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14 Important Questions Singles Need to Answer before Dating.

14 Important Questions Singles need to Answer before Dating.

Love in the air just like those special events like Valentine's Day coming and going every year which reminds me how difficult it can be to retain the spirit of who you are when you're even as a Christian single.
It just sometimes feels like it would be easier to mold yourself into whatever your dating partners want, and then you can get on with living happily.
I was recently reminded of this when I run into a beautiful energetic,positive, social, Christian girl,on our discussion that day she was telling me about her new boyfriend who
don't like to socialize, he was quiet and reserved an introvert she said on her visit to the guy all they did was to watch DSTV.

They didn't even put up things to mark the celebration, nothing like red colours because he thought it was all a waste of time. This from my friend who usually wears a Christmas hat for the entire month of December.
As we chatted, she kept justifying all of the things that they obviously didn't have in common. I then noticed her usually dancing eyes had lost their shine. How sad, I thought. Why had she given up on
her spirit? During my many years of single life, I attended a workshop where one of the exercises was to write down all of the things that we were looking for in a partner. But in order to do that, we first had to write down all of the things that
defined us as individual human.

This prompted wonderful series of Soul searching questions listed below. You can as well use these questions to evaluate yourself.

1. What did I believe in?

2. What role did God play in my life?

3. What were my values?

4. What was important to me?

5. On career, did I work to live, or
live to work?

6. What did I do for fun?

7. What are my hobbies?

8. What Are things that do offend me?

9. What did I consider to be right and wrong, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical?

10. What is my stand in politics?

11. What were my dreams?

12. What goals did I have?

13. What value do i place on my family and the desire for more kids?

14. Can i really tolerate him or her?

By defining what I wanted in another person, I was first clarifying and refining my own self image and my own spirit.
I decided to develop a vision of a Christian singles partner who will be my wife.
I became more and more committed to sustaining my spirit while searching for a partner and today i am happily married to my soulmate and best friend,Agatha . You too can do the same. Answer those questions above and understand what you stand for,having in mind that no one is perfect. Then you can continue your search for like-minded people. Your spirit will truly sing when you start getting to know your life partner. Its not late to start building a successful relationship today. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Business Coach.
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How To Set SMART Goals

How to set SMART goals

Many people have failed in achieving their dreams in life, the reason is simple and that is they never thought of setting a specific goal and a plan to achieve them one by one. Here are simple process that you can go through to set your personal goals. These steps can help you achieve your dreams and goals more easily. I have used them and so many others did and today i am happy for the success achieved, use the steps to pursue and achieve your goals in life.

1. You need to identify your personal values and state clearly your mission statement.

Your personal value is the first direction. If you can identify your personal values, your personal goal will not go wrong. The starting point of all achievement is desire.

2. Figure out the goals you want to achieve.

After you know your personal values, find out what you really want to achieve in every area of your life. Life has many aspects and in order to dive into a happy life, you should set goals in every aspects. Setting personal goals shows these life
aspects. Personal SWOT analysis is a look at you and your life. It is a tool to help you find out if the goals is
achievable. Don't set goals that has no values.

3. Write your goals down,very important. Make sure the goals are S.M.A.R.T and they are top quality goals. You must write your goals down on a piece of
paper ,put or past them were your eyes can see it all the time. If not, they will only become dreams, you may add new goals as well but you need to be focused.

4. You need to list out the skills and knowledge required to reach your goal.

Success needs a lot of preparation and can not just happen over night. If you want to be successful, you need to prepare well. Nothing
happens just by accident. Take a look at all of the factors that are keeping you from accomplishing your goal and develop a plan to
overcome them.
You also need to find out the people or group you need to work with to reach your goals. Get all the factors needed to help you achieve the

5. You need to develop a personal action plan.

You need to make a detailed schedule according to your goals. Develop a strong and positive personal action plan and follow them righteously.

6. Take progress report and update your goals accordingly.

Make sure you are making progress. If not, analyze why the goal is not met. Find a coach or friend to help you if you have trouble in understanding your plans.

7. Learn to celebrate your success
in any step of goals achieved. Congratulate yourself,a bottle of wine with your friends or family is not bad. Don't be greedy. Say thank you myself (call your full name) for working hard to achieve success. Then go out and buy yourself a gift.

8. Don't be stagnant, start all the process again.

When you have achieved a goal, you may set a new one from the beginning. Cultivate good goal
setting habits. Goal setting is a life long process. Once you have
completed one goal, you should work on a new goal. I believe with these powerful information on goal setting,you can now set and achieve your goals.

If you enjoy this article while not share it with your friends and don't forget to drop your comment or if you have a question let me know with the comment box below. Remember knowledge without action is useless,take that bold step to achieve your goals today.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu
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