Monday, 1 August 2016

The Power Of Focus In Small Business.

Focus on something- not everything. Some entrepreneurs are very multi-
faceted and have several talents and interests. Some people have the option to choose between being a life coach, a personal trainer, a chef, and even being a video marketer.

Having many talents is wonderful but it can hinder you from achieving success. If you do not choose something to focus on you will be a jack of all trades but an expert of none.

To be your own boss you must be great at something not everything.
Yes, you can be good in 2 or more different trade or skills but you have to devote your time to become a master in one. You need to be known in a particular trade or skill,this is the only way you can command respect and become a master.

Choose one particular trade or skills today and become a master.

Hope Uchemadu
Small Business Coach