Friday, 11 December 2015

How to Start a Shoe Business

How to Start a Shoe Business

Do you know that shoe business is a lucrative business idea? Have you ever thought about a Shoe business? The profit margin is high even as demand is high with new designs.  Why not learn more on shoe business? Visit Aba in Ariaria international market,Lagos Island or any market you know and find out more. Everybody wears shoes young,old,boys and girls. You can start as a wholesaler or retailer,you can do it as a part-time and go into it full time.

 A shoe business can require
considerable start up cost from you, the shoes business can be very profitable. Here are some of the things that you will find interesting to know if you plan on starting a shoe business:

* Where to Buy Shoes. You will need to look for wholesalers of shoes.
The internet has a large database of shoe wholesalers but it is important that you verify the credibility of the
wholesalers you are dealing with. It is also best to get quotation from a number of shoe vendors so you will be able to know where it is best and
cheapest to buy shoes that you will sell. You can buy locally or order online ,i use

Low End Shoes or High End Shoes?
When starting a shoes business, you will find it valuable to determine who your target market will be. This will allow you to determine what type of
shoes you are going to sell. You can sell low end shoes, high end shoes or both depending on what type of clients you expect to patronize your shoe business. You cave out a niche for yourself, like dealing mainly on children's shoes, ladies,men's or both.

You can invest in high end shoes for celebrities,bankers etc it all depends on your start up capital and what you want.

* Marketing and Selling
You don't need to own a store in a big market that will cost you pulling out hair from your nostril. You can start from home,mobile store or on demand and supply bases. The good thing now is that you can start selling your shoes through social medias, Facebook,twitter,instagrams,whatsapp,2go, bbm etc all you need do is to snap it and upload it as your profile pics then fix the price that's all, you can as well use any free internet ad website like .

An online presence for your shoe business can help boost your sales, you can rent a shop in a busy shoe market or environment to display your products and sell directly to your customers.  Setting up a shoe outlet in a mall or in similar high traffic areas would be a great idea.

How Much Do You Need To Start  a Shoe Business.

You can start with any amount ranging from the money that can buy a pair to 20 pairs. Interviewing a friend, he told me that he started his shoe business with just #10.000 Naira less than $20. He bought a pair at the cost of #2000 and 5 pairs is #10.000, he sold each pair at #3000 that is a profit of #5000. In less than a year he is having a shoe shop worth #100.000.

Do you know what drives him? Its determination and passion. The good thing is that he started the business by taking his shoes to offices,banks, companies etc and he makes good sales but today he is in a store that he pays #7000 every month.

Now, what are you still waiting for? Go start your shoe business now. Remember,get a good business plan that will lead you through. If you need advice or have any question as regards this article please ask by using the comment box below,i will reply all you questions. If you enjoy this article please share it now.

You will succeed.

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