Monday, 14 March 2016


There isn’t a working person among us who doesn’t deal with stress — whether you’re an entrepreneur, a part time worker or  struggling for a  startup, or clocking in working for a company, work stress is inevitable.

The question now is where does this stress originate from , and how do we deal with it? In this article, i will discuss and identify some causes and solution to stress.

Most guides to stress will give you some actions to take like exercise, sleep well, eat right, meditate, and do some yoga at your desk etc. These are all amazing, and you should do them.

However, I’m more interested in getting at the root of stress. Dig down, ferret out the cause, and work it out directly, rather than treating the symptoms. Only once if you deal with the cause of stress you can be a master of it.

Cause of Stress

Let’s take a look at some things you might be stressed about at work:

Hard deadlines, Difficult co-workers or boss, Uncertainty about your job, Uncertainty about whether you can succeed at this project Competition, office politics, interpersonal conflicts, Not having enough time for family or personal life, Being overwhelmed by too much to do and the list go on and on.

There are many more possibilities, but these are a good example. In all these examples, you should understand that the cause is really the same thing:

We are attached to how we want things to be. We have an ideal about how each of these situations should be, and our clinging to this ideal is causing the stress.

Let’s take the uncertainty about the job. Of course, that’s not ideal, we would rather have a stable job that we don’t have to worry about. So reality is not matching our ideal (a stable job), and that causes us stress. We don’t like the present situation, and this not wanting uncertainty is causing us to stress out.

The same is true of each of the above examples — when a co-worker is not meeting our ideal, when we have an ideal that we won’t have too much to do, when our ideal of having easy-to-meet deadlines isn’t being met … we get stressed.

Unfortunately, this happens all day long, every day. Our ideals about reality are constantly not being met, and so we stress out. It builds up. It becomes a health problem.

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