Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ten Refueling Strategies That Work For Leaders Everyday Today!

Good leaders lead with common sense. Foolish leaders believe they can take more out of life than they put in. Well, maybe it isn’t
foolishness. Maybe it’s arrogance. Only God never runs dry. Normal people know that everyone who pours out more than they pour in goes dry.

Responsibility: Your energy-tank is your responsibility. Don’t expect teammates to fill it do it yourself because they believed in you.
Below are the refueling strategies:
Do you enjoy hanging around someone whose energy-tank is almost empty or almost full?

1. Schedule two or three refueling times into your day, every day, even if you aren’t exhausted. Keep your energy-tank closer to full than empty. Call someone to say thanks.
work. Step outside for a short stroll.
eyes until your heart rate and breathing slows. Sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes.

2. Become a sprinter. Push yourself in short bursts, then refuel. Refueling is replacing energy, not just doing nothing.

3. Serve because you want to, not because someone else wants you to.

4. Stop taking responsibility for other people’s problems. Be available and helpful. Listen without solving. Chronic fixers are frustrated and exhausted.

5. Evaluate yourself by how well you energize others.

6. Commit to use only positive language for an hour, every morning, or even a whole day.

7. Say, “I’m glad I to achieve this or arrive here, even if it was difficult.” always give yourself a pat on the back.

8. Avoid energy vampires as much as you can. Hang with people who fuel your energy-tank. Emulate their behaviors.

9. Serve those who enjoy being served and enjoy returns. It feels great to serve in ways that fulfill your purpose.

10. Don't procrastinate. Start that project that’s hanging over your head.

If you want to be a leader with positive mind set,then use these tips to energize and refuel yourself. You will succeed.

Think Positive.

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