Sunday, 6 December 2015

Online Advertising Best For Small Business.

Online Advertising Best For Small Business.

Advertising in the newspaper magazine will costs more than #7500 or more per small square box just for a day and taking a cover page may cost your more than #500k or more depending on the popularity of the print media.

Even if you keep on putting that advert in the paper on each day in other for you to achieve a desired results,you should also be aware that lot's of people are now using the internet to find businesses that they want to do or products and services they want to deal with.

Small business online advertising therefore represents the most powerful and cost effective
means of growing your small business. The number of internet users grows every day and
so too does the opportunity open to you. The only real problem is information overload. You see, whereas local advertising really only
gives you a few limited options, there are hundreds of possible options online and so it can be difficult to know where to start.

In a medium that can beam your message worldwide in a matter of moments, what are the most powerful and cost effective ways to get your ad in-front of your potential
customers? And for this I have to admit that my own preference is on using the free search engines
like Google and Yahoo. The reasons are pretty simple. Firstly, if you run a private home teaching services in Lagos and someone types in a search of "Private home teacher services" you can be pretty sure they are a potential customer of yours.

So we can advertise your small business website to ensure
that it shows up when someone types that phrase in. And secondly, once you are there, visitors will continue to find you day and night
even while you are still sleeping on a vacation, without you having to constantly remember to place your advert again or miss your ad because of lack of fund.

I have been able to make lots of sakes online and my services have reached more than thousands of potential customers within and outside Nigeria. Why not take this opportunity presented to us by internet and get your business in front of the world.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu

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