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I want to talk to you about something that inspires me, that drives me, and that has inspired me. And that thing is Excellence. Because in spite of what you’ve heard, Excellence matters.
We need to focus on results, and achieve the breakthroughs that will launch us into the realm of exactitude. But before we take this train down Business River, there are a few more tools we need to pack in our business bag.

First, if you find yourself struggling to lead effectively, remember this acronym, P.A.W: Penetrate, Abbreviate, Wow. Second, don’t add value, multiply value. Or attach an exponent. Math gives us options. Third, we need to move to where
relationships reach, and develop our
progress in ways that don’t just mold us, but behold us. And set fire to our bridges. Do things!

Fourth, rise up in order to be higher, so that together we can fix up those blue noses, and give them a bit of red. You’ve got to grab that baby carriage! Run with it! Because it’s not going to push itself. No, friends, babies need exercise. And calories. They need to be nurtured but they also need to be driven. Because babies cannot drive. I want you to point your finger and thumb like it’s a gun. This will be your Excellence Gun. Point this at whatever it is you want to achieve and state the
following, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.

This gun is full of gumption and
steel, and I will fill you with both if I
don’t get results.” Now you can use an Excellence Hand Grenade, or an
Excellence Flame Thrower. The weapon isn’t important, as long as the threat is credible. Remember that business isn’t everything, that is why "All work without play makes Johnbull a dull boy" It’s up to you.

So in conclusion: excellence, business, business bag, results, wow, rise up, babies, spreadsheets, guns, math, options. Business Excellence.

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...Reaching Your Zenith.

7 Examples Of Effective Landing Page Design Techniques Inspired By The Growth In Mobile Usage.

The technological progress of the 21st century has made online users more choosy and difficult to interest than ever before. If we take a look at
the evolution of the web, it becomes almost impossible to believe that it all began with a simple networking protocol more than 20 years ago.

And nobody was complaining of poor navigation or unappealing visualization back then. Growth in mobile device usage has sparked
many changes to the way we approach landing page design which I'll review in this article. Due to the ongoing improvements of the digital
market, every business tries to find the most effective and eye-catching landing page solution.

All of the companies ask themselves if there are some fresh ideas to win the hearts of prospective customers. If you're creating a website for your
business or just planning to redesign a landing page of the existing one, I hope these new landing page trends will bring you some inspiration.

In this post, I'll take a look at seven landing page design trends which have become more commonplace in 2015.  Here are the example,s:

1. Parallax Scrolling.

Telling a story is one of the most common techniques marketers all over the world use to attract the attention of consumers and create an emotional bonding with them. Parallax scrolling can do just that. It's a computer graphics technique that allows to create a 3D effect by
moving the background of a landing page at a slower rate than its foreground. It gives you an opportunity to show your visitors the details of your company and products step-by-step in an
engaging and exciting manner. This is a really hot trend now, so don't miss your chance to use it to your advantage.

2. Appealing to Several Types of Your Target Audience. As a rule, your target audience can be divided into several groups with their own needs and desires. It is very appealing and flattering to the visitors of your site when you differentiate the needs of each of these groups. This approach
makes it much easier for them to find the necessary information and use your site more effectively.
Segmenting target audience
All you have to do is to let the user decide on the purpose of his/her visit.

3. Full-Screen Background Images and Videos. Full screen background images It's a great way to show your audience something important for your brand's image and perception.
When using a silent video for a landing page, you choose an emotional approach of telling the
story of your brand to the visitors of your site than simply providing a link to it. And a clear background image can be as visually appealing as a colorful video.

4. Unusual navigation. If you've got a lot of information to place on
your landing page but don't want to make it difficult for visitors to navigate through it, use unusual approaches. Floating navigation bar will easily solve this problem and make your call to action more effective. There will be no need to
scroll the page up and down for several times. Or, you can turn your page into a real quest for a visitor to discover new piece of information with each move he or she makes.

5. Minimalism and Simplicity.
Minimalism and simplicity It may seem illogical to simplify the design of your landing page with so many options available. But there's one thing you need to keep in mind – accessibility. This, of course, depends on the type of the product you're selling, but you have to take this point into consideration anyway. Users should be able to access your site from any device, including their smartphone. And if it takes ages for a landing page to download you risk losing a considerable amount of
prospective customers. Your landing page has to be light and clear. Like this one, for example: Focus on making your page more accessible to lead the way to a better performing website.

6. Illustrations. Illustrations on landing page Your task is to make your site stand out. Using illustrations instead of images can add that personality and uniqueness to your landing page you're looking for. You can use this idea for telling a story of your brand's concept or its
main benefits. It gives you better chances of becoming more noticeable than simply listing the
unique selling points of your product or services.

7. No Navigation Bar. A lot of people are afraid of taking away the
navigation bar from the top of the page because it seems to be a somewhat revolutionary step.
But in reality, it helps your audience to stay focused and spend more time reading or watching the information you give them. The less
distracted your site's visitors will be the better for your business. Hope this article will help you make a better choice as regards landing pages for mobile phones.