Friday, 22 January 2016

Simple Method's You Can Use To Banish Procrastination And Achieve Success.

Of a truth i have been there before: that time i had a big deadline coming up, or something important
that is needed to be done. And instead of figuring out what to do, it became easier to just put things aside and surf the net. Sound familiar?

Procrastination is a common way of dealing with stress. Studies have shown that procrastinators tend to see things for the short-term by choosing temporary relief rather than considering the long-term impact of their actions.

Lot's of my clients have been asking this question,is there a way to overcome procrastination?

Everyone, even successful people and top performers, have days when they don’t want to do anything,it is natural most of the time. The difference is that top performers
find specific strategies to get themselves moving and accomplish things. If you find yourself putting work off until “later” and if this occurs frequently? , there are techniques you can use to motivate
yourself. It’s not simply about being born a productive person. I know this, because I’ve worked with numerous individuals who used to
believe they were just naturally lazy!  But with a few tweaks in mindset and approach, it is definitely possible to become someone who is
proactive about pursuing important goals.

These 3 simple ways for getting rid of procrastination will give you that
initial boost of energy that you need
to get started:

1. Promise yourself a reward after doing some work. I like to treat myself to a reward, such as treating myself to a bottle of wine,buying shoes,shirts, nice watch etc anything that can make me happy even i do go out to cinema and watch the
latest movie of my favorite – but only after I’ve done a certain amount of work. For example, if I haven’t started doing any work, I tell myself to get a portion of the work done before I can relax. I repeat this process until the work gets done, if
needed. So if you haven’t started on something, try giving yourself something pleasant to look forward to afterward as a source of motivation . There’s also another benefit to this method. Sometimes, I find that once I get started on work,
it’s easy to keep going. As a result, I can easily forgo my break and keep working for longer than I initially expected,do you know why?. Just because i have promised myself something to boost and motivate my strength.

2. Break the task down into smaller chunks. When we have a big task in front of us, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything and just
put things aside. Large tasks can actually be de-motivating, because it feels unrealistic to get things done.
As a result, we often don’t bother getting started on something we want to do. We fear failure. Or,
we figure that if we can’t finish what we start, so why bother in the first place? Instead of having a number of large tasks to do or one big task, just set one small task for now. You can begin with creating a concrete goal just for the day.
If you’re really feeling overwhelmed, you can break up the task even further. I like to create “mini-goals” that are very simple. For example, if
I write an article, I might just set up a small goal such as jotting down a few bullet points or if i am writing a book,i set a goal of completing a chapter in 10 days. Even though the task is small, it helps to make
each component of the larger task much more manageable. It also breaks the resistance that we often feel when trying to start on something.

3. Give yourself a mental warm up first. Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself,
“TODAY is the day I get started on _______” (i.e. being healthy, changing to a different career, Starting that project etc.)? And once you sat down at your desk, you proceeded to surf the net for the next 45 minutes?
Let’s admit it. It can be difficult to go from waking up in the morning to getting yourself working right away. Our brains are still in resting mode and it can take a while to get used to doing something productive.
This is why I recommend doing a mental warm up exercise beforehand.
Let’s think of it this way:
you wouldn’t do intense exercise without stretching first, so wouldn’t it make sense that you should get your brain active before working?
I like to start off my day by doing the following, 10 minute jugging, press-up and some other little exercise just withing my compound or sometimes in my sitting room, also some reading and i recommend these to everybody (Mind you dont waste your time on the latest
gossip news!). Instead, I suggest reading an interesting book that gets your brain going, whether it’s on self-development, a biography, Leadership books, or Bible.

You could warm up mentally by jotting down creative, innovative ideas on a notepad. Doing
crossword or Sudoku puzzles are also small, but fun and effective ways to start off your day.
Successful people find techniques to get themselves in the right frame of mind, rather than dreaming of “someday” that they’ll get the work
done. You too can be successful, in whichever way you define success. It means thinking of yourself as a productive person and re-thinking
how to approach your work and goals.

Which one of these methods do you
find most effective? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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You will succeed.