Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Eight Success Key Point For Home Based Business.

Eight Success Key Point For Home Based Business.

If your desire is to start a home based business,there are few things that can greatly improve and boost your chances for success. I'm going to give you eight success key points for home based business. Hopefully by the time you've finished reading
this, you'll have picked up some things that you can begin to apply to your business and make more money. Below are the success key points:

1. Create a business working area. - Setting up an area that is dedicated to business only activities will not only help you stay more organized, it will be a motivator to get your work done.

2. Avoid distractions. - When working from home, it's easy to get distracted by things like
the television,friends,families and phone calls. Try to make sure that you're not distracted during your work time.

3. Don't Spend Anyhow . - Keeping your overhead to a minimum and eliminating bad unnecessary purchases is an easy way to boost your profits. Be sure to manage your expenses very well.

4. Set working hours. - Setting your daily work hours will not only keep you on track, it'll also prevent you from overworking yourself. Use your time management skills.

5. Take time out to relax - Working out is a great stress-reliever and it'll give you more energy and improve your overall productivity. All work without play makes Jill a dull boy. Be sure to take care of your health.

6. Save your money. - As a home based business owner, there are no guarantees when it comes to your income. Don't over buy things, avoid social activities during working time. Cultivate the habit of saving should any thing happen to your business,you can still fall back to something.

7. Buy a whiteboard. -They're great for brainstorming ideas, goal setting, and prioritizing daily tasks.

8. Outsource. - If you're finding it difficult to complete tasks, outsource the grunt work. Don't be jack of all trade. I do outsource some of my work, with that i can focus on other important things. Avoid wasted hours surfing the net. Working online can be distracting if you're not careful,this is why time management is good.

I hope with this short success key point on home business will help you to achieve success in your business and make more money if you can apply them. Now,go and succeed,remember to share this article with your friends. Your comments and view are important share them with the comments box below.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

How To Pass Your TOEFL Exam.

Each year, According to statistic approximately more than 8 million students take the university English proficiency exam to get into the university, college, or school of their
choice abroad. Certainly, the most widely used English entrance exam is the TOEFL iBT test. Unfortunately, a good percentage of the ESL
students taking the test fail it the first time. This can be devastating for many students who are counting on passing the test before they move to the United States, Canada, or England. Clearly, there are few thing a student can do to help him or her to ensure a better chance at
passing the TOEFL ibT exam. Millions of students want to study abroad but most of them could not achieve their dreams because of TOEFL test, this prompted me to write this article and i have come up with three key strategies that will help to increase your TOEFL score:

1. First you have to understand the TOEFL words. The TOEFL exam isn't meant to trick anyone. The TOEFL exam regularly puts out sample test which contain words that students must master in understanding and usage. The good news is that since the words are provided you are
expected to know them. Study TOEFL word lists and make them a part of you daily in communication with friends and family.

2. Make Friends. This seems like the simplest thing, but many people who take the test may not have access to someone who is a native English speaker. In addition, they might not
have access to friend who speaks at a college level. To do this you have to make friends with native English speakers. This will require you to get out of your comfort zone. Making new friends can be fun and the conversations that you have in
the beginning of your friendships will serve to help you practice your speaking and listening skills. This type of activity is critical because the "give and take" of a conversation is exactly what is one test and which is required to pass the test. Students will have to show the test takers that they are able to listen and clearly
respond to a variety of real life situations. So, get out there and make some friends! Through social media.

3. Read and read more. Read as much English test books as you
can. The reason reading is so important when it comes to English exams is that many of the words in the English language are not phonetically spelled correctly. This simple fact makes it difficult for non-native English speakers to master. For example, the word "drought" or "knowledge" does not acknowledge a few sounds that are represented in the letters the words contain.

Reading will help put an end to
the mystery and help you tremendously come test day.
Remember the TOEFL exam is designed to determine your ability to communicate in English in college and academic setting that will ensure your success at their institution and help you engage in college and campus life.

4. Register for Special English Class. You need to widen your horizon, get more knowledge on communication. Register for evening classes on English and learn all you need to know before going for the TOEFL exam test.

You can add to this article and share with your friends.  Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.

How To Lose Weight Naturally.

How To Lose Weight Naturally

Do you desire to shed some few pounds off from your weight? I know that lot of people are interested about weight loss due to various reasons, most especially our nowadays young girls. Some need it because of their health issues, while some aspire to lose weight to
feel more beautiful and look smart. There are different ways to eliminate those unwanted pounds, are you aware of some options on how to lose weight naturally? I know that you can find many different type of  products in the market; but as you may already know, nothing beats the natural practices. You don't have to wait for a long time to see positive results. You can truly achieve your goal fast! Below are tips on natural ways to lose weight:

1. Exercise regularly. Simple walking can be effective exercise for weight loss. The point here is you need to move and burn fat. Apart from walking, there are other types of exercise that are suitable for your age and weight.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fiber, proteins, and vitamins which can help you stay healthy. Replace your meals with fruits and steamed vegetables to maintain low calorie intake while gaining high nutrition. Additionally, both fruits and vegetables have the ability to suppress the appetite.

3.Avoid in-between meals.
Do you love to eat snacks? Having them every now and then obviously leads to gaining extra pounds. This is especially true if you love eating foods like cookies and burgers. If you want to have snacks, it would be better to opt for healthy ones.

4. Drink herbal tea. Herbal tea is rich in antioxidants which help a
lot in burning fat. For best results, drink it without adding sugar.

5. Reduce your sodium and sugar intake. Both sodium and sugar can cause weight gain; they can likewise make you unfit. For this, you should observe care in eating sugary food. Limiting your daily intake will help a lot in losing weight.

These are just some of the numerous ways on how to lose weight fast naturally. Doing these practices doesn't only help you achieve your ideal body weight in a short span of time, but also saves you from unfavorable side effects of
some commercial products. Indeed, simple acts can lead to great results. You may not realize it, but they can actually produce outcomes that can benefit you for a lifetime. You can add to the points above and share this article.

Hope Uchemadu
Speaker,Live & Small Business Coach.