Friday, 22 July 2016

Personal Motivation For Success.

Stay Humble. When you're not humble you're closed minded, which stops you from profiting from the experiences, thoughts and wisdom of others.

Although you need personal confidence, you have to keep an open mind that there is always room
for improvement and learning. Otherwise you may find yourself standing still, instead of advancing.
Always be grateful for the blessings you have.

Be inspired with success whether it’s yours or others. Learn from others who are better than you
at something, and improve. We’re all born with our own personal talents and there are others who have talents that we’ll never possess.
But that’s okay. This will help motivate you to improve your
talents and skills so that you can make what you do best, even better.

Don't look down on yourself, always think positive and say positive affirmations to yourself morning and night. Don't get tired of pushing,you just need to push one more time and you will get over it. Stay focused and stay motivated.

If you feel disgusting, you just need some adjusting. This adjusting begins with changing your attitude about you. Extend the same courtesy you do to others and
don't be so hard on yourself. Remember how you felt about yourself when you realized you were
destined to do great things for others.

Hope Uchemadu
Small Business Coach

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