Friday, 27 May 2016

What is Your Identity? (2)

Still on the same issue about creating a USP that will give you an edge over others. In telecom industry here in Nigeria when a house is painted YELLOW what comes to mind is MTN, same thing with others. What is your own.......?

Think about the topic your business is about and what can you add to the mix , to make it more interesting and unique? Or better still you can combine two things you already know about to make it extra-ordinary. Here are tips to help you find your USP.

1. Narrow down your topic. You need to specialize in one particular aspect of your topic. Instead of being a general accountant, you can narrow it down to an auditor, tax consultant, financial intelligent etc. In relationship, you can focus on singles only or married couples or both if you no your onions.

2. Pinpoint your target audience.
This is another technique that’s much more easy. For example, as a motivational speaker and business coach my target audience are the teens and youth's generally and i know where to find them. As a mechanic instead of focusing on all cars, you can choose to focus on Japanese vehicles, as a health consultant you can narrow down to dentist, optician etc.

3. Branding and advert. Once you’ve developed a USP, your next task is to communicate it clearly to your audience.

4. Create A great name and tagline.
Choose a short and easy to pronounce name and a simple great tagline that your prospective customers can know you with. Your name and tagline should always ring bell in the mind of your audience.

5. Expand your horizon. Go get more knowledge, read books, attend seminars and workshops. Don't ever stop learning and upgrading.

You can build your knowledge on other subject's but make sure you choose one or two and master the subject very well. Okay, i'll stop here. Using a powerful USP is the driving force that will build and position your business for success.

I leave you with this question. What makes you more unique , more valuable , and more visible in the market that will compel you to buy your own product or services?


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