Monday, 30 November 2015

7 Hot Business Any Student Can Do And Make Money

Before you make the decision to create a small business as a student, there are several key
factors to consider:

Passion And Start-Up Costs
Your business idea must be simple and require minimal start-ups costs, as otherwise you will simply incur additional debt. It be inline with your passion,what you like doing. You should avoid any concept that demands additional lending, and focus mainly on those that can be funded with your existing capital or without capital. To help achieve this, try to target a concept that taps into your existing skills and resources. For example, if you’re a journalism major, put together an underground school paper and sell ad slots to local businesses within the school mart or outside the campus to finance the paper and earn a profit.

The Importance of your Studies
As a student, educational attainment must remain your priority,your primary assignment is the first, With this in mind, your business idea should be relatively easy to manage and not consume a significant amount of your time. This can be measured in accordance with the nature of your degree, paying particular attention to its subject matter, academic level, and the amount of time that you need invest in your studies.

For example, if you have a heavy course load, launching a side business might not be a good
idea at all. Or you may choose to start a seasonal business, such as landscaping, Bar attendant or jamb/GCE tutorial class during school breaks. The best Business Ideas for
Students With these points in mind, i have high lighted the best ideas,the most suitable for any students to do.
Why not consider the following options below:

1. Laundry service for students. This is a cool simple overlooked way....just meet the big boys and girls in your school and offer your services to them. You will amazed how they will rush you for it and you will make money constantly. This business is based on scheduling ,you can decide when to pick the dirt cloth ,when you want to wash and deliver. You dont even need cash to start the business. You can make more than #500 every week but it depends on you. I have a friend who did that business is school, the list he made then was #7000 a week and today that small business has grown to generate #20.000 every month and he has 3 laundry shop,while not press calculator and see how much he makes in a month with the 3 shops?

2. Tutorial Class.
Your innate skills and qualities are all marketable, which means that they can be used to develop a
viable stream of income. By focusing on your knowledge base and specific areas of academic
strength, you can offer a tutoring service to students who may be struggling to achieve their potential.
Start by offering your service to friends and associates on campus, after which time your reputation will grow and allow you to benefit from
referrals. Once you are established and earning income, you can even look to advertise through
both online and offline in your campus notice boards to engaging with social media marketing platforms such as Facebook,
Twitter, and whatsapp. If you can have 10 clients you are tutoring,you can charge #2000 per head or more.

3. You Can Be a Blogger
Blogging is now a lucrative business ask google, the demand
for creative skills is continuing to soar. blogger can therefore
be particularly lucrative, especially if you focus on a segment of the market. Even though nick & harris do blog now, you can still succeed by placing an emphasis on
the quality of your content. Businesses are increasingly aware that they need relevant, high-
quality content to market themselves successfully
online, so focus on writing in your area of expertise, it will showcase the quality of your work.

4. You Can Start a Business center. That's another way a student can make money

5. You be A Mobile Phone engineer. You will make a lot of money in it,every uses mobile phone,you can go apply for how to repair phone for a week and start making money.

6. Event & decoration. Can design something good out of the tin air.
Then consider event and decoration.

7. Information market, just package what you know in a shot ebook and continue to make money.

Having the ability to start a business venture or market a valuable skill will improve your chances of earning
once you graduate, and enable you to bridge the gap as you look for viable, long-term employment. Or, you may decide to eschew
employment entirely and build your own business after graduation. focused on business or entrepreneurship, self-taught skills
can still help you and secure your future.

What other side businesses can you suggest for students?

Think Posotive.
Hope Uchemadu

Are You Still Sitting There? Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone Now.

Are You Still Sitting There? Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone Now.

Are you not tired of sitting and waiting? Do you want to make
a difference in your life?
Do you constantly tell yourself that if things were different, you could do this and that? If you are still waiting there, the truth is that nothing is going to change, unless you initiate the change.

Blaming others and blaming circumstances would not make your situation better. Even daydreaming about a different life style, about a
vacation, about a new car, or about a new house is not enough. Wishing you were wealthy, healthy or in love, and at the same time, at the back of
your mind you don't believe you will ever achieve any of these things, would only make the situation worse.

What you feel and believe deep inside you is more powerful than all your resolutions, wishes and
daydreaming. You should work on convincing yourself that these things are possible. When you are convinced you act differently.
Start today even now, not in the future If you want to make changes in your life, they have to start right now, not in some un-defined
future. You are just cheating and frustrating yourself when you procrastinate, when you make empty
resolutions, and when you believe that if circumstances were different you would have been able to do this and that.

Now, this very moment is the time to start any change, the smallest one or the biggest one. If you say, "I'll start tomorrow", you are cheating
yourself, because tomorrow you will again say the same thing. There will always be another tomorrow, yet no change in your life.
Change must start right now, and only you, are responsible for this change. You must devote time
and effort, and make plans, and things will start changing.

There is always a subconscious inner resistance to making changes, even if one does not like his or her life. People feel more comfortable with a familiar situation, even if they don't like it. So, what are you waiting for? Are you going to do something about your life, or just read this article and go on with your life? If you do this, tomorrow will be more or less like today, and the day after
too, and so on and on.

If you want to make changes in your life you need to start them now, this very moment, and not tomorrow. So what are you going to do?
You can find all the tools here, at this blog, for making changes in your life. Do you need to be motivated? There are articles about motivation on this blog.
Do you need willpower and self-discipline to be able to take charge of your life, and follow
through with your decisions? Find them here or contact me to speak one on one. You can as well by books .
Do you need business ideas? You can get them here.

I charge you to make today the first step in your journey to a better life!
If you enjoy this article, Please tell your friends about it. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

How to Sell Your Product/Services with Public Speaking.

How to Sell Your Product/Services with Public Speaking.

If are you looking for a way to attract new customers, meet potential prospects or Joint Venture partner and become known as an expert in
your industry? Have you considered Public speaking? Public Speaking can help you achieve all that even more . If you feel like public speaking is not a better option for you because you’re shy , think again.
I’m shy myself , though you may not know it but i still address conferences , crowds and
audiences here in Nigeria. How did i do it? Its all about practice and practice. Public speaking gets easier when you practice. Toastmasters is a great , free organization that
can help you get comfortable speaking in front of a group. I am a member of Rotary International and it did help my public speaking career ,i joined when i was still in higher institution. You can also try simply having a friend record you speaking and play it back so they can
give you an honest critique of your speech patterns , body language and delivery. I did this so many times,my wife will use my smart mobile phone to do the recording while i do a 2 minutes presentation,she will help correct my mistake and today i am perfect. You break into public speaking with a less intimidating situation , like being on a panel
of discussion, teach or give a short speech about any topic of interest.

When you’re starting out in public speaking , it is best to think small. Fortunately , speaking in front
of small groups like sunday class in your church, teach children or clubs on a benefits for your business.
Begin by figuring out what market you want to reach. For example , if you own a gardening flower business, you might want to attract residential clients or owners of commercial facilities that
needs to decorate their compounds and environment with the tough of nature. Next thing is to determine where those customers are
likely to be found. In the example above , you could speak to homeowners’ associations or
gardening clubs if you’re trying to attract residential customers ; for the commercial facilities , you could find landlord organizations
and speak to those groups .

Find out what type of subject matter will both be relevant to your target customers and also serve your business . For instance, the
Gardener could speak to residential customers about choosing the right kinds of plants for different seasons, how to keep your home fire -
safe with landscaping or how to prevent pests. For the commercial facilities you could talk about
trends in landscaping or how to increase curb appeal. You want to talk about things that your
business is able to provide for them , so there is a natural tie- in between what you talk about and
what you can do.

Promote the event. Use press releases , email marketing, your website and social media to let
the local community know about the event. Depending on the venue , you may want to alert local media as well. You can even offer to write an article on the topic you’ re speaking
about, gaining more publicity.

Gather information about attendees . Have attendees sign up with their names, addresses and emails as part of registering for the event, or
just make a sign - up sheet available at the event for people who want to get mailings or email newsletters from you. You could also do and give out your classic business card
and collect business cards in return with a promise of a free landscaping

Give away information. Handouts , brochures, checklists or other free information about both the topic you’ re discussing and your business give people something to hang on to and remember you with. This is also known as adding value to your speech .

Follow up . Dont be pushy , but do follow up after the event with attendees who've indicated
interest in learning more or receiving
communications from your business. The more often you speak in public , the more confident you’ ll grow , until eventually you may find public speaking to be one of your
most successful methods of getting new clients. Can you see that public speaking is a good way to market your business and and remain relevant in your field,it have really helped me a lot. Share this post on your friends social media and lets have your feed back comments. Think Positive.

Hope Uchemadu

Ways to Increase Sales In Your Small Business.

Ways to Increase Sales In Your Small Business.

Are you struggling to get your business stand tall among other competitors ? Wish to close
more sales , but not sure how to do so with your limited resources? Don't, worry about it because i will give you a key to achieve success. Here are few ways to increase your small business sales.

* Narrow Your Target Market
Focus and direction in business is everything , but doing so is often hard for small businesses owners who worry that narrowing down their target market will leave them with very few customers left to go after. Don't you know that focusing on a particular segment of the market is a vital way to get customers to notice you and trust you to be an expert in your field. Being an expert in your field brings credibility, business and referrals . But you have to work it out to gain a better recognition.

If you want to position yourself as an
expert, here :

* Rank Your Targets
Another way to pinpoint your target market is to rank prospects according to profitability .
Anyone can do this, from accounting firms to tutoring. Take a look at your client base ,which one are the most profitable for you? This will help weed out those whose work you really don’t need and those it makes sense to pursue . Alongside profitability , identify the client profiles that have proven to be your most satisfied. These are the ones who are referring your business to
friends and neighbors . Do they represent a particular demographic or live in a certain neighborhood? May be they have a common
challenge or need that can help you fine tune your sales focus.

* Showcase Your Differentiators
Now let’ s add a little introspection to the mix. What makes you different ? Understanding and communicating this can really boost sales, and
shift the focus away from price alone.

* Make Your Slogan to Suit your Targets.
Once you’ ve identified your target and nailed your differentiators, review your messaging and
marketing programs to make sure you’ re touching the right customers with a relevant message . You
might also need to consider your company name and branding to ensure it hits home and reflects
your niche .

* Sell And Sell More to Existing Customers.
Here’s another exercise that can ride on skyrocket your product or service on your customers ranking research. Once you’ ve identified your loyal and top spending customers , think of ways to offer them more .
It ’ s not as perplexing as it sounds. It can be as easy as setting up a loyalty or VIP program that
offers incentives such as promotions , early access to new products and services, rewards points , etc.
You will agree with me that this form of customer appreciation is great way for keeping you top in their mind ,bringing in more sales and referrals.

* Make Plan for Each Stage of the Sales Cycle. Does your business have a marketing action plan? Do you know how to deal with aware
prospects versus interested prospects? Every stage of the buying cycle is different and deserves
a marketing plan all of its own so that you are ready and prepared to nurture those leads further, until you close a sale , and push for referrals.

* Optimize the Conversion Process
So you have an interested prospect ? Make sure your sales and marketing teams have the tools they need to close the deal. As mentioned above , start by creating a marketing
plan that addresses each phase of the sales cycle awareness , interest, engagement and sale.
Then think about the timeline that accompanies a typical sale and ways you can match your
outreach efforts to keep warming your lead . For example , use your blog or a seminar to create
awareness and earn trust . Then use social media and your website to encourage prospects to sign
up to your email list with the promise of more information and /or special offers . Now that you have an email address and basic
information about a prospect , tailor a personalized marketing outreach campaign to them by registering with any autoresponder company of your choice. Send informative emails once or twice a week and offer more vital information to them. If they still not ready to convert , consider mailing them an offer or promotion and follow up with a sales letter with call to action.
All through this process , you are deepening your relationship with the prospect by offering value ,not just chasing a quick sale . This type of guided selling can really help improve your conversions
dramatically. Share and comments.

Hope Uchemadu