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How to Start a Dry Cleaning Service Business

How to Start a Dry Cleaning Service

Laundry business is another lucrative business that we do overlook thinking that its a small business for lazy people. Let me shock you now, this are the type of business that gives rich business men their millions. These type of small business, the way some people call it is a big money spinning business.

Doing laundry business is never a big deal. It's simpler than pounding yam. And laundry as a business is an easy to start business with little or no cash and effort. The good thing about this business is that you can start it from your backyard or on a free space. Another good thing is that the customers are every where.

There are many types of laundry businesses, but i am going to focus on "Home Based Dry Cleaning" this is the type you can start small
With little or no cash and grow it big. I have listed few steps you can follow when starting a laundry service business.

1. Make a business plan: This is one crucial step to decide on before you start with your laundry service business. Laundry service can include both home based laundry
and dry cleaning. Decide on the type of service you will be providing. You can decide to add some benefits to your clients like pickup and delivery services. Do you have the
necessary equipment and space or will you have to rent a place? Figure out your marketing plans and the target audience. Include every move you will make and forecast
every expenditure and income down to a kobo.

2. Collect the capital: With your business plan in place you can now start collecting the money in
your pocket. This is money that you can invest in your business venture. Though your personal savings should cover most of your expenses. If you plan on starting the business with a partner, you are looking at spending only half of your
planned budget.

3. Find and rent perfect location ,but you can chose to start from your home:
Your place should be easily
accessible to all possible client.

4. Equipment: A home based laundry service may not need more than three or four tools.

5. Advertise your business: You might have the equipment and system to provide the best
laundry service in town. But to generate sufficient income to keep your business running, people should be aware of your business in
town. Marketing is a very important step in any business plan. Deduce cost efficient ways in marketing your business and make sure your
marketing plans work out. Offering special discounts or deals.

Here are the things needed to start right away after you might have gotten your business plan ready:

1. Wide Ironing Table: This is for ironing the cloths you washed.

2. Good Pressing Iron: Don't just buy any type,i recommend you go buy the one for laundry,just ask the seller.

3. . Washing Basins/buckets: This for soaking of different cloths/materials and you can get up to 4 or more,it will be good. Please don't soak coloured cloths with white shirts.

4. Good quality soaps or liquid soap: Get different type of soaps and mind how you use them in other not to damage your customers cloths.
Others things needed are, pegs,perfume, starch,bleach and wide space to spread or hand the washed cloths. Start your marketing with words of mouth around your neighborhood, at your church,mosque,school, family and friends. Treat your customers well and give them discounts since you are just starting. Don't over charge and don't under charge,always keep to promises to deliver on time.

You can get a price list from other existing laundry service in your street and you it to set your own price. If you do the business seriously you can be earning between #5.000 - #15.000 weekly.

The more customers you make the more money you make. Don't waste your time waiting for paid job,create job for yourself and be financially free. If you enjoy this article please share it and lets have your feed back through the comment box. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How to Combat Negativity In Your Business.

How to Combat Negativity In Your Business.

Are you aware that starting a new business or maintaining an existing one for that matter takes a lot of energy. If the people you come into contact with think you're crazy or marked for failure, it's bound to take a toll on you.
So, what do you do when you feel like everyone around you thinks you’re crazy or bound for
failure, and the cash isn’t rolling in like you want it to.

Here are five things you can do to remove that negativity and apply positive mental attitude!

1. Take stock.
Have you really done the planning and preparation needed to be successful? Do you have something to sell? Are you selling it for enough money to create a self sustaining business complete with paycheck for you? Do you know who your ideal
client is, what pressing problem can you solve for them, and why they should buy from you
instead of the other guy?

2. Only listen to experts.
Everyone has an opinion. But not all opinions are worth paying attention to, so before you listen to what your friends, family or even colleagues have to say, consider the source of the information. If they don’t have
experience building their own successful businesses, and/or they aren’t representative of
your ideal client, take what they say with a big grain of salt.

3. Pay attention to your inner voice.
If one of the negative voices you hear the most, this has to change. Pay attention to the words you think and say. They have tremendous power. Because if you don’t think you’re going to be successful you never be. If you’re seriously struggling with setting fees high enough, marketing your business or making sales you may have mental or emotional block. Often these can be cleared up by an energy worker.

4. Talk it out.
If the people closest to you are the least supportive, sometimes it’s because they don’t understand the reality of what you’re trying to do.
So sell them on it. If you can’t sell the people closest to you on the idea that your business is viable, you’re probably going to struggle to sell anybody. And these are the people you need to understand what you’re trying to do and what you need to be successful. So let them know.

5. Get help.
Even if you’re a solo-entrepreneur you can’t do it all alone. And you certainly don’t know everything. If you’re serious about your success
then find a mentor or hire a coach to guide you down the right path. Not only will they give you a fresh perspective, if they have been done that they can seriously shortcut your path to success.
Hope this article will help you to combat negative believe so that you can have success with the right attitude.

Hope Uchemadu