Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Focus On Your Profit Making Tools

Two weeks ago, i coached a group of entrepreneurs on "Small Business Profit Tips" i was amazed as 95% of them only focus on material interest without looking out for ways to maximize profits in their business which is one of the key reason of starting a business.

If you get an opportunity to get clients in personal training but feel that you truly want to be a chef you have a problem. You are not focusing on your opportunity to make money; you are focusing solely on what is fun for you. The most important part of being your own boss is being able to afford it. So if you want to fire your boss, you must be willing to work in areas that make you money whether you are thrilled about it or not.

Profit center are activities that provide you with the income you need to live the life you want. Let’s say you can successfully replace your income as a personal trainer. Doing so will allow you to quit your job and make more money in 20 hours than you normally make in 40 hours a week. Although you may prefer to be a chef, you now have an extra 20 hours a week that you did not have before. You are officially your own boss and can use that extra time however you want.

In that time you can explore how you are going to leverage the time and money you have now to work in a way that inspires you (such as being a chef).

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