Thursday, 7 January 2016


Happy new year to you, i am happy you made to this year and i pray that God in his divine mercy and favour grant you success this year. Forget about 2015 lets talk about the future and the futute is now. So, what is your plan this year? Do you still want to remain in a spot begging for money all the time? Do you have any plan to become your own boss and be financially free? If you have a strong and burning desire to make a positive difference this year in your life and financail status then tjis article is for you. Anyway, one of my objective this year is to help YOU  achieve success by becoming your own boss and the only way you can achieve this is to start your iwn business. So, i advice you to relax and read on.

The down slide of the economy has caused many companys to retrench lots of hard working workers who have joined the multitude of unemployed youths. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Africa most especially Nigeria.

Because of this problem, some people are looking for something that will help them live throughout the day. However, even employed people can have problems when it comes to their expenses,even now that the Government can not pay salaries. This is why those people who bear entrepreneurial spirits are doing business. In doing business, there are things that you should consider such as capital and investments. The results of any business can either be a success or a failure. But, have it in mind that the aim of every business owner is to make and increase profit. If you could not get up to your feet in 2015 don't worry just brace up and think positive about your goals and financial status. Its time to be financially free and that time is NOW and 2016 is the year for new beginnings.

Small businesses are perfect for those who do not have a job but has the capital. It also work best for those people who are employed but
wants to have another source of income. Don't wait till new year, start planing now, get your pen and jotter this is just the perfect time to choose and plan for your new business venture. Here is the list of the top 30 small businesses that you can do here in Nigeria and Africa.

If your business in 2015 yielded good result and profitable returns, I congratulate you for your success!
You are on your way for an expansive, incredible year in 2016! If things did not work out, do not despair. It takes years for businesses to fit into desired shapes. Your business growth and success cant happen over-night,  in fact  Owner of McDonald’s, allegedly did not pay himself a salary until the
restaurant turned in a respectable profit, which took 8 years!
You can look at 2016 as a new year for other business opportunities in the Nigeria.

Here’s a massive list of small business ideas painstakingly researched which you can look forward to doing in Nigeria in 2016.
You cant be master of all, just pick one or two that you have passion for,gain more knowledge about the business,get all basic requirement, then kill fear and launch out. Here are the hot business ideas for 2016:


With more than 3 billion people online every day, the Internet offers you a vast ocean of online business opportunities. Setting up an online business does not require a large investment. All you need are a computer, good Internet connection, a website, a merchant account with a bank, and reputable suppliers.
As consumers continue to depend on the Internet for their needs, you are always guaranteed a market with an online business.


Since 2013, more that 60% of online traffic has come from mobile devices, particularly smart phones. I am sure that 8 out of 10 Nigerians will own a smart phone by the end of 2016 because nobody want to waste there precious time sitting in the cyber cafe rather everybody want to be connected on the go with their potable smart phones. Nigeria is the largest market of telecoms in Africa. These smart phones are expected to go through wear and tear! Smart phones start to bog down within 2 years. This small business idea can assure you a steady stream of clients who will beg you with their hard earned money to repair their phones who can’t last a day without their smart phones.


Computers, laptops, and gadgets are expected to require considerable servicing, repair, and maintenance, as people have become increasingly dependent on technology.
Having a home repair service or renting a store will constantly fill your account with money. One thing about home service is that it gives you advantages over the usual computer repair stores. Your rates will be cheap because you do not have to factor in rent. By going to their homes instead of them going to
your store, your service becomes convenient. Most of your small business investment will go
to marketing and promoting your services.


People are looking for creative ways to make events fun and exciting. If you’ve been to a wedding and have seen the flashy decorations you will understand what I’m talking about!
These entertainment hub provide guests a round-the-clock fun, and they make events memorable. You can either act as the marketing arm of a vendor for these event decorators,cake makers etc. You can learn event decorations within a week,so go give it a try.


Nothing beats a professionally shot image even in the age of selfies. Professional photographers are constantly in demand for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.
In addition, professional photographers are contracted by graphic and website designers for customized images. Keep in mind that photography is an expensive hobby!. You can even start the business with your smart phone.


With the rate of over weight adults and some celebrities who want to stay fit and slim all the time gives a strong signal why Nigeria needs to start exercising. Personal fitness training services annihilate the “I don’t have time” excuse because you can conduct these services at their own home. Moreover, you don’t need expensive equipment.
To get a good, high-intensity workout, all you need are mats, strength bands, medicine ball, kettle bells, and a lot of dedication!


Many Nigerians now hire house cleaners due to the nature of their jobs which keeo them busy from Monday to Saturday. I know of one woman in Lagos, she has 5 buildings she services twice per week in my street alone and on each building and she charges N15000 per building,if you do the maths you will be amazed on her profit.


Air-conditioning repair and maintenance services are valuable services during summer months. You can get contracts in banks if your work is good


With the current blackout facing Nigeria due to vandalization ,the PHCN light can not be guaranteed now and this is affecting small business owners.  This will create a demand for generators for retail or lease to event centers. Generators are quite expensive so you can start with one then grow it big. Recently i rented a generator for N2000 just for 4hrs program what of if its for seven days? Do the calculation yourself.


The demand for virtual assistance services has been increasing. This because more and more businesses are going online thereby creating need for virtual assistance. Whether they are referred to as virtual assistants, freelancers,telecommuters, or home-based workers, these people are those who essentially work from their homes. Virtual assistance benefits
businesses because it is a more affordable option than hiring full-time employees. The only business investment you need to become a virtual assistant is a reliable
computer, Internet connection, and a headset.


One of the basic need of man is food and Nigerians  love to eat! Eating on the go is a viable alternative to those who has little or no time for their jobs like those  in market and construction sites than sit-down in a restaurant.  You can buy franchise from big eatries like Mr bigs,tanterlizers etc and the advantage of having the system is manpower, and brand. Some of this franchises  carries monthly royalty payments. If you do not want to pay monthly royalties, you may want to start a food cart of your own. Popular food cart items include items that you can prepare at your own home, namely, fried rice in different flavours,cakes,burggers,fried chicken, hotdogs, goat and fish peper soup etc, just think of what you can do and start making money.


This is good business that generates massive income with little or no start up capital. Other than general cleaning, Nigerians hardly have enough time for laundry expecially those working in banks,oil companies and some private enterprises . An innovative small business idea in the Nigeria is a self-serve laundry center.
Start out with one washing
machine and a dryer or without any,imfavt i know lots of laundry service owners who started this business from their backyard without washing machines and today they have more than 5 branches banking more than $1000 every week. You only need one or two people to help out. Therefore, it is not a labor-intensive operation. Because it is self-service, you can charge a rate lower than
that of other laundry centers and add pick-up and home delivery to attract more customers.


Every day special occasions are celebrated, there are birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, opening of house etc and everyone has the creativity or capacity to plan
these events. Event planners fill in this need and take care of all the things that are needed for the successful and colourful event.
Most of your small business investment will go into networking activities. You have to build a database of coordinators, photographers, entertainment providers, hotels, restaurants, florists, and print shops among others, but dont forget that the best place to start networking for clients is your friends,working place and religiuos centers.


This a business that will generate money for you on daily bases guaranteed! Every body want to look clean and it starts with your hair,ladies and guyz want to have  a new look every day and if you can help them shave their hair and beard they will be greatful and thank you with good pay same goes to ladies. The amount you charge will greatly depends on your brand and packaging. You cant compare a well furnished babers/saloon shop with air condition,dstv and Wi-Fi in place to a small unkept barbers/saloon shop. If you have a neat shop, customers can drive mikes to locate you. You can make money with home services. The barber or hairdresser goes to the client’s
home! Charges for home service may be more expensive than those for in-store service because of transportation expenses. However,
clients will be more than willing to pay extra for the convenience.


Bread is a regular staple in every Nigerians meal. Have you not noticed that the consumption of bread is very high in Nigeria? It is perhaps the most popular carbohydrate after rice. It is also cheap and easy to make. You can
set up a bakery in your own home and contract a delivery service provider. You can even do it yourself, onve your product is good people will que up to buy your product. You do not need many people to run a bakery. The rest of your investment will go to marketing and promotional expenses.


Our culture of being thrifty continues to thrive! Okrika as it is popularly  called in Nigeria is a markets that sell used clothes. This business is lucrative,if you dont know what okrika is go to yaba market or aswani tuesdays market in Lagos you will see for yourself. You dont need to sell everything just choose a niche may be only babies,jean,female cloths or sports ware, shoes etc. You dont need a shop to do this business,just let people in your street and some beautque know about you business.


It is shocking to note that in this day and age of online businesses, only 50% of small-scale enterprises own a website. However, given that
60% of online traffic comes from smart phones, the demand for websites should progressively increase. As a website designer, you will need to have on-board a web programmer, graphics artist, and perhaps an expert on search engine optimization (SEO). There're lots of free tools and software to teach you and you can start with free blogs and you can learn web desining in less than a 6 weeks if you are serious. You can become a  social media manager. Note: having accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram does not make you a social media expert. Its someone who has experience and expertise in social media. As a social media manager, you must have the ability to do research, plan campaign strategies, set up accounts, and have a working knowledge on writing, SEO, and website design. The only business investment you need is a website and a computer.


With black outs looming in the future because of the prevailing power deficit candles will continue to remain in demand. Moreover, candles serve other purposes other than providing light during black outs. There is also a market for scented candles and, of course, churches. Moreover, other places of worship always need a regular supply of candles.


There is a single reason why blogging has become in demand. Statistics show that businesses that blog generate 126% more leads. That is just one of the several fascinating figures that validate
why blogging is a good business. Linda Ikeji should not be new to you,she just bought a building worth half a billion Naira with the money she made from blogging,if you want to know more about her google her name. Becoming a good blogger requires consistency. The more you blog, the better you become. All you need are a computer, Internet service, and a work area that inspires creativity. All you have to do is to chiose a topic of interest, if can be your talent or what you have simple knowledge about, get a blog account and atart blogging, your success is in your hard work. Like me, i blog about small business and personal development.


This is another business that has survived the test of time because Nigerians love to party (owambe)!
Nigerians is a growing population of more than 170 million people so
you can expect parties to happen every day. Party materials, such as cooking pots,drums, coolers, ceramic plates,spoons,balloons chairs,tables,tents etc will always be in high demand.


The US dollar has continued to appreciate in the last few months. The industry of business process outsourcing and the market for bureau de change also continue to grow and increase. Thus, a money changing business is a great venture. Banks normally buy US dollars at a price lower than that in the grey market. Thus, US dollar earners look to money changers first. To establish a money changing business, you must have a good, visible location. You also need to be registered with Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) or with
Department of Trade and Industry.


Nigerians has always been a haven for world-class entertaiment talents. Many of her youth want to be known and create a niche fir themselves in other to be a rich celebrities,but could not get to the apex of their career due to bad and poor voice. It should not come to a surprise that singing contests have been greatly received and widely patronized. If you have a singing prowess, experience, and disposition to develop untapped talent. As a singing coach, you can offer home service or set up a small studio in your home. All you need are great acoustics, recording equipment,
and a lot of patience! It would help if you have connections to people who are willing to showcase your talent in their events as a means of exposure and training. Try and open a voice trainning center,you will be amazed with lots of people coming in to be trained.


At present, most families have both parents working and they dont want to lose their job. Thus, they need a reliable day care center, in which they can entrust their children
while they are at work. If you plan to start a day care center, you must register your business with the appropriate authorities and apply for the necessary permits with the local and state government. The government will inspect your facilities for safety and the qualifications of your personnel if you have any. Make sure that the people you hire to watch over the children do not have criminal
records and have a reputable standing. Teachers should have the required training and, most importantly, the disposition to handle children.


In addition to day care services, there is also a market for tutorial services for children and adults.
In the past few years, we have seen several tutorial centers open up.
Due to the parents schedule who do not have enough time to oversee the study of their children. These tutorial centers offer top-notch instruction and services to ensure that the
children can consistently progress in school. You can start a study center for primary or secondary school students, you can start for GCE/Jamb candidates and you can as well charge N5000 or more per candidate. You will need to open the tutorial center in a high- traffic area and hire good teachers with
reputable background.
In this type of business, your results will determine your success. If your students consistently score high marks, your tutorial center will be heavily patronized. Off-course no student will be happy to score low marks.


Are you aware that 100,000 dust mites can populate 1 square yard of carpet material? And that these dust mites are responsible for releasing allergens in the air? And that these
allergens are made of excreted dead skin fragments and hair follicles?
Unless carpets are cleaned regularly, a home can become hazardous to health. Most people are not aware of how to clean carpets properly.Vacuuming, shampooing,brushes and various cleaning agents are needed to keep your caroets,rugs and tiles clean . Carpet and tiles cleaning has a large market because many residences and commercial establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, use carpets/rug or tiles.


Among the other interesting possibilities for an online business is counseling. In the last few
years, depression rates in Nigeria have increased. Most of these depression-related incidents involved young people averaging 20 years of age and above. Depression occurs when an individual has no outlet to release pent-up emotions, cannot find a resolution to ongoing issues, or do not have acceptance in his/her unfortunate state of affairs. For the most part, these people just want someone to talk to.
Counseling services provide these avenues to troubled individuals. That is why most advanced schools in the country now have counseling and gaurdance experts. Your responsibility is less toward finding resolution and more on gaining
acceptance of a situation so that a course of action can be undertaken. You can set up a website or simple blog or create a network with agents who will help you in marketing of your skills. If you have a degree in psychology, this venture can work out for you.


If you’ve been working for the last few decades, have strung up a long list of accolades, achievements, and have built a strong, solid reputation for developing businesses, this may be time to share your expertise with others and make money. Your largest market comprises small business owners who comprise 98% of all enterprises and whose success rates decline right after the first year. You can also position your services toward large corporations who want to be competitive and grow in market share. If you have a good track record in the business world, you can command a high pay for your services. I love this business because you determine what your pay is and how many hours you want to work.


The increasingly unpredictable and chaotic business environment results in the need for leaders to step up and navigate businesses
through turbulence and turmoil.
The focus on developing the behavioral component is greater than that on developing the technical and fundamental competencies because businesses want people who are willing to be accountable for their decisions
and take action. However, even the best people have blind spots and self-limiting beliefs that they cannot overcome. Leadership training aims to identify these blind spots and overcome these behavioral patterns
that hinder the natural ability to lead. Before you enter this type of venture, you must be certified by a world-recognized leadership
training program like that of Sam Adeyemi of success media and others. You should develop a team of likewise certified leadership training coaches and you must levearege onbthe power of a good mentor.


You will agree with me that nothing crowns your residence better than beautiful landscaping! Unless you have landscaping done, your garden is just an ordinary grass and a few plants. Landscaping gives your home character and life that is why Lagos state government is beaitifying the state with a huge budget. If you have a green thumb and know other people that do, you can set up a home service
business. You have to invest in equipment and build a network of suppliers for plants flowers, ferns,
and garden fixtures.


Live stock business is increasingly yrieving in Nigeria and you can cut a share by setting uo your own small poultry farm in your backyard or in that empty room that can accomodate about 100 birds. You need basic knowledge on how to are for the birds till 8weeks when they will be ready for sale ,that is for broilers. Its good to start small and gain more experience before enlatging your farm to more than 500 birds. Make sure you have a market for it. And you can go in to layers for egg production. All you need is just little capital and a basic knowledge to start this business.  You can read  How to start poultry farm business..


The demand for private home teacher is increasing due to the poor schools in some areas of the country which have made parents to demand for private study for thier kids after schools hours. The best target here are the nursery,primary and junior secondary school students. You can charge N15.000 per student and you can schedule to teach 3 time per week on 1hr . If you have about 5 families with 2 kids each that is a whoaping N150k one each month. Your price can go up depending on the quality of your services.

Make success happen
In one of the entrepreneurship seminars I attended, the host speaker said, “There is no such thing as a bad idea; only poor execution.”
After all, who would have thought that mobile toilets, sachet pure water, dry cleaning business,liquid soap production,live stock farming  etc would turn people into millionaires? If you have an idea for a business that you are committed to and believe in, then go for it!
Every idea is an opportunity waiting to be discovered. If you dont move out of your comfort zone to rewrite your destiny your friend will hire you to ahieve his or her dreams. Ae you still sitting there? Are you confused an you dont kniw how to go about it. Contact me now and lets talk about you it,i guarantee you success.
All you need to do is to make success happen. Dont waste your 2016 like that of 2015. You will succeed. You can help someone to achieve success by sharing this article on facebook, twitter, googleplus etc....your comment is important while not use the comment box below to share your comments.

Think Positive.