Sunday, 6 December 2015

How To Succeed Online With Your Small Business.

How To Succeed Online With Your Small Business.

Search Engines account for almost 90% of all web traffic!
In the Offline world its all about "location, location, location."
Put your business were crowd is much. Have your products ready and
benefit the rewards. Online, small businesses fail to act on the fact
that the fundamental reality of how people use the Web is totally different. No one "passes by".

People are searching for information that you know.
To build a solid Online Business, then you must provide them with answers... Yes, Start where they start...Build Content. Turn
your knowledge into streams of income.

One of my mentor said "The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy"

Traffic is the most important next step that makes or breaks your online business.

- focused content attracts targeted Traffic by Search Engines.
The next step is to Pre-sell interested visitors. Interested visitors become warm, willing-to-buy prospective customers because you over deliver what they information and solutions.

After the content, traffic and presell you must monetize, only after you achieve these three.
This process, logical, natural, powerful, and based upon the fundamental reality of the way
people use the Web, is the foundation no matter, what kind of small business you want to start?

So to summarize:
-Create In-Demand Content
-Attract targeted traffic
-Pre-sell those visitors
-Then Monetize pre-sold traffic

Provide information about something you know. Just build content. From that point on
everything flows until...resold traffic generates profits. Guaranteed. Yes, this process guarantees success.

If you miss out on it then you are moving backward and your small business will fail. Remember that if you must succeed online, you must build your business with passion,based on the problem you have identified and provide the solution to these in need of the solution and what your bank account swell.

Hope Uchemadu
Live & Small Business Coach

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