Friday, 29 April 2016

Simple Qualities You Must Have Before You Can Start A Business

On my weekly (Thursdays) #SmallBizTalk Show, many questions was asked and among all, i did noticed some common ones and i think its better i treat them on this platform for others who have the mind of starting a business of their own can get answers to the same questions.

Starting a business is never an easy job, you have to put in your best with hard work and determination to make it work. Business is not something you start today and expect it to spill out millions into your account. You don't rush into starting a business simply because you've seen that your friend is riding a big car and you feel you can start same business like he does.

Starting a business of your own should be built on a solid passion which must be burning straight from your heart. You must love what you want to do with all your heart and not because of money, if you do it perfectly without focusing on money....your work will attract money to you. Don't ever go into any business with the motives of making fast money. If you do, your business may not survive up to 2 years because what motivates you is money and not the growth and success of your venture which should be your top priority.

Don't get me wrong, when i say money should not be your first motive in starting a business. But, you need to know that short cut to success will always cut your green opportunities short. You first need to set up a good shock-absorber and pillar which can carry and sustain your business, and you must be able to dish out valuable products and services to your customers. If your customers are happy with your business then be rest assured that money will start flowing in and your business will grow into a big corporations. Alhaji Dangote started small with a big dream and today that small dream has become a house hold name in Africa.

If you think you want to have a business, then think first if you can be able to sustain it. Here are few simple important personal qualities you need to find out before starting that business:

- What do i really want?
- Why do i want to start a business? - What is my passion?
- Am i ready face and handle the obstacles on the way?
- What value do i want to give out?
- Do i have the personality to run a business?
- Do i have the finance to get the business up or what resources do i need to start

These are few things you need to find out and provide answers to before you can say you want yo start a business. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, are ready to be your own boss? Whatever your decision may be, i want you to keep one thing in mind "Always dream big,think positive and have a proper plan"

Dream Big & Achieve It.