills. Now go get your pen,our get on that computer, or your smart phone today and
start writing about topics you feel passionate about. You need to do some basic research to make sure there is a market for your niche. Get active contributing to relevant online groups,pages and forums on Facebook or website to build
momentum and awareness of your brand. If you can do this consistently you will have enough experience on writing. Mind you,its not a get rich quick business. It takes some time before the cash can roll in and when its starts it cant stop again.

Hope this article will help you in getting started to make money with your writing skills. If you enjoy the article tell your friends. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

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