Friday, 3 June 2016

Small Business Marketing Ice-Breaker

Having a viable business idea is good but turning that idea into a business that magnets sales and increase in profit is big ICE-BERG you must break to succeed.

When you have a little clarity and vision about how you could get started making money your path is more directed, there’s more clarity and focus.

To break the small business marketing ice-berg, you need to know your audience, define, research and locate your target audience then stick to them.

Go beyond the usual demographics and really try and understand your target customers. What are their motivations, aspirations and needs?

How and where do they consume media and information about products and services?

As a small business owner, you need not to rush into launching a business if you have not broken these ice-berg if you don't then consider your ship sinking or heading for disaster.

What are other ice-berg to break to succeed in marketing your small business? Watch-out here.


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