Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Changing Lives With Your Story

Few years ago, in my public speaking jorney. I was helped out of this pot-hole in the middle of the road as i was moving without asking for direction and without a headlamp to see beyond my nose. It took me a year to bounce back to my feet as a motivational speaker,a gist for another day.

To become a motivational speaker,
brainstorm about experiences and
events that may intrigue a large or
small audience. The key to success is to have a STORY that will carry your MESSAGE that is valuable to the listeners.

Ask, why will people want to hear what I have to say? Another point is for you to make sure that the audience can relate to and
appreciate the message. If the message is UNIQUE and MOTIVATING, people will happily pay money to hear what you
have to say again and again.

Every speaking presentation FREE or PAID is a chance to establish yourself, to help you gain public
speaking experience which is crucial to your success.

Experience and feedback helps
fine tune the message and gives the
speaker the chance to figure out what is a hit and what isn’t.

Public speaking is all about the MESSAGE and changing lives with WORDS.

Let me ask you this...What’s your message going to be?

Hope Uchemadu