Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How To Set Yourself Free From YOU!

I know how many times I've heard the phrase "I don't need this right now" or "I don't have time for this". No matter what you tell them, they've got their answers ready.

In a world filled with so much potential, innovation, evolution and growth, we limit ourselves with the own words that we speak out of our mouths. When the Wright Brothers
decided to fly that airplane, they weren't being logical - in fact they had a million reasons to not fight for their dream, because this was a
project that no one had ever worked on. They had a lack of resources, lack of knowledge, and lack of support; but all that didn't matter
because their determination and desire to see their goal come to fruition triumphed over everything else.

Thomas Edison had this ridiculous idea that he would create incandescent light. He was
ridiculed, he was laughed at, and to top it all off he failed ten thousand times. My big question is, did this man give up? No he didn't - In fact, he kept going until he succeeded. Incandescent light doesn't sound like a ridiculous idea anymore,
does it?

This is the essence of what i teach at s
"SuccessBoost Motivation". I want you to dream big, i want you to forget about logic and direct all your power and resources toward your dream; because once you get
going, your dream won't seem so ridiculous anymore. It won't seem so impossible anymore. And when you do accomplish it, the people around you will start to believe in your

 Every step you take to get closer to
your goal gives the person beside you much more courage to do the same! The universe has all the resources we need, we just need to open up our minds to dream
bigger, think bigger! Everything changes when we make that decision. When that decision is
made, and we back that goal with our desire and commitment, nothing will ever stand in your way.
So stop yourself from standing in your own way.

Stop telling yourself that your own dreams are not possible. Be illogical, be silly - but be different. Because that's what all happy and
successful people are: unique.
Listen to that voice inside you, that intuition, that energy full of potential and talent that flows within you. You make your own reality, you create your own life. Take charge, and do
what you love. You'll shock yourself with what you can accomplish!

Success is for everybody but only the brave one have it with the right attitude and positive thinking. You will succeed.

Think Positive.

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