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Need a Dynamic & Engaging Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

Hope Uchemadu is a leading
authority on small business, Leadership & live coach.
He has been teaching and also lectured at maritime and land security training school, and is the author of the award-winning book

"The richest Business in The World" also a columnist for the custodian newspaper. Hope Uchemadu is a regular youth motivational speaker and has spoken about Youth entrepreneurship trends, youth Leadership conferences, high schools,higher institutions,teens/youth religiuos groups, NGO's,Clubs, business events around the world and all teens/youth audiences where you want your teens/youth to think,laugh,feel and change their attitudes and behaviors.

An effective speech should act as a catalyst for change, and Hope Uchemadu is passionate about that objective. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic opening keynote for an audience of thousands or a facilitator . Hope Uchemadu global perspective and entrepreneurial mindset will inspire disruptive thinking and business transformation within your audience.

Thought leader, blogger, passionate speaker, business futurist and author; trust Hope Uchemadu to deliver insights & buzz to your upcoming event. Hope Uchemadu believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Hope Uchemadu, a passionate youth motivational speaker with a slice of humor to help get your teens/youth reach their zenith and achieve success, your workers to perform at their VERY PEAK POTENTIAL, your church
members to be exposed to quality information that will inspire them to quality actions that have success

Get the speaking services of Hope Uchemadu ,who is fondly called Hopesuccess ,Hope Uchemadu doesn't just motivate, he ACTIVATES ACTION! With carefully crafted words to spur your audience to success.

SPEAKING SERVICES OF HOPE UCHEMADU, Leadership & Life Coach,  Motivational Speaker and Small Business Coach/Consultancy.

A)  Send an email to info@hopeuchemadu.com
detailing what kind of speech you want crafted or call us on +2348031541827

B) Expect a response from Successboost Community or from one of its affiliate
companies Hope Uchemadu Motivational Speaking Services.

C)  Our response will tell you the details, including his professional fee and

NOTE: Speaking fees are negotiable depending on your event date and location as well as the audience size and composition. Contact us for details.

My goal is to help youth reach their zenith with their God given talent and achieve success.

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