Saturday, 9 January 2016

Why Not Create Rules Instead Of Goals or Resolutions

God will provide all your heart desired today. I’m convinced that creating goals or resolutions is hardwired into us, because we can’t stop making them. Unfortunately, we’re not as equipped for making the goals come true, and the pattern most of us have seen is that we start a goal with optimism, only to be disappointed when we haven’t done much after the first or second week. In my previous article,i talked about how negative talk can kill your ambition,deter you from achieving success and how to stop it.

Today, i want to talk about resolutions and alternative steps to achieve your goals. I’d like to suggest that you try creating rules that will make your goals happen.

A rule in this case is an action you do after a specific event happens, as consistently as you can, which will lead to your goal happening.

Some examples for different goals:

* Write a book: When I turn on my computer, I will shut off the browser, modem and all other programs but my text editor, and i'll write for 1 hour.
*Learn French: When am relaxing, I will listen to my french tapes and practice.

*Read more: When it’s 9:30 p.m., I turn off the computer, get ready for bed, and read my book with a target if 3 chapters.

* Morning Exercise: When my alarm goes off at 6 a.m., go out and do my 30 minutes sports the day. Or stretch if it’s a rest day.

2) When it’s lunch or dinner, i eat my favourites prepared by my wife.

3) If I’m hungry in between, eat apples, carrots, or plain nuts.

4) Drink only tea or water, except a cup of green lemon tea to start the day.

* Be more mindful: When I wake up, I pee, pray, drink a glass of water, then meditate for 15 to 20 minutes.

None of these rules will get you all the way to the goal, but they’ll get you much farther than you are now.


Of course, a rule is great in theory, but much harder to put into practice. So I’d like to make a few suggestions:

1. Implement one at a time. When you’ve done one for a week or two, then implement another, but never have too many going at once. I’ve found that five fairly new ones are my max.

2. Make each one small (5-20 minutes for something hard, up to 30 minutes for something easy).

3. Don’t expect perfection —allow yourself to mess up, but try to do better.

4. If you keep messing up, set up some accountability, or change your environment so it’s easier to implement.

5. Don’t start with food rules. Food is the hardest, because we’re not really aware of all the things going on, like emotional eating or parts of our brain sending hormones to make us really hungry. When you do food rules, do one at a time, and try to change your environment so that there aren’t tempting foods all around you. If you can’t get rid of the foods, don’t go where they are very often.

6. Mindfulness rules are the best to start with, because they make following the other rules easier. If you dont have the right mind set, you will not achieve your goals.

7. Set computer or phone reminders, or put up visual reminders like notes wherever the rule is supposed to happen. Like i have mine pasted at room door,bed side,mirror and fridge.

What you’ll find is that the rules need adjusting as you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll find that you forget at first — in which case you should set reminders. You’ll find that some rules really need a change in environment, others might need accountability. What you’ll learn is that this is an incredible learning process, as you start to understand how you work best.

Rules are small steps that add up to huge changes over time, and they’re ones that you’ll actually make happen. What one rule can you create today that will have a big impact on your life? Think and make a proper planning.

Hire me to speak at your event,seminar etc to re-engineer you and your audience with words that will spur them to success and helping them create value for their lives.

Think Positive.

Successful Network Marketing Tips For Beginners In Nigeria.

Network Marketing is a great business in Nigeria for any motivated person. Due to this business model any ambitious individual now has the opportunity for increased wealth and personal growth. Network Marketing is the only business model that provides a residual income that continue to increased over time to you and your
heirs with a steady, dependable cash flow, even if you are unable to work or while still sleeping.

To me it is better than fixing money in the bank and living on the interest. Thousands around the world have ,e.f Ewen chai,Robert kiosoki,Brain Tracy etc  had immense success with a six digit network marketing income figure monthly with this business model. There are basically two ways to start an MLM Business. But before we go into that lets take a look at a few questions new beginners of network marketing need to ask themselves and also provide answers to:

1- What are the products offered by the company?
2- Is the product consumable and has little or no competition? Is it used on a daily basis?
3- What are my possibilities of earning with the MLM Company (Compensation or Pay Plan)?
4- How much am I willing to spend every month on my MLM Business?
5- Am I going to accept support and guidance from my sponsor to help me grow my business?
6- What is the starting cost and sign up product packages of the MLM Company?
7- What is the background history of the company? Do they have a good business plan for my country (Nigeria)

These questions are intended to help you make a decision on the company you want to join and
can be investigated from the websites of most MLM Companies or company brochures. If your
answers to the above questions are very positive, then you can now confidently start your Network Marketing business using one of the approaches as explained below.

The first way to start is by using the Traditional Network Marketing business model. In all old school MLM Companies, the leaders are often good speakers, or they are recruiters with a large social circle. The usual way of prospecting is by a three way system. To elaborate further this is referred by a few names, one such referral is the ABC which is known as (Advisor, Bridge and customer system).

*To be an Advisor you will need to be able to have good oratorical skills.
*To be the Bridge you will be a traffic middle man, introducing
your large pool of contacts to the Advisor.
*The customer is the prospect. The Advisor and Bridge work together to bring new reps into the system. Should persuading people verbally and inviting contacts to events come naturally and you feel good the benefits of your company and products can bring to your prospects then this is one route you can take.

The second way to start a network marketing business is utilizing the power of the internet. The main difference lies in the duplication
system. Instead of following up with invites and calling, leads are qualified using sales ads and
email marketing. Prospects fill up a form expressing their interest and upon receipt of a link in their email, will click that link to confirm
the email is valid. Messages will be sent to the prospect educating them about the automated internet MLM system and how to market it
online. New enrollees then join the business by clicking on links that lead them to payment processing pages where they pay for their start
up cost and signup packages by bank transfers,crefit card etc.

Upon joining, they will proceed to market the same system that brought them in. The benefits to such a system removes the element of cold calling and speaking to strangers, un-targeted prospects. Rather than teach someone who has not put down any commitment to work a business; it is more fruitful to spend one's energy and time working with a prospect qualified by the automated system. Some people who do not find success in the first business model have found it in the second.

My Recommendation to beginners in network marketing  is to use the second model as it is easy, fast and save time. Why? Because.....

Wealth = Physical Resources x Technology

That is, we can increase our wealth by changing our technology, regardless of our physical resources. So if your time is limited, use technology to increase your wealth. If you are not smart as your neighbor, use technology to increase your wealth. If you are not tall,
athletic, handsome, educated etc., simply use the technology of the day to improve your wealth.
Technology is something that is
available to every one. Technology is simply knowledge. If you have read this article to this point, you already have the knowledge to start
your own Network Marketing Business to make money this year and become totally financially free.

In this case, the technology is network Marketing. All you need to succeed in your MLM business is Commitment, Energy, Enthusiasm and positive mindset. Hope you enjoy this article? You cam help someone out there to be successful all you have to do is to share this article on your fcebook, twitter,linkedin, googleplus etc.  What is you comment about this article?

You will succeed.