Tuesday, 19 April 2016

8 Key Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

A simple definition that comes to mind when it comes to entrepreneur is someone who is a risk taker. The definition of entrepreneur can’t be completed without identifying the key qualities that is seen in any true entrepreneur or whoever wants to become one. The skills aren’t the main difference between an ordinary person and an entrepreneur, there are qualities and traits involved too.
But i want to write about the main ones and here they are:

1. Contribution
A true entrepreneur makes a difference with the product/service he creates and offers. He finds out who his ideal customer is, a pain he has in his life and thinks of
something he can produce that will alleviate it, they are always searching for problems within or outside their immediate environments and they will make sure they provide solutions . Once he gets it done, such a client would
gladly pay for the right solution for his struggles in life. That’s when business and integrity go hand in hand.

2. Innovation
Entrepreneurs don't settle for the ordinary. They are always looking for the next big business idea out there or combine ordinary things from daily life in an unusual way to
create something useful and absolutely
fascinating and extra-ordinary. Or they just let their creative juices flow and hustle hard enough to make
something out of nothing and explain to people why they need to buy it,this is known as their unique selling proposition ( USP).

3. Vision
All true entrepreneurs see beyond their noses. Entrepreneurs are visionaries. They know what they want and have already achieved
their goals in their mind, before they pursue them in real life. They dream big, aim high and get fantastic results.

4. Trial and Error
The reason why they are risk taker is because they never quit from trying new things until they gets it righy. You can’t get it right from the very
beginning. Many people quit after a failure or a few. Others, stay around a bit longer but eventually lose hope, have invested too much in all this but don’t see it going anywhere, or lose confidence in their abilities. That’s why the top is never crowded but the bottom do. So, if you want to be an entrepreneur. You must have a strong spirit to continue pushing forward.

5. Resourcefulness
They never get tired. They know that success is never a day job. They don't go for short cuts. Entrepreneurs work with what they have to build stuff, but they also make the most of their connections, creativity, productivity and environment, while forming new
relationships, thinking of new ways to do things and finding new solutions to existing problems.

6. Opportunities
Entrepreneurs are opportunists. The average person, however, doesn’t keep his eyes open so that when opportunities come he can grab them and make the most of them.
Instead, he blames life for not giving him enough chances. But, Entrepreneurs always keep their eyes wide open for any opportunity.

7. Value
Entrepreneurship is about creating value, offering more than others expect and that’s exactly why the people who do it receive
more in return in terms of financial
rewards, praise, satisfaction in life and happiness.

8. Networking
That’s an important skill in the
entrepreneurial world these days.
If you’re running digital businesses, that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to influencers, personally contacting your
users/clients to ask for feedback, making friends in your field, seeking guidance from those who are ahead of you in the same line.

But once you become a real entrepreneur, you’ll start traveling for work too. You’ll go to conferences – just to attend, and after some time maybe even speak – and meet
with people in person, you’ll get interviewed and go to special events. But it’s about people.
Entrepreneurs are thus great
communicators, most of whom started from nothing, but were motivated enough to put
themselves out there even if it means knocking on a few doors in your neighborhood asking people whether your potential product is something they will need. We are in the era of social media, so go out their and take advantage of all these platforms and get your business up in the sky. Be a risk taker, a solution provider,create and add value to peoples lives and you will get double in return.

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