Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Human hair weavons and hair extensions business is a money spinning business that will continue to grow. Women cant do without taking care of their hair so that they can look more beautiful and elegant.

The hair is one of their prides, a girl has to make her hair, to look presentable and because of the popular selection for an extended, straight hair as opposed to the short and kinky nature of the African woman’s hair, hair extension and
wigs are unarguably probably the most wanted hair products.

Weavons are extensions used by females to complement their looks and considering that looking good is a serious business; ladies believe that a lady’s hair speaks volumes
about her personal so many ladies
spend some huge cash making their hair. Averagely ladies maintain a weavon for 2 to 3 weeks and some will change to another new wigg or weavon.

Starting the business is lucrative and you don't need to be a specialist to do the business. All you need is focus, vision and determination to succeed. You can start this business with little cash and grow it big. I started the business with a savings of N30k and i was able to grow it to N200k within 5 months. You need to locate your business in a busy area like bus stop where there is traffic of people, schools and close to hotels. Another thing is that you can add perfume,rings, necklace, beads ,makeups etc to your busines.

No gender specific,  a male or female can do the business,  i bet you hair product is in excessive demand and which you can leverage on to be your own boss. To buy the product is very simple,  just visit ant big markets and locate the weavon and wiggs sellers shop,  you need to buy from wholesaler or importer and in quantity so as to get a reduced price and make sure you buy the latest hair products.

To start you ought to recognize what style of weavon that is fashionable and is in demand. There are two varieties of hair extension, Human hair and synthetic hair.
Human hair (because the identify implies is real human hair) It is gotten from all over the world usually indian and Brazilian. This type of hair is in excessive demand because of its smooth texture and

Human hair may also be curled,
straightened, colored etc. Its basically human hair. Due to its versatile nature this human hair is extra costly than the substitute hair.
You need to prepare a good business plan to help you succeed in this business and you must buy in bulk and it must be the latest products in different colours and length.
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