Friday, 8 January 2016

Networkers : How To Overcome The "I Don ' t Have Time " Objection

Are you into networking? Do you plan to join the train of network marketers in Nigeria? Before you do, read and learn from this article by my mentor Iluca Marius,it have helped me to overcome fear and increase sales within.

In this article you'll find a few
ideas to lead you on your way to
success useful mainly for
increasing your closing rate. In
addition, you'll know how to
overcome the " I don't have time objection".

For simplicity, first I'll shortly present my way of doing things and then the psychological reason why it works for you to understand the
whole process. At the end, I'll tell you when can you use this information for maximum of result.

Iluca Marius  talked about 3 ways that he have discovered and used that produced highest results.
Fortunately, not only networkers can use this methods but also all
networkers, from all direct sales companies, that are creative enough to adapt to their business particularities. Basically, whenever you want to learn about overcoming objections.
 Enjoy the article:

Very important tip: I always acting like a consultant and I do what's in their best interest not in my interest.

The first approach - offer your time:
I'm asking: "Aside from the time, do you see an opportunity here?"
If the answer is NO, I let him go. I prefer sort versus sell.
If the answer is YES, I say: look, I don't need your time. You know a hundred people I don't know and this is what I'm going to do - I'm
going to win you over with paychecks.

Here is how it works: all I need you to do is to set up an introduction, put me in touch with most sharpest, active people you know, I'll present in your behalf, I'll close them in your behalf, I'll train them in your behalf and you'll start getting checks for literally not doing anything If the compensation plan is generous and it help you, the new partner will soon start gaining money and you got his attention. Now is time to make a plan according to his time
availability. He saw that your business works and that you know what must be done. He didn't invest time at the beginning because you didn't answer his subconscious question: WILL IT WORK!

The second approach - feel, felt, found:
As above, first make sure that he liked the idea, he see the opportunity. If the answer is YES, I say: You know what? I know exactly how you feel, when I got started I
felt exactly the same way. I thought that I need a lot of hours to be successful but I found out
that, in reality, all you need is a few extra hours per week and a well structured plan of action. You agree that obviously everyone has a few
extra hours per week that can efficiently spend in order to create their financial freedom, right?
So, can you put 3-5-10 hours per week, is that something you feel comfortable with? In their mind, they may think they have to put 20 hours per week or more and when you tell
them what is all about, you'll get them started.

The second approach - shocking question:
If you are real bold, when he said that he doesn't have time you ask immediately: " And how does it makes you feel?" and then pause -
let him answer. If he likes this fact, let him struggle. You may
say: when you'll look for a solution to gain more spare time for... (family, friends, hobby, etc) you'll know who to call. If he doesn't like the fact that he doesn't have spare time to invest for his freedom, you get in consultant mode and say: you agree with me that the thoughts and actions that you took in the last 3/5 years bring you where you are
today and then pause - let him answer. And then, after he answered, ask him: do you think that those behavior will bring you something
different over 3/5 years from now and then pause - let him answer.

And continue with this: it seems to me that is time for you to do
something different! Are you ready to get started? The people are often in their paradigms and can't see the mouse trap that they are running
in. When you shock them, they suddenly awake and start questioning about facts and things.

I hope you'll use these three ways proposed in a creative way. I've used them successfully in my business.

Hope this article will help you achieve success this year in your network marketing. You will succeed.
Iluca Marius

Think Positive.

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