Friday, 8 April 2016

Five Top Secretes You Should Know Before Starting Your Business.

Starting your own business is the key to financial success but without a proper plan and knowing what and what that is needed for you to start,run and grow your small business success. The nature of business has changed over the years, and the idea of going out alone is much more prevalent. With this shift in mindset , it seems as if people tend to paint a fairly rosy picture of entrepreneurship .

Most do so because they truly believe it is the right answer for a lot
of people who are not happy at work, and for others who might be but could still be more fulfilled, happier , and make more money working for themselves. While it may an incredibly rewarding experience, if this is a path you are considering, there are indeed things people
may not tell you about. With this in mind , here are important five secretes you need to know before starting any business of your choice.

1. More Money Will Be Needed Than You Think.

One of the main issues any entrepreneur faces when creating a startup is that it does indeed take money to make money . The question of course is – where do I get that money? The usual suspects are yourself ( savings, cashing out ) , friends and family, and SME loans. Lately other ways have arisen too – microfinance and crowdfunding to name just two. But an equally vexing issue is the amount of money you will need . The short answer
is that you will need enough to launch the venture , buy product, get inventory , market the business, and pay yourself – for at least 6 months, because that is the minimum amount of time it takes to start ,
get the word out , get business , and start the money cycle . And also , things will go wrong , mistakes
will be made , and unforeseen problems will arise. That is why it will cost you more than you think, for probably longer than you anticipate.

2. Start With Social Media.

This is not something that can wait for later, or be done poorly . Right from the start you simply must have a good website/blog , and a decent social media presence. Create a good Twitter and Facebook names for your business as soon
as you know what that name is . Get a good -looking website up and running before you have your grand physical opening . You can have yourself recorded with your smart phone talking about your product and services and post on all social media. Write articles and post e -newsletter. People today will find you as much online as they will offline , maybe more so , so your online offering has to be top -notch.
You really do not get a second chance to make a great first impression .

3. Your Skill Will Be Heavily Relied Upon.

Whatever skills you have learned along the way , whatever your specialty at work today, it will likely be true that you will need to bring those to bear in your startup
right from the very beginning.
When you start , your resources and help are limited . You will wear a lot of hats . If you are good at accounting , great! That is one less thing you will need to pay for. If you have marketing skills , those will be
vital to your startup. Sure you will be doing other new and fun and interesting things , but do not discount how important those
old tried and true things will be as well.

4. You Need To Attract Customers To Your Business.

As a new start up, no one knows about your new business. The question is here will these new customers come from? You will
need to let people know you are there , so before you ever open the doors to your new business, you better have a great plan in place .
First thing first, start by contacting everyone you know. That is one source. Your website, Twitter ,
Facebook , and LinkedIn ? That's two. Marketing and PR is three . FB ad is four and distributing flyers is five. I suggest you come up with at least five different ways to bring in customers before you begin or open door for business.

5. You Will Need Lots Of
Patience, Success Is Not Magic.

As you can see , it all takes time. Its a fact that Rome was not built in a day neither will your new startup, be
built in a day but one thing is certain and that is determination and focus leads to success. So creating that new enterprise takes faith and perseverance . Keep at it every day. Follow your plan. It almost always pays off , especially if you were ready right from the start . Always think positive,dream big and pursue your goals and dream with passion.
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