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How to Start a Courier Service Business In Nigeria

Have you thought of this business before? I guess you are not aware that its a lucrative service business that requires no Phd in whatever discipline to start it. The good news is that the courier service business has more than enough room for new players. If your dream is to start your own courier service business.
This article offers tips on starting and running a courier service business.

The best way to go about starting a courier service business is by exploring your available options.
What i mean here is that you can operate a courier service in several ways. You can even team up with any established courier company and have them subcontract your
business or it can be JV. When you subcontract, you do the
legwork for your client company.

That is the essence of your role. You provide all the logistics necessary to pickup and deliver parcels successfully to your clients or to your office. Subcontracting is an ideal option for people with
limited know-how of the industry and is the perfect way to ease your way in the courier service world and it avails you the opportunity to learn and understand the business more. It is also the least expensive option. Yes, you don’t get to spend much.
This option leaves you with the
lowest profit and growth potential.

Starting your own courier service from scratch on the other hand
gives you the highest profit potential. It also provides you the chance to expand your business
much faster compared to subcontracting. However, be prepared to shell out more capital
initially. In starting a courier service, expect to be very busy with decisions to make.

Decide on what type of parcels you want to deliver. Will your service be limited to envelopes and small packages or will the maximum kg be 10,20 or 50? Will you include large
cargoes? Your decision here will depend on the capacity of your storage and transport vehicles. Do you want to deliver sensitive cargoes such as medical and industrial chemicals? If so,
you and your crew must be knowledgeable in handling these substances. Do you want to
deliver perishable goods? Considering that this type of cargo is time sensitive, your transportation and manpower resources must be

You must have manned units readily
available at a moments notice. The ability to deliver a wide variety of cargo will augment your potential to earn. However, expect to spend more
initially. Take delivering perishable goods for example. You may need to invest on refrigerated trucks for this.
Decide on the scope for your service area. In other words, define the limit of your parcel destination. Up to what part of the globe do you
intend to deliver? Will your service be limited to a single state? foe example will you be limited to Lagos state alone or more states? Cam you deliver packages from state to state? Keep in mind that the wider your geographic scope, the bigger the amount you need to invest
at start-up.


Find out what requirements you need. What registration you need from local government to state. Obtain all the necessary documents and permits. Get your business name registered under C.A.C. get all the legal requirements.  Know what type of goods,items that are allowed in your country.

Where To Get Clients.

You can start from a friend and that your friend will introduce you to his or her friends, distribute flyers, use word or mouth, go to market places. Talk to those that buy small goods from China,USA,Japan,Dubai etc, they will be happy to let you help them pick up and deliver their packages. You can only buy their trust if you are trustworthy yourself.

 Decide on how much to charge your customers. There are several factors to consider in setting up a price list:

1. Thing to consider is the cost of fuel,gas or transport that will convey you or the package from point A to point B.
2. The number of parcel deliveries to be made at a particular area.
 3. The rate your competition charges their customers. Don't charge too high or too low.

You need to be very careful in picking up and delivering of packages, some may be contra band,arms or any illegal stuff that will get you into trouble so make sure you know what you are collecting and you can find out this by scanning all the packages before delivering. Also make sure you deliver to the right person and right address,avoid third party issue. Get insurance as well. Get a good office in a good and accessible location.

Don't limit your knowledge go out and find more about this business,use the internet and ask questions. If you are really serious in starting your own courier service, be
advised that you must gain hands-on experience in the industry. Try to get experience by working for a courier service company may be for 3 or 6 months. This way you will know more about the business and how the system works. You will succeed.

If you enjoy this article share and lets hear from you. If you have any other ideas towards this please share it through the comment box below.

Think Positive.

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