Monday, 7 March 2016


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to know the characteristics and skills of a good entrepreneur? What’s are the factors that makes a great entrepreneur? For example to be a basketball star, you would most likely be extremely tall, fast, athletic, and have real hops. But the qualities of a great entrepreneur are more abstract or illusive for someone studying entrepreneurship and business.

Based on my experience, I have outlined five major traits that mean you have the chops when it comes to building a business and living the life of an entrepreneur.

1. Salesmanship.
The ability to sell something is absolutely necessary to knowing how to run a business at any stage. Whether you’re starting out on the
floor like I did selling a physical product or the CEO of an agency selling the talented employees, you need to know how to make a sale.

2. A chip on your shoulder.
Yes, I’m serious. And that can come in two forms. Either you were born with nothing, zero, and you’re just hungrier than the average human. Or, it’s the reverse: You were born into a lot of wealth and opportunity and you want to prove that you don’t need it, and can do it on your own. In either case, some kind of chip can push you a long way, especially for the amount of hours and energy you’ll need to put into your business.

3. An independent spirit.
Being an entrepreneur means you rely on yourself and no one else. At the end of the day, you need to be 100 percent comfortable with making the final call, being able to trust yourself and your intuition.

4. Understanding consumers
and consumer attention .
Let me use Mark Zuckerberg as an example of someone who truly understands and trades consumer attention. He got it with his product:
Facebook. He held onto it by identifying and acquiring Instagram. And he saw it with Snapchat, too, but that deal didn’t pan out. In any case, the lesson is that not only knowing
where the consumer is, but also where they are going, is crucial and will help to boost your sales.

5. Patience.
It can be a slow and lonely climb to the top. If patience is a trait you don’t currently possess, but you want to play in this world, I
recommend developing it as much as you possibly can.

Listen, everybody is born with some capability to run a business. But 90 percent are born with the capability to run a business into the ground. There is an amazing amount of
entrepreneurs who can make $20,000-$80,000 working for themselves running a small e-commerce shop around a personal interest of theirs. And the opportunities to do that have
never been more available. If you want to do that, do it. It was the main thesis statement of my first book "The richest business in the world". I am all about that life
and I support it.

But let’s be clear about entrepreneurs and the businesses they run: There are levels to this.
The higher you climb and the more the business grows, the stakes become a lot bigger. More and more people are depending on you to make the right decisions for them
and the company. The league you’re playing in and the skillset required jumps from pickup ball to NBA very quickly. Sure anyone can start a business, but only the
top 25 percent will actually grow into
multimillion-dollar companies with more than one employee.

Only a handful of entrepreneurs
with the talent and skillset required to make it to the big time have what it takes to truly run a million-dollar business. Real entrepreneurs
are born and prove their DNA with hard work,clear vision and positive mindset.

Dream Big & Achieve it.

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