Monday, 4 January 2016

How to Overcome Fear Of Networking.

No doubt,network market is growing every day and many more people are join because it is platform to generate income with the help of each other,i call it "Right hand helping Left hand" but with that networking still has lots if space for new beginners to join but lots are afraid. You cant join network marketing today and expect to make millions of dollar the next day. The program is a gradual process in a steady way.

 It's difficult to overcome your
networking fears especially if you
are a beginner. If you let your
fears get the better half of you,
you will never move forward and conquer them. Imagine always being afraid of what you are afraid of doing now. Now imagine never being
afraid of that thing again. How would your life change? Which option would you choose?

Below are some tips and tricks on how to overcome your networking fears so you can finally make it to the top of that networking food chain. In order to overcome your networking fears you must face them directly, challenge them and
beat them. There is no other way. It is difficult but it must be done if you want to be a 3% leader. Stop using your fears as excuses and unless you have panic attacks you don't have an excuse to avoid them.

You need to analyze the situation before letting fear take hold of you. Start off slow and think of the worst that can happen if you face your fear. The brain likes to play tricks on you and can distort reality. Make sure you are looking at the reality of the situation. Fight your distorted
thoughts and think of the best thing that can happen, not the worst.
Here is an example:

You are afraid of calling leads and do not want to be made fun of or
hung up on. We are not in high school anymore and if someone makes fun of you or hangs up
on you then they just made your job of prospecting easier. You do not want someone like that to be a part of your team. Think of what you will be missing out on if you don't
end up calling those prospects. You could be missing out on a 10,000 dollar sale!

Imagine if you didn't call that lead? It's not worth letting fear get the best of you. Try something today. Don't tackle all of your fears at once because it will overwhelm you.
Start of slow and analyze the reality of the situation. You will see that in the end, it wasn't that difficult to accomplish at all!

Fear is just a thought. You can determine and change your
thoughts for the better! Once you learn how to overcome your networking fears you will see
great results in your confidence and sales. I love networking ,i have made some mistakes and i know how it feels when you don't get what you wanted. Nigeria is still a good market for network marketing so go out there and source for a good product or service and join.

You will succeed.

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