Friday, 11 December 2015

How To Start a Recruitment Agency Business.

How To Start a Recruitment
Agency Business.

Everyday people been fired from the day job even employee changing their firms do to a reason best known to them while human resource department looking out for trust worthy and efficient workers.

All these leads to the rise of
recruitment agencies both online and offline. Do you know that you can make up to a million naira from this business? As far as millions of graduates are churned out from higher institutions every year,there will be market for this business. You don't need a degree to start the business so pocket it.

Thousands of people are on the lookout for recruitment agency jobs. Many businessmen have already seen this as a good opportunity and
invested on recruitment agencies.
A legal recruitment agency does not only allow them to help people looking for jobs and employment opportunities. An employment
agency business also allows entrepreneurs to earn considerable profits for matching employers
and employees. If you are looking for a perfect business that you can engage in, you might want to consider investing in a recruitment agency.

How do you make money? This business is lucrative,all you need to start the business is a small furnished shop for your office, Laptop and forms. You can advertise by giving out flyers,posters, using social media etc.
You can get clients in Schools,religious centers, banks,eateries and at populated areas like bus-stops.
If you can source for workers for a small production company that needs 20 factory workers with SSCE as qualification. You can earn up to 20% or more from their basic salary.

For example if each worker is to be paid #30.000 monthly, that means you will get #10.000 multiplied by 20 that is a whopping #200.000 you'll get on monthly! What if you supply 30 or 50 workers? Can you see that this business is lucrative?
Another way to make money is to give them your recruitment form on a fee lets say #2000 and if you have 500 job seekers to collect the form then you are in millions.

Plan on how you get clients avail of your recruitment and human resource services. You need to brand yourself and focus on a particular group, may be health sector, schools, hospitality,factory workers, management staffs,executive staffs,construction, sales reps,sales promoters etc.

Among the challenges of job placement agencies is finding clients who will avail the different human resource services that they offer. It is therefore best that you identify how you are going to have employers and companies avail of your placement agency services.

You can, for example, send letters to companies and tell them about the
services that you offer. It is best, however, that you are able to persuade them to avail of your
employment recruitment agency services by telling them about the advantages and benefits that they can avail when they take advantage of recruitment agencies.

Employers and companies, for example, will find it cost effective to outsource the screening and interview of applicants for their
company. This is for reason that having a specialized recruitment department among many
companies can prove to be very prohibitive. Make sure that you also tell prospective clients why you
are the best recruitment agency for them.

Learn how to effectively find the best employees for a particular job
To be competitive in the recruitment agency business, you must know how to get the best and most qualified workers to apply in your temporary employment agency.
Many employment staffing agencies generally take advantage of advertising to get job hunters and careers shifters to apply in
their employment agencies. You must have been seeing posters,flyers and job opportunities written on walls,sign board etc.

Giving your clients the best
available workers will surely help your recruitment agency become a reputable and efficient employment agent.

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