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How To Start a Taxi Business In Nigeria.

How To Start a Taxi Business.

Transportation is one of the basici need of human beings, as it is needed for the transportation of people and goods. Hence the utilization of taxi cab service has increased over the time. A taxi business is a potentially profitable venture that you can invest on particularly if you live in the city and there are plenty of people who need
the services of cabs.

The taxi business is also a
good business idea especially nowadays that people are already acknowledging the advantages of using public transportation over driving their own cars and coupled with the ad it is used for. If you are interested in a taxi business, here are some of the things that you need to know:

Taxi cabs are your most important requirement to start a taxi cab business. It will be up to you to
decide what car model you will use but it is best to inquire first from your licensing agency because there may be particular types of car that
are required for use by taxi in your state or county. To start the taxi business you have the option in
choosing whether to buy second hand car or purchase new car for their taxi business. If you prefer to use new cars for your taxi cab business, it is important that you understand it will require you to have more start up capital. Maintenance of your taxi cab is very important ,so to avoid unnecessary break down and disappointments find a mechanic who can repair and provide maintenance of your taxi cabs on a regular basis.

Other Requirements
You will be required to secure a business permit (registering with the cab union before you can start the operation of your yellow cab taxi business. Other legal requirements to start a taxi business may vary from one place to another so it is best that you contact your government agency for the complete list of documents and permits that you need. Operational requirements for a taxi business, however, are the same. You register a phone to set up a hotline so it will be easier for people to contact your company when they need the services of a taxi cab business. You also need
to hire honest and dependable drivers , that is if you are capable of starting the cab business with up to 10 cars. Make sure that you will be hiring drivers who can take good care of your cars and who have the necessary license to work and drive your taxi cabs. Make sure that you also provide your drivers with the necessary insurance.

The taxi business, generally, involves the following ,Taxis are always needed. You can start this business with one car and add to your fleet as you can.
You can hire drivers to do the work for you. You are likely to get repeat and referral business.

For instance, under the Lagos State Taxi Drivers and Cab Operators Association popularly known as the “yellow cab”, which can be found at every taxi park in Lagos, if you don't to paint your taxi with yellow and black stripes, or joining the red cab taxi, you will be required to obtain a hackney permit from the VIO (Vehicle Inspection Office) which will indicate that your vehicle is
used as a car hire service. Hence, to be able to seize this opportunity, intending taxi owners/ drivers would have to inquire about the rules in
operation by available parks so as to be flexible.

You need to brand yourself, get a suit,nice trousers with shoes and look neat all the time. You can decide to pick only bankers to work and when its eveining time,you go bring them back home. In a commercial area like Lagos,Abuja you can charge each person #15,000 monthly or above and if you have 10 people you service every month,you will be amazed how much you are making.

If you are looking to start a business that provides an essential service and generate massive income, you should consider how to start a taxi service as people tend to seek comfort in every thing which makes the cab business a more preferred choice of commuting for many compared to the cheaper bus transit. Therefore, you can start a cab business and grow it big by implementing the already-
stated ideas as cab advertising is an almost costless service that can offer additional source of
income.  So take the bold step and start your own private taxi business. If you need more information about this businesses ,ask using the comment box and i will reply. You will succeed.

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  1. With taxi service business on the hit list of every entrepreneur, all budding business enthusiasts are now figuring out different ways on how to start a taxi service business and run it successfully. And being a taxi business owner myself, I would like to give my fellow business enthusiasts a small advice to come up with a plan to run a business.