Friday, 11 December 2015

How To Start And Make Money From Car Wash Business.

How To Start And Make Money From Car Wash Business.

Starting a car wash business may seem daunting at first but i bet you,its a lucrative business that you can jump into and become financially free.  Cars are every where and the owners love it when their cars are neat and clean. They need someone to make their car look clean and new and this is were car wash business comes in, and its very easy to start. Complications can be avoided so long as you do your business plan correctly.

This simple guide will help you set up and operate your own car wash business. As sure as your car needs gas to run, it also needs to be cleaned when it gets dirty. Most car owners consider washing their cars as hard as crushing a karnel nut with bare hand. They would rather send their times doing something worthwhile or more enjoyable than getting their hands into soap and water scrubbing their cars.
This is where the cleaning expertise of a car wash business comes in.

There are several reasons why running a car wash service is a
good business opportunity. For one, as mentioned,

* Most car owners would rather pay than be bothered by the hassle of cleaning their cars.

* Just when the number of cars has
increased by a huge margin; for some reason, the number of exterior-conveyor car wash
stations have decreased.

* Today’s busy lifestyle has turned time into a rare commodity.

Cleaning a car takes a while and since car- owners simply do not have time to spare, their only option is to look somebody else who will do the task for them. If you are interested in starting your own car
wash business, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you:

1 – Be determined and have a burning desire to make money from car wash business. Have a strong passion for it.

2 – Select a name for your business. This name must be unique, catchy, and must reflect the nature of your service.

3 – Look out for a good location. Choose an area that is highly visible and accessible.

4 – Get the necessary permits and licenses you need to operate a car wash business in the city and state
where you plan to offer your service.

5 – Come up with a realistic business plan. Include factors like facilities, equipment, manpower, and supplies in your plan.

6 – Check out your competition. See what kind of services they offer and if possible, device a way to offer more services and benefits to entice

7– You need a bore-hole or well, a horse-pipe, a generator for pumping water, 2-3 buckets, good car wash detergent,laundry brush for washing tires and towels.

8 - When everything is in order and you are ready to open, launch a promotional campaign for your business using innovative and catchy advertising materials. Like banners and flyers.

There is money in this business. If you are serious about it and you do a quality job you can get referrals. You can make between #5k - #10 every week.

Do you need more info about this business, ask your question using the comment box. If you enjoy this article please share it. You will succeed.

Think Positive.

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