Monday, 22 February 2016


Just a tip from my new book " Start and Run Your Own Small Business Successfully". Thousands of people out there dream of starting and running a small business of their own and grow it big. With the present uproar in the economy, in my best opinion now is the best time to kick start your own business and be financially free.

Based on emails and calls from readers of this blogs and my followers requesting information on how to start a business, i have prepared five important key things you need to know before you can spin the wheel of starting your business. These five key things will help you to know if your plans will lead you to business success land. These five key questions will help you to succeed, they helped me and i am doing good in my home business. Okay, below are the five simple things a business minded individual need to know:


Nobody jump into starting a business just because he or she feels that business is good, Noway. You first need to find out what people you are targeting really want, answering this question is very important. What do you think they will buy from you? What are the products or services they are in need of or that are not available for for your clients and customers? You need to start your thinking and imagination engine on and try to generate enough answers to that. Look around and see what business others are doing,what type of product and services are they selling? Can you re-model , re-brand, add to the benefits or twist it yo make it look new? Can you make the products or services better,faster, add to the advantages and most importantly make it affordable for everybody? Is there any business that is not existing in that community that you can import? If you can provide answers to all these simple questions , you will succeed in your new venture because opportunities for financial success are limitless.


If you will agree with me you will discover that people everywhere are trying and working hard to solve their problems. This is a GOLDEN opportunity for entrepreneurs find out the problem in their community and think out of the box for a perfect solutions to their problems. Many years ago before the internet wave, many business owners find it difficult to increase their profits because with the new technology they could not take their products and services beyond their nose. But some smart guys came up with a solution to that problem to sell adverts on newspaper magazine, before time somebody came up with websites to help showcase their business to the world not only in their country. Another came up with the idea of email marketing, sms marketing and blogging. With these opportunities available business owners can now do business even from their bedroom or from their kitchen delivering products and services to their customers. The people that created all these solutions discovered that if they can give them the solutions out they will make more and more money and the business owners too will make money and be happy, so you see its a win win game.

Thanks to the man behind the idea of internet ,imagine what online marketing would be like today without email and autoresponder? This made it easy to just send your ad, information's, product at once and with a single click and in seconds ,your message is in the front of your customers. And, the beauty of it is that you can schedule messages and have them sent on intervals without you being in front of the computer. I use this method most especially in my blog ,it gives me time to attend to other issues. Now, think out of the box and find out a burning problem in your community, society and industry then move out and provide a powerful solution to it.


You can't succeed in business if you don't have a basic understanding of the Do's and Don't of running a successful business. For example, you cant get access to a small business loan without a good business plan and without presenting yourself in the right way. You need to learn how to put together a good business proposal to get access to loan or any other business help you may need. If you want to be successful in business,you need to learn and have basic understanding of small business marketing, bookkeeping, advertising, sales promotions, taxes and financial planning. Don't worry , you don't need a degree or certificates in business from any University to know all these but just a visit to a small business coach / consultant will help you out. You need to consult a small business coach before setting out to start your small business, the coach will help you and provide you with the knowledge and advises you need to succeed. Don't just do you business anyhow, take time and learn everything you need to know and grab all the tools that will help you succeed in business.


You must have heard it severally that "Customers are the King" yes they are. No business can grow without customers, if they don't buy from you then you cant make money and your business might even die before starting it. If you want to be in business, increase your sales, make more profits and have more customers and still keep old once coming back to you then you must provide them with a good service that is worth more than what they can get else where. You must have a good way to handle customers complaints, decide and provide a good policy to will grow your business and also be in advantage to your customers. It is your duty to keep your customers happy all the time, make available what they need and also try to know what their feelings are and also get to know more about them privately these will keep them coming back and they will in turn refer their friends and family to do business with you that is because they enjoyed doing business with you. Always find a way to enhance their shopping experience with you. You customers and clients are the life blood of your business. Don't mess around with them.


Many of the big businesses you see everywhere today started small. Nobody jump into a business and inject billions of dollars into it without knowing more about the business. Money is always a problem when starting a new business , some times it is normal. To succeed, you need to use all the available resources at hand to kick start your small business. 99% of all the successful entrepreneurs went from adversity to success by being resourceful with the mind of determination. Never allow lack of capital kill your dream of becoming your own boss , think of good ideas that can help you raise money, share your dream with positive minded people around you. Don't stop sourcing for funds even if you get plenty of NO for an answer just keep on pushing. Save and sell un-important properties to raise the seed capital you need to start your own business. Going through all these obstacles will keep you strong in the future and also help to motivate others that want to start a business but finding it difficult. The things that keep successful people moving no matter the storm is focus,dream,determination ,positive thinking and with a good plan to lead them to success land.

So, what is holding you back to becoming your own boss? Take time and loom around for business opportunities. Talk to people and find out what they need that is not around. Find a business mentor who has been there before and can help you cross most of the obstacles and don't forget to consult a small business coach/consultant to help you prepare a good ground to start, run and manage a successful business.

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Dream Big & Achieve It.