Saturday, 20 February 2016


I hope you are having a stress free day? I want to talk about productivity. Productivity is a buzzword these days and most successful professionals in a wide range of fields have hailed productivity principles as the key to their success. So what is it about productivity that’s having such a positive impact on the ability of individuals to achieve their goals?

What Does It Mean To Be Productive?

The conventional definition of productivity is very simplistic, and often misleading because it assumes that the more time spent on something, the more output will be produced. In other words,
that being busy ( as well as focusing on quantity as opposed to quality ) is synonymous with being
productive, which research has shown to be a flawed concept.

Your productivity is a measure of how much you are able to achieve ( not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality ) using the resources ( including time, finances, educational resources, etc .) available to you.

Naturally, this means that people who are more productive are more likely to achieve more goals, and therefore reach success a lot sooner than those who are not. The reason that increased productivity is crucial to success isn’t rocket science – who doesn’t want to be able to achieve more of their goals in less
time? In order to increase your productivity, you can either do one of two things:

1. Increase the “value” that you can achieve with the same resources available
2. Decrease the amount of resources that you require in order to achieve the “value”

Going Beyond The Productivity

So how can you either increase the
“value” ( quantity and quality ) of the things you achieve and/or decrease the amount of resources that you need in order to achieve them?

The results you have in your life right now are a direct reflection of your common thoughts – mindset. Successful and productive people think in a certain way.

Start to be aware of your limiting thoughts and the ones that keep you from being more productive. Tell them to ‘shut up’ and take action. You will always have two voices, are you going to listen to the stronger one or the weaker one?

Being productive is about more than just getting particular things done within a specific time frame. When you’ve been productive long enough,
you’ll come to recognize it as a lifestyle. It impacts every aspect of your life for the better.

Honing in on the ability to create the results you want doesn't just mean that you’ll be able to take control of your professional life, it also means that you’ll be more in control of your
health, well-being and success in everyday life!

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