Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to Start Gym and Fitness Business.

It's no longer news that health is wealth; the need for health is
for both young and old, both for
the rich and the poor alike. One of the best and often recommended ways to keep a health and maintain fitness is through exercising. Due to the awareness of the need to exercise consistently the need for an
a gym and fitness center is on the growth; there by creating an opportunity for smart investors to invest and make money

 Statistics indicates a strong business growth in this sector and its time you invest and leverage on this business. Every day millions of people, old and young use the services of a gym/fitness centers,
opposed to the usual street exercising. Many Nigeria go to the gym either for workouts, weight loss and rehabilitation or for total maintenance of health of the body
and fitness. This is a rising advantageous business for investors as there is rise in awareness of Nigerians to keep fit and health.

Therefore, you can make a huge
amount of money daily, weekly, or monthly by providing gym/fitness services. A gym/ fitness business is a business targeted at providing personal training, fitness instructions with or without the use
of fitness equipment to the general public interested in their healthy state and general fitness. Nigerians are aware of the benefits of exercising of their body like – easy
breathing, enhanced heat beat, easy flow of blood in veins etc. So many now opt in to exercise daily, weekly or monthly depending on their free time as opposed to the early
believe that gym(ing) is meant for the obsessed or over fat people.

This awareness and obedience of many creates steady income flow for investors willing to provide this service. Are you thinking of a business to invest in, it will not be a waste of time nor a regret for you to invest in gym fitness business.

Follow the below steps:

1. Get a business name- this is the first step as it will be your first impression, and the only thing that goes home with your customers. Chose a business name and in
choosing one make it simple, short, creative and above all easy to pronounce.

2. Get a business plan- this is a business that in day to day activities deals with customers, like most of other business will require a road map which is the business plan. The business plan will outline all the
details needed to start and mange

3. Goals- to start up this business you must first understand the goal behind every successful gym business. You must define your goals and work in line with it; it’s your set objective to accomplish.

4. Marketing strategy- it’s of a truth that this is a successful business for anyone to invest into but its also worthy of note that you’re not the only one planning to start this same business, many have started and more are planning to start so in other to be successful in this
business one must have a good and
compelling marketing strategy that will keep you above the all. We will in this business plan relay to you the most active strategy to employ in this business to attract customers and keep them satisfied. This
section of our business plan helps you target your desired market( customers) and help you reach your desired client base, it will what to offer them and how to offer it
to draw them to your center.

5. Pricing- you will believe me that this necessitate your earning, but still over pricing can be discouraging factor to customers and prospective customers. You don't need to over charge,  set a moderate price and most importantly give your customers more value for their money as this will keep them coming back.

6. Cost- I know this is what you might be skimming for, how much will it take to start? Many will ask how much, some might have stated I don’t have that capital. But the good thing is that in setting up this
business you don’t have to empty your bank account(s), you don’t need a large capital all you need is a good guide on how to start. You can start with 4 gym machines and grow it big. Again the capital needed for this business depends on the level you would want to operate but to start successfully you will need a minimum of 150,000.

7. Location-getting a good location will help boost the business. It’s advisable and advantageous to locate your gym close to the road, parks, streets, Higher institutions or places where people can easily access it. A good apartment or ware house is ideal.

8. Equipments- the type of equipment needed will depend on the kind of gym you plan to set uo Eg weight loosing, a yoga, rehabilitation, women- only, multi-
sport complex, general fitness etc.
If you decide to render all the gym/fitness services, here are some equipment you could start with.

• Triceps rope –used for training triceps and shoulder.
• Body-solid bicep bomber
• Advanced fitness manta ray used for the neck to improve posture during squats
• Fat grips used to build up muscles and size of arms.
• Pushups/press up handle
• Trigger point ball used to reduce
fatigues and pains
• Dual exercise Ab wheel used to train both upper and lower abdomen
• Speed rope used for cardio fitness
• Slip short hip circle used for hip and glute activation and strength support.
• Prosource stackable resistance bands etc

9. A gym attendant- employ a qualified and experience gym attendance and instructor if you can handle your customers efficiently.

10. Web presence- an email address and a website is very important for
advertisement, information, complaints and contributions from customers/ intending customers.

Also for payment acceptance for
sometimes the customer might want to pay or register with you online therefore, a good manual and online register/record is needed. Another important thing is, you need to market your services and tell the world about it via blogs and websites,bulk sms etc.

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