Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How To Use Your Blog To Boost Your Business.

How To Use Your Blog To Boost Your Business

Blogs are not about selling anyway. As an internet marketer and publisher, I was made to understand that blogs can be an excellent tool to support your main business, to provide value, build relationships
with prospective customers and to build your personal brand and image. For corporates and small businesses, blogs can help put a human face on an otherwise bland
business site. In the corporate world, blogs are being for internal communication and knowledge
management, and for brand building and public relations campaigns.

As a blogger and publisher who had made success in blogging, here are
some ways that blog have helped me in my business and you can try it too.

1. Write reviews of products in your field. Writing reviews not only allows you to benefit from improved search engine listings for the product you are reviewing, but allows you to
provide your subscribers with information that contributes to their purchase decisions.

2. Direct traffic to your articles
If you've written an article and published it! online, use your blog to post a teaser, perhaps describing what made you write that particular
article, and then link to it so you get your readers to also visit your website and check out your other offerings.

3. Direct traffic to your ezine archives Post a few paragraphs or the editorial of your ezine or newsletter then your readers will click the link and redirect them to your blog.

4. Talk about what's going on in your life, this is because People buy from those they like and trust. As an online journal or magazine, a blog is the ideal medium to share details of your holiday, the things that made you laugh (or not), your own
humorous take on life, anything to let your prospective customers get to know the person behind the website better.

5. Comment on developments in your industry or field. A blog is an ideal place to post your personal
opinions, favorable or not, about the developments in your industry or field. If you are not happy with someone's customer service, or
have been defrauded, they are also a good way of warning other potential victims.

Becoming a source of industry information is part of the process of branding yourself as an expert.
There are many more ways that you can promote yourself, your products and services using a blog and money will flow in without stress, but the ones above should get you
started for now.

Just remember to use your blog for the purpose it was meant to be used. To brand, to communicate, to connect. Hope with this tips you can now know how to blog and how blog can be of a great advantage to you business. Enjoy.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu

How To Succeed In Blogging As New Blogger.

How To Succeed In Blogging As New Blogger.

The latest question of the day is "Should i start blogging?" People all over the world are blogging ,Nigerians are not left out.
Celebs, CEOs, lawyers,
journalists, stewardesses. Even nannies ate in too. Why? Because they all feel they can do it. It's that simple?. Blogging requires little or no learning curve. If you can type, speak into a phone as in voice chart, record a birthday or wedding event that means you can do blogging.

Blogs have taken publishing out of the domain of those who know HTML and designing, to make this powerful tool available to the rest of
us. That holiday in the Far East, your grandma's birthday, your company's latest product offering, your new recipe for cake, your daughter's
Day in the church ,what ever it is you can blog all this even more.
A blog is an online journal ,newspaper or magazine . Which makes it ideal for voicing your opinion, recording your new dancing step or your recipe for egusi soap or announcing your company's latest product or services. People are
using them to communicate with family, for education, for business, and almost anything else you can think of.

But one big important thing all blogs may not get is readership!
Unless your blog is only for your family or your business colleagues, you're probably writing with the hope that someone will read about
what you think. So many blogs started with little or no purpose. But If you want to blog and survive, first start by answering your WHY.

If you're writing only for the search engine spiders, then be prepared for no one but them to read. Blogs demand a readership for it to survive. And for that you have to write about something worth reading.

Here are some tips to follow if you want human beings to read your blogs.

Opinions are fine, but unless you're the CEO of DANGOTE group, very few people will want to know what you ate for breakfast. If you started your
blog to air your raves and rants about the latest music you listened to, better mention musics in at
least every post you write.

Forget what your English teacher taught you. Write the way you speak, or you'll end up sounding uptight and unnatural. And no one enjoys reading boring copy,so you have to be natural. Your blog is not a company brochure or a press
release, but a way for people, your target audience, to get to know the real you. The worst sin you can commit is to bore your readers. And if you get a few rude or nasty comments in response to your posts, just accept the fact that
you can't please everyone

Infuse your posts with your natural wit for a better response from your target audience. And if not everyone appreciates your particular brand of humor, create your own style and stick to it.

If you're writing about your profession, you'd better know what you are talking about. Word
spreads at the speed of thought in the blogospere and if you're trying to become an authority on something you know very little of, prepare yourself for it. Write about the latest developments in your field. No one wants to read stuff that has been
around for a long time, or that hundreds of other bloggers have chronicled. Update frequently, but don't burnout Most blogs die because of blogger burnout -
bloggers trying to update too frequently. Stick to a publishing schedule that is humanly
possible for you. If you've just updated your blog and find a story you want to share, save it
for later. On the other hand, don't post just because you think you have to stick to a schedule.

You can go for few days or even weeks without posting if you really have nothing worth sharing,unless you blog about entertainment news.
So are you still wondering if you should blog? If you think you can meet the requirements above,
and know your WHY, then get out of your comfort zone and do it. Think positive.

Hope Uchemadu

The Best Choice Of Today's Internet Business Is e-Book

The Best Choice Of Today's Internet Business Is e-Book.

Because of massive use of Android smart phones, it has given eBook a greater edge and boost more than the physical hand book.
I guess the big question in your mind now is, What is inside eBooks
that makes them so popular that it has become the choice of the many people this days?

To answer that question,i have researched few reasons why ebooks is more acceptable and more popular:

1.) They are fast and easy to get.

Need information on any topic? Just visit the internet and with your smart phone you can search for it and get different source and when you choose anyone you can get it downloaded inside your phone without thinking of going far to different bookshops to look for half information.

2.) eBooks are updated easily without no extra cost . A
lot of things can happen which needs the earlier information to be upgraded and updated. Ebook can be updated on weekly,monthly and yearly.

3.) eBooks don't consume space in your house or office in fact you can have more 100 different topics of ebook and get them stored in your laptops, phones ,memory cards,CDs etc. You can take them to any where you want and can initiate sakes any time even in the midnight.

4.) Ebook Don't run Out Of stock. On like the physical book which can run out of stock ebook are everly ready and you can sell millions upon millions of copies within and outside the country without moving an inch.

5.) You can Brand Your Ebook ,Choose your price and you can also manipulate it any how you want. Ebook also sells more faster while you make money more and more.

There are lots of reasons why ebook makes the number choice in today's internet market. These are enough reasons why you think of investing in ebook. If you have more suggestions and reason please lets know through the suggestion box. Success is yours.

Think Positive.
Hope Uchemadu