Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How To Say "Thank You" To Your Customers And Make Them Happy This Christmas.

How To Say "Thank You" To Your Customers And Make Them Happy This Christmas.

Christmas is in the air. As Christmas approaches, business owners across the glob are making their lists and checking them always to ensure they have enough stocks for customers.

Everyone hopes that this year's Christmas season will be their best in terms of high sales and high
profits. Who could wish for anything more? Well, my wish to you is that along with the spirit of spending and money making please take time to put some spirit of Christmas into
your business and your hearts, and that you continue that spirit throughout the year.

How can you say “thank-you” to your customers and bring in some new ones? Here’s some
suggestions to make Christmas truly a time of not just receiving, but of giving back to those who have been giving you all through the year. They are your business. These method have helped me to stay more connected to my clients and draw in new customers too. In this article,i want to share some simple ways to say "Thank You At Christmas:

1.Get your customer phone number and send them thank you messages and tell them you care about them.

2. Gift-wrap purchases: You can buy ceramic plates,cups , Bucket,bowls,glass cups,etc brand them with your business name and a thank you message.

3. Start a hamper: It doesn’t take much to set up a basket of hamper ,it all depends on how you want it,you can decide to start with #3000 Naira. Some time ago,i gave out 20 smallest bag of rice at a cost of #1200 each , powdered milk of #450 each, and other things and that made my client to stay glued to me.

4. Hold a Christmas event: Yes, this is another best money generating idea were you can auction your old stocks at a give away price and rebuild their confidence in you as you promise another good product and service next year.

5. Send cards: Of course, you have maintained a customer database, so buy quality Christmas cards, sit down in the evenings and start to write your sweet Xmas messages on them. Thank them for their patronage. It’s a nice way of
saying “we care about you.” Start sending out the cards from 10th or 15th of December.

6. You Can Offer a pick-up and delivery service: Send a bulk sms to your customers in early
November, telling them about your new added benefits when they buy from you this period by offering a pick-up and delivery service to ease the stress of coming to the market while they save their transport money. Your customers will love you for taking away their stress while you also gain their loyalty.

7. Sales promo: You offer a promo of buy one get two or a splash in price of up to 50% just like what happened during the "Black Friday & Cyber Monday" This is a good way of giving back,inform your customers by sending out press release
to your local paper so that the word gets out. Drop off flyers at Banks,Eateries, Hotels etc and anywhere else you think suitable. You can put up a raffle draw with a fantastic gifts.

These are few ways to say a big thank you to your clients and also gain more customers. If you have more ideas on how to say thank you, please add through the comment box. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu.

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