Thursday, 4 February 2016


Few years,i crafted out a motivational phrase to motivate and inspire me to success, that phrase  is "Dream Big & Achieve It" it has helped me to climb up on the ladder of success and it did goes alongside with my objective which is "To encourage and inspire youth to achieve success"

Dream big to achieve big: not a simple sentence. It has the power to change destinies provided we
recognize its power and have the courage to implement it. Every human being is a dreamer but
those who follow their dreams religiously achieve them.

Confidence, an urge to never give up and an undying belief in your abilities are the main elements to turn your dreams into realities.
Out of any random hundred, only one-percent realize their dreams and reach the heights needed to accomplish great things.

We must not only dream big, but act on those dreams and remember that nightly dreaming needs only effortless sleep, while winning needs sleepless efforts. Make dreams the purpose of your life, then strive hard to achieve them. Do something different like Steve Jobs did, perhaps, so that one day you’ll be
proud of yourself because you chose to dream big and then to make those dreams a reality.

All high-achievers have a strategy, and steps that helped them hit their goals. Here are some tips to get you started.

Visualization is a mental power which has the miraculous strength to give you a clear path towards your goal. Set target goals. Suppose you want your company to grow from 1-million to 6- million in three years. Visualize that every year
you have already achieved 2-million. And in the third year you have achieved more than 6-million.
Visualize this big dream each day before going to bed. This will empower you to achieve your target
each day.

Visualization is nothing without proper planning. Follow your dreams step-by-step to bring clarity and eliminate confusions. Occasionally review your plan and count your achievements to ascertain that you are moving in the right

Proper planning boosts confidence because it shows a clear path towards success. Have faith in
yourself and take an action, don’t procrastinate. Keep reminding yourself “I can, I am, and I will”
and start moving on the success road. However hard you may try, obstacles are bound to come
up. But if your confidence level is high you will surpass them.

Giving up is the easiest way to surrender to circumstances. But winners never give up, they are born to take the challenges and overcome
them. Keep repeating your goal and moving ahead. If any obstacle gets in your way, review it and start fresh—intelligently. Don’t’ be
discouraged. It is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.
 All the pain and worry will disappear once success is achieved.

Humility is like saying thank you to all those who helped you accomplish your dream. Success can’t be achieved all alone. Support is required from many people while moving up the ladder. Humility is the key to appreciate their support and efforts in making you successful.

Anyone on this earth can be an achiever if he/she is a strong believer with the courage to dream
big. A dream doesn’t drive you; it draws you. Dream big as dreams are your soul’s innermost desires and visions that drive you. Remember, if your dream is not coming true
perhaps it’s because you need a bigger dream! And if you are not the right part to achieve your dream then you must change plan.

Dream Big & Achieve it.