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How 29yr old, Oluchi Ajimowu Watched And Records His Dying Wife Without Offering Help To Help.

How 29yr old, Oluchi Ajimowu Watched And Records His Dying Wife Without Offering Help To Help.

Mr. Oluchi Ajimowu has been arrested by the State Department for
Criminal Investigation, Yaba, Lagos, for his alleged involvement in the death of his wife, 23 year old Priscillia Ajimowu. The couple lived with their children in Festac, Lagos before the wife's demise.

Ajimowu claims that he had locked his wife in her room on November 29, seized her phone and went
out with their two children, after they arrived from their outing, he reportedly met his wife foaming in
the mouth. His wife who was a nurse had asked to be taken to the hospital, but he allegedly refused, instead he gave her palm oil and recorded her with his phone for about 40 minutes until she died.

It was gathered that prior to her death, Ajimowu had battered and subjected the deceased to
inhuman treatment throughout the four years they spent in South Africa.

Ajimowu relocated to Nigeria four months ago while the wife arrived on November 27, two days before her
death. It was gathered that Ajimowu had put their house for sale shortly after the wife’s death.

The couple’s oldest child, seven-year-old Ella, said that there was a pesticide and a drink in the room where her mother was on the fateful
day, adding that her father was

“not nice to my mother” while they were in South Africa.
She said:
“Dad used to shout at mummy and beat her and she would be crying. That day we left her alone in the house. Daddy took the keys
and mummy’s phone and locked mummy inside.

“When we came back home, daddy parked outside, locked us inside the car and went inside. After that, he called us to ‘come, come and see your mummy on the floor’.

Mummy was saying, ‘Take me to hospital, I’m tired’. He started videoing her. He gave her red oil, but she spat it out. Her body was cold.”

The deceased’s mother, Mrs. Stella Ayobo, said her daughter had planned to visit her on the fateful day, but had cancelled the visit.
She added that Priscillia had not been happy throughout her 7 year marriage to Ajimowu .

She added that Oluchi had shortly after his wife’s death reported at the Aguda Police Division, saying a friend took poison and died in his house. She said:
“Four years ago, they went to South Africa. She always called me to report how Oluchi maltreated her.
“She came back to Nigeria on November 27.

She visited me on November 28 and
promised to visit me again the following day, being a Sunday. But that day, around 8am, she called me that she would not be able to
come again and promised to come with her children on Friday.

“Around 8pm that Sunday, her husband called me that she had been vomiting since morning and I told him to take her to the
nearest hospital. He later called me and said it was a poison she took. I told him to bring her. By the time he brought her, she was dead. We took her to a hospital and the doctor said she had died.

“He went to the Aguda Police Station to report that a girl visited him from South Africa, took poison and died in his house.”

The mother urged the police to investigate the matter in order to give justice to the family.

Priscillia’s older sister, Mrs. Emenike Dorcas, said Ajimowu had convinced her sister to come to Nigeria under the pretext that he would open a
chemist’s shop for her.

She added:
“I reported the incident to the police at Satellite Town and Aguda divisions. Policemen at Aguda were surprised when they eventually knew the truth of the matter,”.

Priscilla’s uncle, Francis Ayobo, said the suspect was not remorseful after his wife’s death. He said:
“It is so surprising that the wife was dying and the husband started videoing her. The videos were more than 40 minutes. He sent it to Priscillia’s sister in South Africa. By
that time he would have rushed her to a hospital for treatment.

“I noticed that about three other guys were in the background of one of the video because somebody was giving her water and she was foaming in the mouth. Those things
should be questioned. He was handed over to SDCI on Wednesday.”
The Lagos State Police spokesperson, DSP Joe
Offor, said the Aguda Police Station arrested the husband and have handed him over to the Satellite Town Police Division.

The deceased’s mother, Mrs. Stella Ayobo, is a member of Assemblies Of God Church,Coker Village,Orile Iganmu.Lagos. I want us all to pray that God will give the children left behind,mother and family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Let's help the mother share this post till it gets to the right source so that with the help of God justice will be done. Please share and say a word of prayer for the family using the comment box below. Thanks.

May this kind of tragedy never happen to any one of us in JESUS NAME.

How To Distribute Flyers And Get Maximum Result.

How To Distribute Flyers And Get Maximum Result.

If you think the use of flyers is dead , you might wrong. Flyers still has it own major roles to play in informing and bringing events,products,services etc to the very door step of individuals. You will also agree with me that not everybody is on the internet and it carries a visual message that attracts the eyes and many more reasons. So, traditional advertising is still in existence these days and one popular method is the use of flyers.

You can hand out flyers on the streets,drop them in the lobby area of banks or any company for anybody to pick,schools,religious center's,clip them on windshields etc. One good thing now is that you can pay postal distributors to do the work for you. Perhaps you don't know what a flyer looks like,check the image above. Restaurants usually use them to advertise their
menus and special promos even banks,construction companies etc and also by other businesses.

The method is one of the traditional means of advertising a business
but despite the technological advancements, such method is still being used today. There are different ways of handing out and distributing the flyers. Choose your location well. Make sure that the site has a lot of walking traffic. Target morning,afternoon and closing work time in the evening. Decide the group of people you want to reach and remember the message on the flyers will determine the people,either students,mom,parents and business men.

Hand out the flyers to those who pass-by. Don't worry when some
rejects your flyers certainly there are people who will simply throw away your flyers. When some customers ask questions, you can answer them
as well because they are potential customers who are already taking interest in your business.
Establish a route that you will go to distribute the flyers for the day.
Most importantly study the demographics. Find out if your target market is located on the routes? Are the people in the area closely
related to your targeted audience?

If you follow these tips you will have a good result after handing your flyers. Hope this articles helps. You will succeed. Please share. And remember to follow me on twitter @ HopeUchemadu

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How Leaders Can Inspire Their People To Achieve Greatness.

How Leaders Can Inspire Their People To Achieve Greatness.

It’s perilously easy to find a
leadership brand and stick to it,
without considering how you can
improve and expand your skills. But
even the best leaders can learn a
thing or two about how to inspire
their team. Here are few hot success advice to follow,enjoy.

1. Provide Inspiration:
Good leaders are trailblazers,
making a path for others to follow.
Great leaders, however, inspire their
people to reach higher, dream
bigger, and achieve greater. Perhaps
the most important leadership skill
you can develop is the ability to
provide inspiration to your team. If
you inspire them to reach for the
stars, they just might bring you back
the moon.

“If your actions inspire others to
dream more, learn more, do more
and become more, you are a
leader.” – John Quincy Adams

2. Teach and Learn
Smart leaders know what they don’t
know. Learning is a constant
process throughout your
professional life, and it doesn’t stop
when you’ve become a team leader.
Make sure to never stop looking for
opportunities for professional
development, and pass on the
wisdom you’ve learned to your

3. Be Bold
To be a good leader, you sometimes
need to go down the untraveled
path. Being bold in the face of
uncertainty will help give your team
courage and motivate them to keep
striving when the going gets tough.

“You don’t lead by pointing and
telling people some place to go. You
lead by going to that place and
making a case.” – Ken Kesey

4. Be Humble
If learning is an important part of
leadership, then it follows humility
is an essential attribute as well.
After all, you can’t learn new things
if you cannot admit you’re a work in
progress. Be open to recognizing
your own faults, so you can grow as
both a leader and a human being.

“No man will make a great leader
who wants to do it all himself, or to
get all the credit for doing it.” –
Andrew Carnegie

5. Listen To Your People
Your people are your greatest
resource; listen to their feedback
and encourage their dreams. You
never know where your next great
idea will come from, so empower
everyone up and down the
corporate ladder to contribute and

"To lead people, walk behind
them.” – Lao Tzu

6. Strike a Balance
Being a good leader is a balancing
act. Your leadership strategy should
never rely on just one type of
management. It might at first feel
like walking a tightrope, but soon
balancing multiple leadership
attributes will become second
nature, and allow you to lead in
multiple dimensions.

“The challenge of leadership is
to be strong, but not rude; be kind,
but not weak; be bold, but not bully;
be thoughtful, but not lazy; be
humble, but not timid; be proud, but
not arrogant; have humor, but
without folly.” – Jim Rohn

7. Tackle Challenges
To be a great leader, there’s no such
thing as a challenge too big to
handle. Once you adopt this attitude,
your people will follow suit, and
every problem will present an
opening for greater achievement.

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”- Henry Ford

Whether you’re leading a huge team
on a challenging project or just
trying to climb the career ladder,
these few steps can help provide some useful wisdom on how best to
deploy your leadership strategy. You will succeed. Share this article and help someone gain leadership success.

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How to Start a Fish Farming Business.

How to Start a Fish Farming

Have you always dreamed of owning your very own fish farming business? Do you feel that the place that you have would be a great fish farm? If you want to start your own fish farming business in a small scale then here is a guide to help you make your dreams come true.

First you need to decide on the type of fish you will like to farm either cat fish or tilapia fish or any other type but before you go into any fish farming besiness,you need to make sure that you have market for it and that it sells in your community or you can sell it outside your state or country. Starting a fish farming business requires a lot of knowledge, skill and planning as the investor would have to look into a lot of variables to make the business possible.

Though starting a fish farming business would require intensive study of both the actual technique in fish production as well as the expenses one has to invest for equipments, the fish farming business is a very big profitable venture which needs no much hassle like that of poultry farming. The very first thing that any prospective fish farming business owner has to do is to  swim inside the ocean of knowledge in fish culture as possible.

It is advisable that you attend some   seminars,workshops and training programs that are related to fish
farming. If the fish farming business owner has no experience it is good that he first try and work for an established fish farming expert to know the pros in fish farming. You also need to conduct research and do in the fish farming business.

The would-be owner needs to study the conditions that surround his proposed location of the fish farm. He must take into account the source of water in the area and how much is flowing from it, what rate and the temperature of the water. He should also look into other naturally available resources around the area.

Also look into the conduciveness of the structures ,there is different type of artificial ponds available now. After looking into the conditions of the environment the entrepreneur also has to look into the possible market of the fish, get buyers ready before you crop your fishes. Every body needs fish because doctors now lay more emphasis on sea food.

You can source for buyers in fast food,restaurants,markets ,bar joints etc. Dont worry about keeping your fish for 6 months, you can now crop from 3 months up ward depending on your market. You can smoke it or sell it fresh. Cat fish and Tilapia is a good business here in Africa so consider starting your own fish farm business.

How much would everything cost and what would be the sources of the funds:  If you are starting small may be with 500 fingerlyn at the cist of #25 each then get a mobile pond with clean water,with the feeds. You can get all this price through you research before starting because the market price is not stable. Through this financial analysis the entrepreneur will know in the long run how much he needs to profit.

The Equipment you need are:Pumping Machine and Pipes,Water Testing Equipment,Tanks,Baskets and Buckets,Nets, Generator Set ,Pond Aerators.

Here are tips to help you successfully run your fish farm business :

1. Starts with juvenile fishes as a beginner instead of fingerlings.
2. Apply lime to the ponds before you introduce the fishes. Lime will kill all possible bacteria and
reduce the acidic content of the water that can affect the fish.
3. Do not overcrowd the fishes, stock based on space.
4. The ideal water temperature is 85°. The temperature affects the rate of feeding especially in catfish. They tend to eat more in warm temperature.
5. Do not overfeed them. Unconsumed feed will decompose and pollute the water thereby affecting the survival, growth and performance of the fishes.
6. Feed fishes regularly three or two times a day.
7.The pond should be kept clean at all times. Only clean and clear water should be used and the water should be changed regularly.
8. You can feed your fish with foreign or local feeds.

Lastly, you can use Earthen Pond,
Concrete Pond,Fibre Pond: These are fibre tanks e.g. GP tanks. The advantage of this pond is that it can be move from one place to another. I recommend you start catfish business.

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